Homer goes Super Saiyan 3 after Bart hits him with a chair
Homer Simpson Goes Super Saiyan 3

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Since a lot of people asked for the song... it's the Super Saiyan 3 theme.


McK : This was the most effort put in To the most stupidest idea ever. Thank you. I died at the part where we see Homer in the womb right before he goes Super Saiyan 3. Like he was destined to become that and was awakening to that potential. Brilliant.

Chris : Thats not even his final form

Ahmet Özisler : Bart is already super sayin 1 when he hits him with the chair....

METATRON PRODUCTIONS LIMITED : “Galactic Donut Attack”.... ....Mmmmm, Galactic Donut.. *drooling..

Sibusiso Mkwanazi : How is he generating that much power?

NICKREAPER316 : **achieves legendary power of Super Saiyan 3** **continues bathing**

Ernest Garcia : It would of been funnier if it was just his 2 hairs sticking straight up 😆

Medi Ding : Attains a legendary form. Goes back to bathing.

Richard Murray : Dude, the baby scene though 😆... Priceless

too busy to come up with a clever username : *AND THIS IS TO D'OH EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!*

Eidlones : Homer in the womb is just the absolute perfect touch to emulate that scene... Brava

SkaiXMask : That’s not how that works. This has to be at least 40 episodes long before he can fully transform.

Kyzoblade : Homer was sent to the simpsons world because of his latent abilities...he could be a threat to the universe

KashyKJ : *And This...Is To Go....Even Further Beyond.....*

Sekiko Gaming : The Legendary Super Simpson!

Sibusiso Mkwanazi : 0:23 I'd better go, I don't wanna get yelled at again

Edison Hernandez : THIS is EXACTLY what the internet is for.

xX-Mephiles-Xx : I like how bart isnt phased by his power up at all 😂

Jax : As soon as Bart Hits him with that chair, im done 😂😂

MoRiellyMoProblems : That Faulconer music is amazing, especially when Goku finally kills Buu.

CatFishLord D : Lisa: What his power level BART! Bart: Geee…sOrRy!!!

DDevil-36 : “This Homer guy sounds pretty strong! I’d love to fight him one day!”

Black Superman : My phone screen cracked from all that power.

Knju1 MonsterHunt : Alternative Title: Local boi discovers secret to hair growth.

Simply-Abstract : I kept seeing this pop up in my feeds and tried to hold off. I managed for a week. I am very satisfied.

Sally aged 14 : *i think a hurricane is coming* nah it your father doing anime with bart again

rando burr : Super saiyan 3 Homer vs majin bart

MarGon : It makes you wonder how Bart didn't kill him with that chair. When he was transforming, he was causing a massive wind storm. But, even after he transformed, Bart just stood there like nothing was happening. Who's the really strong one here?

Ssgss Drew : This is a Super Simpson And this is a Super Simpson that ascended pass a Super Simpson or Super Simpson 2.....And this Is to D'OH even Farther Beyond DOOOOOONNNNUUUTTTTTTTTTTT

Jan Elan Testaverde : *You're going to love this. Trust me...*

부요기 : Homer finally got his hair back

Just Slouching : I Like how homer automatically has hair after the transformation also that reminds me if Nappa were to go super Saiyan would his bald head just be really shiny or would he grow hair?

stupid universe 731C : Holy shit this was so freakin hilarious, once again thanks to the YouTube algorithms and thank u for making it

meme shark : well this was in my recommendations for some reason, but i'm not disappointed

Damned Recluse : DO IT DAD

Meliodas Gaming : I heard Super Simpson 3 draws out every last ounce of potential nutrients from doughnuts when consumed.

DAIVIDAS MILIUKAS : He did 0 training but somehow reached ss3 :D

El huevo kawaiiTM : Top 10 mejores momentos del anime :v

Loukas X. : Thanks again Youtube for the recommendation...

Baffle Blend : "OW!!! Krillin, what'd you do that for?! Just because I'm a Super Saiyan doesn't mean I don't have nerves in my head!!!"

Cremate My Remains : That bruce falconer score is amazing

Jay Gatsby : "You're gonna love this, trust me."

David Barber : I seriously can't stop rewatching and laughing

Kyle Forbes : Welp, this is officially the best version of this meme that I have ever seen. Bravo!

Kamini Jenarthan : And they still say ... that he was at 1 percent power....

Owen Duggab : The way he turns SS3 and then continues to just yell at Bart like a normal person is brilliant.

Rafael Pereira : So I’m guessing Flanders can turn into Ultra Instinct form

Asura Syn : "Blonde _guys_ aren't dumb. We're evil. Like in Die Hard... Or World War II."

graduator14 : Tough luck homer, Marge has been Super Saiyan Blue since the beginning of the series!