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PhotoNinja : Haha well done chap, turns out it’s a real tongue twister

Paul Compton PDphotography : Maybe a good idea to list all the peeps in the video, there are a couple faces I have not seen before maybe worth me looking up if I knew who they were...

Rick Mentore : Only 75 subscribers, feels like I am getting on the IPO. Just hope the level of my photography will appreciate as this channel is destine to. Hey, I am in Brooklyn, NY is it ok to join, its not just a UK thing, is it?

Ozzy Paul : Podgy always cracks me up !!!!

VdubPhotogLife : Haha, cant believe I have only just seen this, there's always one that has got to swear!!! Nice one John :)

DAVID HIRST Photo : lol Funny as it can be ;-)

David Burn : Great stuff! Your group is inspirational I'll get my first one done one of there days!

The exploring photographer - Jacques le Roux : Lol, brilliant. I think one person got it right first time. I might be wrong, I need to go watch it again. Anyway I request my request in.

stephen mcnally : Excellent vary funny .

Gary Gough : lol brilliant! Great video and such a great way of advertising your channel. 👍

Nev Cartledge : Hi all, great idea this .. I have just started my own channel on landscape photography.. could I get my channel on here somehow?

Tammy Mellert : LMAO I love it. I laughed so hard I woke my hubby up at 1:15am......

andy sheader : Damn it, I'm sure I've got it right one time and you show the one I messed up ;)

Mali Photography : Quality! Love it John, 😂👍

John Askew : Brilliant 😂 and how about an Instagram version for those of us who don’t do FB 👍🏻.

Craig Prentis : Briliant

Shakeypix : Haha brilliant

D Griff Gallery : Priceless!!! :)

Tony Neat : This is superb John 😆

Paul Compton PDphotography : Love it lol

Andy Beattie Photography : A right pair of clowns at 4:48 👍

Kieran Lehane : Great webpage :)

The BrokeAss Hobbyist : XD

Podgy Snapper : I have to admit it but I'm thriving on this. 😂🤩👍👍👍👍

Simon Burn : Love it! Great job John.

Teophiel's Chronicle : The sights around you two are just so beautiful I love them so much, also great episode looking forward to seeing more!