A gift from a misleading website

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J C : I can't stop watching this! Literally the funniest thing I've ever seen! I'm going to someday tell people I was the 163rd subscriber to this magnificent bastard 😂😂😂

Joseph Largura : Lol this vid is funny af

Mr Baker : Ive watched this like 5 times and still makes me laugh

Tony Whitaker : @thadranger keep it up. You have found the key to unlock my neanderthal heritage. Thank you so much lol.

Donatillo Arteaga : funniest video ever !!!!!  Love you man

Radicalgay Hipster : You have fun with that ;)

oldirtylangston : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Raven Ravzy : I love this. This guy is hilarious.

JKFlorida : 😂😂😂

Ruthven78 : ROFLMAO, if adam & eve arent sponsoring you, they should be

marty holman : Should've Martindaled that shit and plowed it up your stink hole

cerealcow : oh, ok it's a character. I don't really understand what's supposed to be funny about him other than "awkward" and "fits the profile for a serial killer and a pedo". however the vibrator turning on was a nice touch, but you let it sit for too long.