7 Year Old Doesn't Want To Eat Meat

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Mother Of two : the mum is sooo ignorant

meow meow : this girl is amazing, and what her mother is doing here is EXTREMELY traumatizing IMO. uggghh. -__- her voice. I love this girl, she really gets it.

Caca_ Fangirl : Its sad that this 7 year old is more intelligent and informed than her mother

TheMontrealGirl : Wtf... just let her be vegan of vegeterian.. you can find protein in so much other foods...

totogirl0 : I really want to contact her mother and educate her. Her child is in such clear distress it made me cry. "Jesus" didn't create animals for us, they serve their own purpose in life. Also if she even had slight knowledge of the bible she would know animals existed before the birth of Jesus. Her little girl is too smart for her and this honestly feels like child abuse. A vegan diet is the healthiest diet on the planet.

Wynona BRUH : Jesus did not create animals for u to eat

RawVeganThings : This video is getting quite a bit of comments so I want to clear up some things. 1. I REMOVE comments that are completely disgusting, rude or vulgar. Learn to engage in civil discussion and you might be surprised at what can be accomplished. Insulting the mother is not conducive, not does it let anyone reading know why they should believe you. Some of you commentating need to start presenting facts, peer reviewed studies and sources if you want your argument to go above an ad hominem. 2. A plant base diet has been proven by hundreds of peer reviewed articles to be the healthiest diet. When cancer patients were given a completely plant based diet, their cancer fighting cells in just a few weeks were astronomically more in numbers than the control, group. And that's just one study. 3. Animals are not here for our purposes. We artificially put a value system onto them. It is convenient for us to label pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, etc as not being as important as dogs or cats, as it allows us to consider them "lesser" therefore eat them. However, actually, when these farm animals do become pets, people are surprised when they actually do have personalities, desires, wants, just like dogs or cats. They feel pain the same. No animal from the simplest flea to the largest elephant is inherently less or more important than another. 4. Info on how to become vegetarian/vegan can be found at vegankit.com

Anonymous715 : That mom is just sooo wrong😂😂

eethema seun : This girl is a milion times smarter than her mother!

venus aguirre : God created animals for us to take care of

TheRaw Twin : Animals get their protein from plants. Without plants animals would not have protein. That little girl is so much smarter than her mother.

Katie Pappas : This mom is hurting her. It's child abuse to force your child to eat what they know is morally wrong and clearly makes them so sad.This woman is spewing nonsense. She is forcing her to do what the child knows is wrong. There is no reason for a human to eat another animal. Don't we want children to think themselves what about how they feel? She looked very upset to be continuously forced to eat dead animals. So sad. Also the mother was laughing like ahhahaha your thoughts and feelings don't matter. I still have you believing in Santa and Jesus lol. Come on! Grow up people. Stop making excuses for murdering other creatures of the planet. Humans need to heal their personal cancer.

Henry Audubon : To me this looks like child abuse, but I imagine others will feel differently.

kevin ghislain : Jesus/god diddn't create anmals for you to eat.

Maurice Klavier : I agree... stupid those who laugh at children...Children deserve full respect and must be taken seriously always. The thought of a child today may be the action that will change the world tomorrow.

Miriam Cantú : Oh gosh the ignorance smarter than her mom at 7 what a shame

Laila Padilla : This video makes me so sad. This mother brainwashing her child to think killing and eating animals is okay, what a shame. I hope this woman knows the right thing to do now.

N. Fer. Ⓥ : Go vegan.

Cheyanne : VEGETABLES make you healthier. and you're laughing at her. youre hurting her mental health.

ProfessorBorax : Jesus Made it? So dumb. You NEED the protein? Do some research woman!

Chloe Brown : When she asks, "would you like it if someone ate you?" And the adults laugh, that part made me feel horrible for this child. She is smarter than them.

Rattielover04 : I'm literally shaking with anger and frustration. ANIMALS ARE NOT CREATED FOR US TO EAT AND THEY AREN'T GOOD FOR YOU TO EAT. Good child. Stay this way young child.

xfrenno2 : This girl is going to be a vegan in a few years and she will hate her parents for what they did.

Karsten Berning : i feel bad for this girl... she is already smarter then her mom.

mel Almeida : "Jesus created animals for us to eat".... BUT GOD FORBID YOU EAT A DOG BECAUSE THATS ANIMAL ABUSE DEFINITELY NOT AN ANIMAL

Helios Thurisaz : The level of stupidity this mother displayed is abhorrent to me. What twisted logic is that?

Bethany Brown : Just let your daughter be a vegetarian. Damn.

wolf's bane : What's more disturbing to me is that meat eaters will be quick to condemn, insult, criticise a mother for raising her child vegan - FORCING them to eat tofu, tempeh, vegetables, fruit, etc. But when a child who clearly dislikes meat, whether for taste or ethics, it's perfectly fine to force them to do so.

Nikita Karun : I just find it incredible that little kids can easily feel what is wrong and adults jut sit their eating as many dead things as they want thinking that it's good for them and the planet when it's not....what a great (sarcasm)world we live in

Olivia Star : God created animals so we can eat them, Bish where! -.- I believe in mother earth!

j vall : Why are they laughing at her :(

Esoteric Noetic : I think when we are younger our moral compass is strongly aligned to true north.  As we get older, the magnetic disturbance of our society clouds our judgement, inevitably leading us to replace the intelligence of our heart with our supposedly clever minds which will reason away the most unreasonable acts.

JA DE : the mother doesn't know anything. that girl is so much smarter and kinder. love her much :(

Undergroundd Railroadd : Pretty sure it doesnt say in the Bible or anywhere else that "Jesus created animals for us to eat". It does say that Jesus wants us to forgive others for their transgressions and to love all of life...but not that he created animals for us to eat.

Escape From NY : I find it so upsetting that parents tell their children the same lies their parents told them. We need to break this cycle of lies and killing.

Charlotte : the mom is torturing that little girl!!

Cjclrk : erg you can't force a child to eat meat if they don't want it :c

Evian aj : Jesus did not make animal to eat let her be vegetarian or vegan it's her chose u can get protein many other ways.

Jimmy Goode : Probably the most amazing kid I've ever seen she is so much more emotionally developed than her suppressed emotionally stunted mother

N D : Bullying, bullying, bullying.

Luciano Barreira : "It's good for your body ... you need your proteins ... God created animals so we can eat them ... " I really want to see where did she get these info from... I'm so glad now that my mom let me express my own beliefs.

The Vegan Pill : Her mother is feeding her lies smh

salma : my mom tried this shit with me too but vegan for a while now and never felt better :-)

Autieandmore : 'But you need Protein!' Omg poor little girl

Angel : This child is smarter than you. XD

Meagan Collins : this is infuriating! the mother even laughs at her daughter cries...

YellowRoseOfTX : "Santa is lucky you eat cookies!" The little girl did not get her, probably high, iq from her ignorant mother. God never created animals for consumption. The good things of the earth were meant to be our meat.

Francis Cassol : Now that mom is just a stupid lady. So sorry this amazing and glowing child is stuck with such a dum mom.

Desiree Alexis Roy : this poor child...she actually gets it...

Sabina P : I was a child just like this girl and my parents also forced me to eat meat. This mother doen't realize how much stress and trauma she's causing her daughter by forcing her to eat meat. The mother needs to get educated and find the right meat substitutes for her daughter, as humans DO NOT need meat to be healthy. Oh and BTW, I still do not eat meat and I am perfectly healthy.