7 Year Old Doesn't Want To Eat Meat

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RawVeganThings : This video is getting quite a bit of comments so I want to clear up some things. 1. I REMOVE comments that are completely disgusting, rude or vulgar. Learn to engage in civil discussion and you might be surprised at what can be accomplished. Insulting the mother is not conducive, not does it let anyone reading know why they should believe you. Some of you commentating need to start presenting facts, peer reviewed studies and sources if you want your argument to go above an ad hominem. 2. A plant base diet has been proven by hundreds of peer reviewed articles to be the healthiest diet. When cancer patients were given a completely plant based diet, their cancer fighting cells in just a few weeks were astronomically more in numbers than the control, group. And that's just one study. 3. Animals are not here for our purposes. We artificially put a value system onto them. It is convenient for us to label pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, etc as not being as important as dogs or cats, as it allows us to consider them "lesser" therefore eat them. However, actually, when these farm animals do become pets, people are surprised when they actually do have personalities, desires, wants, just like dogs or cats. They feel pain the same. No animal from the simplest flea to the largest elephant is inherently less or more important than another. 4. Info on how to become vegetarian/vegan can be found at vegankit.com

Alana Kelly : I love meat.i live on a farm so i get to kill it and eat it and kill ot

jamica and hugh chen : Alana,eat 3 pieces of meat for me

C O : you can be healthy and not eat meat, you should respect your child's wish, she is old enough to understand what meat is.. and that animal got killed and people eat it.. stop forcing her.. and you can get protein from other sources than just meat ! just because you didn't kill the animal, doesn't meat you did no harm. you went to the store and bought it and now putting it in your body. ! you sound like a woman that doesn't know anything .

Tom Vegan Form : Mum....you should seriously get informed. You are talking so much crap!

Elena Vila : omg like i know this mother is trying to help the child but i can't believe how uneducated she is. everything that she is telling her daughter is so wrong

Lovey Mills : This us sick. You bought the meat. So you payed for someone to kill it. If you dont buy it then the animals wont be killed. She can get everything she needs from plants. This is traumatic for her. Meat hurt you. How can you see her so upset and still force her to harm herself and animals?

Dinosaur, Giraffes And less MORE!!!!! : Kill this kid. Also God does not exist....

西藏马头明王 : what a boddhisattva girl. thanks to her for she doesn't want hurt animals.

Arlenice Carbajal : Children make more sense than adults! When God originally made the creation: HE commanded that Adam & Eve, would eat only vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains; people were living close to a hundred years! After the Flood, He allowed them to eat clean meats, to shorten their lives! I wish that people who are ready to eat animals , would read their Bibles and not impose their will on children. Sorry, yet I speak truth. God bless parents and move their consciences!

Antonio Alves : my dear child!! you are a compassion being that you are loved and your awareness brings love towards all species !! i have been a vegan close to 20 years !! and your heart is all about compassion and you are conscious !! and as for you Mommy !! listen to your kid !! she is aware and your child is screaming for animals to be loved !! and there are alternative ways too !! plant based foods !! Mommy !! would you eat your dog a cat or a rabbit ?? then listen to your kid !! kids are innocents like animals are !! please listen to her !! you have a blessing daughter !!

Kyle Hamberger : "you need protein" this is how deep the meat eating propaganda goes!

Sohail Nawaz : This kid is talking about santa and you faggots are like she has got some good points

Sara Kelly : She is the sweetest girl I have ever seen these parents needs to shut up

Snow Wolf : that mom is an A$$hole

Ecyl Lambo : The mom of that kid is right I eat meat than Vegetables

Lepsonical : Circle of life,it's the food chain. You can choose to be vegan,but i'm just gonna sit here eating meat.

tkr : Not sure if LIKE for a smart, compassionate girl or DISLIKE for a dumb, ignorant mom.

Raptor AA : I think the mother is a bit confused. God made animals in order to fill the Earth and make the world beautiful. Originally, God made humans as vegetarians (Also, PLEASE don't argue on religion with me)

synth on a plinth : 'Would you like it if someone ate you?' Best comment EVER! The mom should be ashamed of herself.

