Dale Gribble - Computers don't make errors...

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John Mead : but dale was right...

Daniel Smith : frighteningly true

TheWiseNoodle : "The Beast."

bsklasika : of course Dale was right. KOTH made fun of actual things.

Luciano Martinez : It kind of is true. Computers don't make errors. They do EXACTLY what the programmers tell them to do, EXACTLY how they are told to. If a programmer makes an error, the computer does the error. It's just easier to call them computer errors than programmer errors, cuz then you have to figure out who programmed it in.

Social-Nationalist Meme Network : Dale is /pol/ incarnate.

Trollol Police : the global information conspiracy know as the NSA.

Subsaibot2526 : Dale saw it coming.

JThomason87 : Which is why when we get the chip in our hand of forehead the title in the bible says "Mark of the Beast" DING!

manco82 : But Dale was right!

Joe Humpston : Dale you giblet head!

Nono : That used to be the words of the "paranoid" or "conspiracy theorists". Not so much anymore.

Jay Kim : You mean ...the Patriot System from MGS4?

Zeeb Beeb : right as always

Juan Manuel Penaloza : One time, a lady ran her card at a McDonald's. According to the restaurant's computer, it never read the card successfully. According to her bank however, she was charged twice. And this is why, I always carry cash.

daboodeef179 : looked into the Project for the New American Century, Operation Northwoods, Operation Mockingbird, MK Ultra, Operation Paperclip, Fabian Society, Club of Rome, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group, etc....do your research

Leni Loud : the suspenseful music makes it 10x as hilarious

Jon Revere : What seemed like a harmless joke from Dale couldn't be further from the truth

maurice meerts : fools you are already in the system to get out fake your own death live in the wilderness and or become secret service other wise you excist

Sky_stider223 ?? : The beast hears u....

Eddy Que : like in mark of the beast

Rusty Debier : Dale predicted the internet of things.

Parker Green : I'm dealing with a dang video tape, not some hi-tech bogeyman

Mia Sāgara : See... even Dale knew about the NSA's evil PRISM program.

Mrmaverickism : If he knew how bad things really are 🙁☹️😭🤡😎

Ty Wick : r/deathgrips

Eugene Derry : Dale was correct that computers don't make errors, only humans do. Humans are imperfect creatures and they will learn from their only mistakes. Only God is perfect and no one else.

Rishi Mehta : Dale predicted the future we are living in. Everyone thought he was crazy but he speaks sense

foodank_atr : Hyep..

CM Vogt : Dale: The Beast

Chris Resendes : Called that one!

0prahTV : WOKE AF

Dan Kelly : Ahhh my like is 2^9 ie 512 how satisfying almost as good as sex. The fact that this clip's subject is computers is gravy.

Cowboy77 : Dale...

Megafrogadier : It's true, everyone does know Hank Hill's name.

John Santos : Dale...

Kormákur Jónsson : episode and series?

Unknown Unkno : what episode is this

Pierre Jaquez : lol

Alan Wilcox : what episode is this scene from

Dashuto : Otherwise known as.... Facebook.

TheAtom : 4 dislikers must have been victims of the beast

stardustcx : I love dale! \m/

Gaylord Rugburn : I thought he was going to say The BCS.

1256robert : Both top comments have the same amount of likes. 86 to be exact. And what's 86 * 2? It's 172. That is a big number.

「 Over HEAVEN」 : THE BEAST = Fighting game AI -_-"

Dotseoem : Yes. Computers are known to store info and are prepared for such errors. Some errors are programmed into a computer just so that it knows Right from Wrong since they only think in 1s and 0s. So... the errors are just drills basically.

Dreyfus03 : is there any truth in what dale is saying??

Bradley Gamer : Computers don't make errors your mom does

TheKingofGames1001 : The Beast? I call it the Google!