If Samuel L. Jackson played Venom (Say What)

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LimitlessAU : A Subscribe would mean a lot!! Trying to get to 100 Subs :D

KRWBY Productions : I'M DEAD

Cyphorus : The venom we want

Alex Kahle : Just imagine the Venom voice being a mix of Samuel L. Jackson and the symbiote.

B.C. Rivers : His facial expressions matched the dialogue so perfectly. 😂😂😂

Night Rise : The Venom we want, but don't deserve

T-Retro S.M.L : We are Samuel L. Jackson

Sam Mitchell Channel : Touch...*gun shoot*


Kaleb Medina : That Would Be The Best Superheroe Movie Of The Century.


Deven Forteau : Nick Fury is Venom! 😨

Tawain TV : Imagine this happening in the movie😂😂😂😂 Venom: ENGLISH MOTHA-F***A! DO YOU SPEAK IT?!

C.J. Torres : A clip from venom leaked 🤣

Chris : My God! Someone needs to show Samuel this video. :DD Somebody post it to his instagram or twitter.

The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead : Dang, Windu really channeled his dark side with the symbiote! XD For real though, this was hilarious!

Vanquese LeBlance : Way better than turd in the wind.

BobtheReaper 101 : This shit had me rolling lol

Mogreenjo 15 : Better than the actual trailer!

CMCynic : Let's just hope to god that when Nick Fury comes back, he never stumbles upon a symbiote, or any powerful weapon in the MCU for that matter. (That is, if Marvel includes Venom in the MCU if the Venom movie flops)

xXSCAR117Xx Gaming : If they really did this I’d still like the movie.😂

Presley Hesson : 0:36 goes so well🤣

Venom : LMAO!!!!!

JP Melendez : Such a missed opportunity to replace the gumshot with the biting.

ZachMaster97 : I want a movie where every character is played by Samuel L. Jackson

Kamron Lynch : LMAO Venom Asking The Indian Shopkeeper That What Does Marcellus Was looks like I am DONE Bruh!!! 😂😂😂

Cinema Sins : Made my day😂👏

MadDeeSon : Ik it’s just a joke but would actually not mind if this happen over the auto tune

Homeboy_Brando : This had me DYING laughing!😂😂

DOJO MOJO : Now that's my kinda venom


Francois Boonzaaier : Dangerously funny!😂😂😂😂

Jensen Parker VFX : Pulp Fiction + Venom would be the best crossover ever.

Game Insane : I want Samuel L Jackson to voice the Symbiote. Not Eddie just the Symbiote

Gillian Day : Venom, what the hell are you talking about? LOL

christian velasco : Shouldve been the shot of him biting him after the last "what?".

Ali Ahmad : Nick Fury is Venom 😂😂😂😂

ABHYANSH SINHA : After watching this I don't feel so good.......

mac samuel : That was comedic

alien 173 : When carnage PISSED venom off

Guilherme Houck : "ENGLISH MOTHERF--" *Captain America suddently appears* "LANGUAGE!"

T'Chaba Supreme : This video needs a million views

Ramesh Sakthi : Samuel L Jackson is the venom we all deserve..

Movies & TV shows lover95 : I think he's talking about "riot" 😊😊

XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068 : *If Nick Fury wore the Venom symbiote.*

Death Cube : Holly shit is that one of the default skins from Fortnite 0:04

Ali M 750 : When Venom comes to MCU

Phantom deadsolute prophet : This shit had me rolling on the floor XD

Ant Bar : I think it woud had been better tho XD 😂😂

Seymour Krelborn : The lip syncing was so good