Sir David Attenborough narrates Adele's Hello

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ImAnderZEL : Lol that is awesome i remember the old nature shows with him narrating as a kid and teen he the best for sure!

Tony Mintz : Sir David and Morgan Freeman need to have a voice off.

izzyquizzy : I think Sir David Attenborough should get an additional knighthood for that video. Sir Sir David Attenborough. That's what he deserves.

Gabriela VK : David Attenborough saying "hashtag flip phone" is just too much!!!!

Jess Barker : please could he narrate my life

Megan B. : Never thought I'd hear Sir David say hashtag. This is excellent. "The lesser spotted Adele" 😂

Lindsay Elisabeth : i love this so much!!!!

OptimistHunter Reel : I got goosebumps at the end where his voice meets hers.

Dee Robin : "Won't Adele be cross with me?" Aw Sir David you're so cute!

Defective : Sir David had better never, ever die.

mooseyboi08 : That voice though

Nat's Corner : I finally know the name of the guy in all those documentaries I watched.... His voice is awesome!

s : *#flipphone*

Sefilenginar : Man this was hilarious :))

Bernhard Günther : This is ingenious.

estebanquito356 : Hashtag Fliiiiipphoneeee


Jenny Sweeney : Hearing Sir David Attenborough, a childhood hero of mine, saying 'hashtag' and commenting upon one of my favourite singers is a joy!

i love oreos : "really? won't ad-ell be cross with me?" he is adorable omg

Jake LT : #Flip phone

Tay Chin Peng : Please do this for more music video. Maybe you can continue with Darke's video.

Craftangelonline : loved it!

SamoaOps : David Attenborough could narrate a little rock and it will still be epic

Sarah H Walter : when I hear his voice, I immediately think of green... tiny life forms, & more life forms soon appear in my mind's eye. The Nature Man.

DD LL : The thought of David Attenborough and Stephen Fry having a conversation makes my nipples hard

Accio EmmaWatson : #FlipPhone hahahahahaha

Chad Dole : I've watched this at least 20 times by now. I'm not exaggerating. You Brits. How I love thee.

Mr.Tumbleweed : # "Flip Phone!"

orlock20 : Fun fact: Attenborough hates going to restaurants because the waiters keep asking him to repeat his order just to hear his voice.

RastaMouse : Omfg this is amazing.

Dortle : Get Attenborough on Fire in the booth

Geoff Dillon : He's 89. Don't ever leave us, Sir David!

matt THORNE : That should be the start of the official video

TeaIsForTeagan : My favourite voice in the world. Could listen to his documentaries all day

Little Bacchus : Sir David: Member of the Order of Merit, Companion of Honour Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, Inspiration to generations and still up for a laugh. If only more in media could be so humble.

Rayane Kab : i know his voice from some where

Amy Griffin : This couldn't be better.

Kid Goku : #FlipPhone!

Paige Richardson : THIS IS AMAZING

funnybone1994 : Whoever came up with this needs a promotion.

Bethanie Sorrenti : David Attenborough saying hashtag flip phone was definitely my favourite part a laughed too much when he said it!. His voice is so epic sounding oh my word

Gavin Mackenzie : I was really into into until he said 'hashtag', at which point I felt he'd been sullied.

BrianimeniaK : I would subscribe to a channel entirely made up of him narrating random things xD

Francis Stevens : i would give all of my internal organs to sustain David Attenborough's life for 10 years

Elliot Falvert-Martin : "The lesser spotted Adele is about to be everywhere, again" - Spot on David!

Alex Bull : for once radio 1 have been original and funny. I loved this

Kelsey Harrington : this is actually really great wow

30 #Bside : The new Charlie sloth

Aaron Mayhew : brilliant

Kishore Tailor : Everything Sir David touches turns to gold.