Janae G : The laughing just totally hits my heart and is so cruel

Moon Fae : This is child abuse..let her go vegan. And its NOT a joke...

erins horsecrazy : the fact i can hear laughing, the mum is hurting animals, she is incoureging animal murder

Belen Leon : my heart is broken, she's a baby and she's so smart. why doesn't the mother understand.

Kay Puppy : Mom is probably fat, but for sure she is ignorant. Carnist.

koko kaa : That child doesn't really care about animals....she is just making excuses so that she can have sweets/desert....she would still be complaining if that had been brocolli....

Crystal Walker : How awful, poor kid. I hope she doesn't give up and one day will finally be heard

Gav123 : Who is the girl in the video and who are her parents? I want to talk to her parents.

Zombieswinner gaming : watched this while eating a burger

orasis : That Aryan skull though...

HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI HEI : somebody told him meat kills you

Heidi Martinez : The fact that's they are laughing at her because she actually has a valid reason is pissing me off .

Pokemon Booster buster : People in the comments are going crazy

Katie Wells : Poor girl. She's smarter than her stupid mother. I'm vegan and have TONES of protein in my diet with no trouble at all. Also animals are not good for us. The mother should get educated on meat before pressing her opinions or keep her mouth shut.

Unicorn GirlXD : CHILD ABUSE I'm a vegatarian THIS IS HORRIBLE 😭

DragonRelic : Jesus ate fish once so why is everyone freaking out about her being "brainwashed" why can't we act like a normal citizen of planet earth

Fitbitstepper123 : This is vegans at a BBQ

Kaylee christine : this women is so clueless god did not put animals on this earth to eat and they are not good for you ps most protein comes from plants

No one needs to know : Understand that the mother is not a bad person. She doesn't understand and she is worried about her daughter. While we can clearly see that Alana is in the right, as she has yet to convince herself of what she is being pushed to believe, her mother can't, and only wants what she has been told is best for her daughter.

Hannah Louw : i cant believe wat i was watching wow

Marina Helena Markos Kawabata : she should respect her doughter and support her , and be proud for her being ethical .That is abuse ( for the child and the animals)

Cayson Harper : You ARE hurting the animals, lady! EACH dollar you spend on CARCASS is a vote on how you want the world to be. There is NO amino acid you cannot get from a plant-based diet. The World Health Organisation approves vegetarian and vegan diets.

Lauren Kane : This is horrible , if you want to eat meat fine but you should never force your child to eat meat when she is crying hysterically about having to eat it

Krystina Margherita : Okay, I'm not a vegan. But if my kid starts crying that he/she doesn't want to eat animal products and is very upset, then you don't have to. "You need protein." I rarely eat meat and I get my full proteins. And feeding her gyros isn't fully "Healthy"

service dogs gone wild : stop jumping to conclusions read the description and watch the whole video including the part at the end where it says children by Nature are opposed to violence and murder please stop feeding it to them this is a video made by vegans people who don't eat animals or animal products stop being trolls

Sam Panchal : there are so many vegetation things which give all the vitamin and protein ,so stop force to eat animal, if you want really want to eat meat so you should kil people because a person has lots of protein instead animal

riekert redelinghuys : mom...please don't force her to eat meat...meat is not healthy and there is so many protein foods that is better than meat! BTW meat is basically killing you! do research please

Genise Taylor : The fact that people still believe that they can ONLY get protein by eating meat astounds me. It's been proven that going vegetarian/vegan is EXTREMELY more beneficial to you and the environment. People, please don't be ignorant about this topic bc you have been raised on an omnivorous diet. It's 2017, ok? Actually look at the facts and then you can try and talk about how it's "unhealthy" if you don't eat meat. LOL this woman is woefully ignorant and I hope that the daughter does not have to continue to endure that anymore in the future.

Soul of Existence : This is evil.

Jaded Potato : She looks so heartbroken :( I hope she knows there are thousands of angry vegans from the internet who agree with her. Never mess with an angry vegan