Samurai Jack tea making scene abridged (ASMR)

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LayLay Waffles : *sluuuuurpp....* *tHiS iS tErRiBlE*

Aquelle Audios : Anyone else's mind get really quiet while watching this scene?

Alondro77 : "Are you lost?" "Yes." "Good. Come make tea." I wonder how many people realize the profoundness of those few short lines. This was one of the greatest scenes in the entire show. Just a simple tea ceremony in the context of what was happening 'outside'. This is what art is truly about.

Alberto Figuereo : Man i think this whole show is ASMR

Night Visitor : "This is terrible"

Ed Oliveira : man, i really DID NOT get the beauty of this whole show watching it as a little kid .

VoyagerSlav : I knew that somebody is finnaly going to do that XD.

Alondro77 : Hmm, upon analysis, there is a bit of awkwardness to those last lines of dialog. Instead of "This tea has all the necessary ingredients, but it lack the most important one...", in which the second part of the sentence directly contradicts the statement of the first part (the tea, in fact, does not have all the necessary ingredients since it is lacking that 'most important one', it would have been better constructed thus: "This tea has MOST of the necessary ingredients, but it lacks the most important one..." That simple change sounds much better, structurally; and it now carries the correct implications in both halves of the sentence.

Aesthetic Rose : Something was telling me he was gonna say it’s terrible 😂

RiGiDx SPiRiT : So glad this show is back

Partyharry : 1:31

#Epic' DARK'-' : "this is terribly" jajajajajaj

chairmanwesker Official Channel : When zamasu can make better tea than you

Lam a : Are you lost Yes Good,come make love


derpy fox art : this tea is ass bro

hann4051 hann4051 : The tea is terrible😂😂😂

후드남 : Jack: that Tucker hate my tea!!!

Eva Smith : I’ve never seen this show before, but like the 2-dimensional aspect of it is just so intriguing and different. At first I didn’t like it, but now I’m really starting to realize how pleasing it is to watch.

cringe ships : I would have said the tea was missing sugar

Paz Ortega Andrade : "This tea is terrible"

Shantina Henderson : This is so humbling, beautiful, and respectful for a cartoon 😌.


じんにん : いや、こんなお茶のとぎ方しないと思う…… これで認めちゃうのは師匠モグリでしょーー……

l3acl l3acl : Andddddd im asleeppppp

Ian A : Levi Ackerman would like this

Euphonious Light : Bruh

pip pop : There’s something about calming moments in anime that are just extra calming its incredible

thyamz : Wait, what?

The Urchin King : 0:44

Imelda Vargas : This is terrible yes yes terrible

Kevin Bayrack : there should be more like this...

Yoloswagpro Bro : I don’t care about the ASMR part, I just like samurai jack

The Bossman28 : Jack was SHOOK