How to get 1,000 subs on Youtube in under 1 Minute

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The Holiboys are going to show you how to get 1,000 subs in under 1 minute!!! Come with us as we celebrate this insane Holiday! All the big names get their subs the same way and no one is showing you how! Until now.

Comments from Youtube

LittIe Callahan : Of course! Click Bait! Brilliant!

Avocado Hammer : So, I bought the 1000 subs but they don't show up on my YouTube account. What gives? LOL!

Johan Larsson : LIE! My subway called in extra staff and the incompetent tweens still needed about two hours!

mrthedave : Where's the subs? All I see is a guy ASKING for subs but none were delivered.

burnzy3210 : can't i hire indians to order me the 1000 subs though?

80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ : 999...I ain't subbing

You wish you were me : No one saw that comin.

Unicorn : Pretty good man keep it up.

Laberge : This is Cherdleys inspired in some way haha

Bolivia Life : I immediately thought Subway, honestly. However, you got me to look at the hand smh :/

Ruz : OMG I get it! XDDddddd le randum funneh. EPIC WIN BOIS. Msg me on forknight XDDD roflslmao

Luc Rainville : God damnit. I'm mad that I laughed at this. >.<

UnleashTheBlob : Thanks dude mcdude bro

rhymes with orange : Clever girl

jarco5000 : This is awesome!

Antony B : Not subscribing, just to prove you are wrong

fred rubble : iou1

Tyrant Sun : Still curious if he got those subs in under 60 sec.

Darren Mullen : I've tried this and it works.

Silver Pin : You deserve a 1,000 subs per minute after uploading this.

ketchup521 : letS ggoooooOOO

toby_2009 : if i had that guys body, i would not be in the youtube business, let me tell you, i would be making mad money on my premium snapchat.

CircadiaMicroGrow : Thank you for this, you beautiful bastards.

LambOfBuddha : Seriously, best thing I've watched in a while. Thanks!

Matt Kirby : I subbed because of this

RadarLove : I lost 2 IQ points just by watching this...but I still subbed!

Steve : I subbed just so I could unsub

Thomas Girdwood : What does the hand sign at the end mean?

blackmambuh : Seriously.. who tf is giving this video thumbs down??

X3 : Made me finger my rectum.