Scott Sterling - Top Soccer Shootout Ever

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Charizard 7711 : He needs to stop playing sports

Mark Tiongco : Scott Sterling needs to play hockey, he has the talent to be a shot blocking defenseman.

DABACORN : He is the face of steel

Tycho Wozniaki : "A brick wall that can feel pain and cried a lot" I'm dying of laughter here and I don't even know Scott

The Master Blaster : I laughed so hard I actually pissed my pants XD

TesVixen : 'Cat-like face reflexes' is my favorite line ever. XD

B Ritea : thats so sad cuz at the volleyball he now has a broken nose

Styles The hedgehog : The man the myth the legend of the strechter of glory

Eric Spreen : The third and the last shots were the funniest

Bleach : lmao rip scott

The Animator : *THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND!!!!*

Simon Davis : How does Matt go through that? Even if this is staged the balls are still clearly hitting him in the face!

Spencer Tallman : Wrong type of footbal LOL

Aaron Murgallis : I loved the part when he was crawling and huddled up in a ball

Jeon Jungkook : LOL his so funny...But why is his face the target??

Terefehl Eran : Why does sterling keep hitted in the face hahahaha

Kraffy2K : Seems legit

Gossgamer Games : Im fell bad for him I had that happen to me before

Julie Porter : I love the announcers "a bit shaken." "but not stirred." "Wrong kind of football." "That's why you do s double knot kids." "I barely care about this kick." And of course...."The Man!" "The Myth!!" "THE LEGEND!!!"

J. J. : If this was real

CR7 CR7 : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

dont talk to me : My luck

Noob slasher : That has to hurt ;-;

Super Savage bros 101 : This is hilarious

Kageyama Tetsuya : Wth is wrong with the commentary

postalinVT : ROFLMAO!!!

hazeera chowdhury : lol

Gloria Linares : Scott hoy te conviertes en heroe.

Jared Miles : Is this real?

Aramis Pearson : RIP Scott.

duhawma : The face of football.

PugSpikyTuber grey : XD

Pengu PlayZ : HOLY SHT

Hi Hello : Fooking laser sights

Janus Erikson : Best Video ever Im like it :D

Jacksond2413 jacksond2413 : Hi

NightBlade Gamer : LOL

Chill Games : My Boi I LOVEEEEE NC my favorite college team

addison lor : So mean😢😢😢

Poop Gyy : headshots... permanent brain damage...

Sebastian Kobeh : This made laugh till i peed when i was in 4th grade

John Ice Lord S. Peñas : Poor Scott sterling got shot in the face many times same in the volleyball match too

Deth_pup : A kick during a slide would have literally killed me, but perfect still.

Louis Tan : The guy who hit sterling was always aiming for him face

Manuel Gibbons : Scott sterling is a legend

ZoixivTheCat : he did not even whine and give the other team a foul

Leonel Lopez : "A brick wall that can feel pain and cries a lot" 😂

Doctor Minyak : HAHAHAAAA!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MeMe_Very_Unoriginal : This gives a while new meaning to 'rock hard face'

d tczyk : The lion bit made me cry hahahaha