Homer goes Super Saiyan 3 after Bart hits him with a chair

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Cody Hendrickson : Thanks for 1 million views you guys, holy shit


Jan Elan Testaverde : *You're going to love this. Trust me...*


Medi Ding : Attains a legendary form. Goes back to bathing.

MaddestMike : Geez, sorry!! It's a pretty standard stunt, Goku!

Nasty Badger : Bart: I wanna see your full power

Kyle Forbes : Welp, this is officially the best version of this meme that I have ever seen. Bravo!

Nater K : *Goes Super Saiyan 3* *Proceeds to use this insanely powerful and energy-exhaustive form to continue bathing*

Marcellus Miller : Marge: no stop it Homer if you do this now it's going to drain away all the time left in the tub and I'd say you need every second of it as it is.

WalterKnows : *Has he really found a way to surpass an ascended Simpson? Is that even possible?!*

Damned Recluse : DO IT DAD

Edison Hernandez : THIS is EXACTLY what the internet is for.

Ultra King : Super Simpson 3

Connor Hamilton : You forgot the part where Bart and Millhouse fuse

the Heero : The little touches with Springfield being assaulted by lots of wind and homer as a baby really sealed the deal for me. This is very well edited and you have a new sub.

Salvatore Dali : It's the ultimate lifeform

Oscar Garcia-Ramirez : He should be happy he has hair again

MrMrannoying : So if Trunks hit Vegeta over the head with a chair, Vegeta can surpass Goku?

Weeaboos in a basement : I love it how you made it just like the original shows transformation

zXBlackjackXz : this is to go...even further... *BEYOND!*

Bobby Hill : How is Bart able to survive standing next to Homer while he transforms?

Arceah : Would have been better if just the 2 strands of his hair turned golden

Donatello Jose : Is this the next steamed hams?

I am not Dale Gribble : And this... Is to go. Even. Further beyond! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Bricka Crick : how can he generate that much meme?

Lavar Ball : Homer doesn’t even need to go ssj3 he already looks like the golden oozaro just in his base form

Walter White : Dude, I can't stop watching this video, it's so addicting.


Kenshiro in a hay bail : *I’m sorry that took so much longer than the others... I haven’t had much occasion to practice this one...*

allroundgamer96 : Takes less time for Homer to go Super Saiyan 3 than it did Goku

Let God Burn The Queers : Its over 9000!

Sentro : Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of something great.


Joaquín Rodríguez : Can homer use the Ultra Instict in the manga??

Hawbitten : Could we get this as a real anime please? Preferably with Christopher Sabat playing Ned Flanders.

Tickle Time TV : I swear to god I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a video SO MUCH!

Juan Torres : 0:23 No, a homer-cane

Akeem Lawanson : This is so damn good, lol 😂

Jetfox967 : His power level is over 9000

Top 10 Wizard : I know you said last one... but...

Shining Armour : Missed opportunity of having King Homer from the halloween special and _then_ the baby scene.

Violet thebat : I love how lightning's brewing around him in the tub & yet he's not getting electrocuted. 😂😂😂

Kame Style : Holy shit! This is awesome 😂

graduator14 : Tough luck homer, Marge has been Super Saiyan Blue since the beginning of the series!

J D : Simsaiyan Power

Nothing Much : This meme could defeat I don't feel so good.

Jubble : Not enough images of waves crashing against rocks and didn't take 3 episodes. 7/10

lisa said : DAD DAD !!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISN'T EVEN MI FINAL FORM

Jason Smith : I really like the touch with the hurricane, like how Goku caused hurricanes and shook the entire planet when he turned SS3. xD