Extreme Honey Bee Hive removal- Exposed Hive in McAllen,TX by Luis Slayton of Bee Strong Honey 5

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This beehive has to be one of Luis Slayton all time favorite. This hive was half exposed and half in the wall. The magnitude of bees in this hive was magnificent. Luis Slayton used his knowledge of bee behavior to safely relocate the beehive.


Chris Nelson : respect to that guy! you know a man has nerves of steel when he's dismantling the home of a few thousand bees topless!

kingman 47 : Who else is itchy

CBRGhostRider 88 : Not gon lie. Never seen anythin on this kinda scale before. The big white comb would be chalk full of goodness on my toast.

Jacob Holmes : When suddenly a bear breaks in!!!

MoJoe JoeJoe : very impressive just a little bit macho without the shirt. makes it more like a circus trick. man respects nature though. respect

Noah Laughlin : anyone else feel the urge to lick the hive?

dbcooprrr : I would need about 4 shots of whiskey to even think about doing this.

um : I love your videos 😀

Fernando Torres : Luis...... que huevos los tuyos y mis respetos el manejar las abejitas........ yo ni de broma, de por si les tengo un pavor y, luego tu sin camisa peor tantito, te envio un fuerte abrazo desde Veracruz MX.

Charles Howard : This week on Honey Bees and Parolees

paul waller : Totally amazing to watch & what a brave man

Tony Park : i like how respectful you are towards the bees and taking care while you're removing them. Nice work. :)

Battle Toad : How do you prevent this from happening to your house?

Serachja : I just came from a video where they showed killer bees, I guess compared to those bees this bees in this video are saints :-)

MILK : THE REAL LIFE CANDY MAN.. WHY YOUTUBE WHY did u recommend me this.

Paddy Theosophist : I like your style. Knowledgeable and Respectful. What many people perceive as "being bad" is just Nature doing its thing. There's no emotion. The bees didn't deliberately decide to nest there just to piss off the inhabitants. Wherever there's opportunity, life will proliferate.

Kascio GG : This is amazing. Your great at your work and very informative. I love the way your preserving as much of the hive as possible. Respect!

Luis Benitez : Awesome vid amigo. Very informative. RGV!!

J.N.N. : Wife: Honey! Husband: What?! Wife: Nothing, I just found a bee hive with honey.

SwiftJoey 794423 : itch itch..

Mr Nice Guy : Damn...

Anonymous Kid : this is a good ending for the bee movie

Alexis Villegas : my respect goes out for this guy man

Kitsuneice : this and you are amazing. bees are cool and the way you do your job is really awesome.

Matthew Baloga : This guy is a legend

Tony Ruiz : Maria puedes darme mi barrita?? Yo estaría pidiendo el agua bendita y los crucifijos!! Y un traje de hazmat!

Savage Bell : there were bees all over you💀

Nesseris : damn man... Subscribed, stay safe

Danny Figueroa : how long have you been doing this? I'd never think to do this type of job with my shirt off. Are these bees less vicious?

Ranger Rick - Bug Reviews : Bee strong honey & bee removal have u ever cleared a yellow jacket nest

Amber Jones : I didn't know u can order b's then use the bumble b til it dies lol wow sounds like how men do there wives now days

batman : wow this guy is really educational

Dande lion : I am so glad he did not kill the bees but relocated the bees instead.

Ranger Rick - Bug Reviews : I wouldn't use smoke I would use bug spray to kill them all cuz I'm terrified of bees

Jessica Garcia : Do you take the bees somewhere else?

adidas logo : About 5000 views but no one except this guy below me can type a comment?

Alanna Rudd : How is not covered in bees. Omg no shirt even

Manuel Hernandez : thats dope, you obviously know what type of bees will attack you and which ones won't. impressive id never be able to do that

Christian García : El Macho

whionlee : im not a tree huger but i do see the need for bees so brovo

Cove AKA Covergeist : That dude is a badass

Oh Pow : Naw bro just move

Avoidance Technologies : The devil cannot steal and then judge.Adults are devils they cannot lie to others about the lies they have, assist in, and delve upon / create / recycle.

Noodie : How are you immune to the bees

Pinewood Builders Membership : are these different bees or just regular?

leroy villarreal : That;s what you call a real man. lol

Sean Amusic : that was awesome

Zoltanl Luky Zoltan : nemtetcik mehek vegyekle

Stephen Savage : I like this guy 😊