Girlfriend Scarecam

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Spaisekraft : Man your girlfriend is hot. Is she single?

Chris Melberger : im here from ebaums world

Brenden : I came here to laugh not to feel in love.

Vilgoth Lalc : the story of how Chris died... RIP in peace ..

Cernold : 0:04 if you sit like that on a passenger seat in case of accident airbag will break your spine

Justin87 : Here from Reddit where pic of dude said his gf and he said I'll give u her digits and dude got scared and

Charles . H : Hahaha that video was funny what's your girlfriend's address?

Bottlerocket : that end by the way ... hahahah

Vega Punk : I would never allow someone to put feet on the car's dashboard...

Polonium Fist : He's dead now 0:27 :(

cool springval : came for tthe is your girlfriend single comment.

SOIBand : what a cute girlfriend you have :)

Jin Wong : Literally the cutest thing ever.

Luis Valdez : this melts my heart

Smile :) : My cousin got into a car crash with her feet up on the dashboard like that and almost got paralyzed. She was like a centimeter away of being paralyzed. She has recovered now but cannot jump. And cannot run very well. Please dont do this.

Qziks : Autor is stupid and has "VVS" - vertical video syndrome This girl is very pretty.

NialasDubh : I'll never understand why women as attractive as her put up/end up with twats like him.

deathstr1ker6666 : ddaww

Edgar Banuelos : Am I the only one who finds that really adorable?

Jai Burrell : 0:21 "The Lily", "Eugghhghg", "scream", "Eugghhghg"

Robert0 : This is adorable!

Dre K : best part was when she first screamed because of her bf, and then again because of herself screaming :D

Mobydick : I love the double screem at 0:05 :D

Ken Burns : too dam cute my god

First Last : RIP

Leg Bone : 0:18 Sounded EXACTLY like a monkey

Matt : It's funny to see all the difderent people having their takes on this video

EquinoxElizabeth : Hahahah!! Her reactions are priceless!

WaiKoH : Ariana Grande lookalike

James Forrester : You made stumble upon!! yesss!!! wait... life is meaningless.

Gary : is he died?

RED 6 : so great!

Ricky Vang : I'm sorry. I'm in love with your girlfriend.

ameteuraspirant : this is me with my sister every day.

Dikti : I bet i can make her scream louder

Jozzo Rama : Adorable :)

SUPREME Sense : Your girlfriend is really easy to scare

Sorkijan : I'm so startled.

IntenseFizz : I thoroughly enjoyed this, friend. You guys are cute together.

Colby Ammons : For me the reason why he's scared her because he loves her

cptfloopelian : this is cute

Duskworker : yo when she screams it sounds like a chimpanzee no disrespect homie

califaern3sto : I watched this video to laugh, i ended up both laughing and falling in love. :)

Dom : Is she so easy to scare? That's fun!

Cankerous Booch : RIP Chris Melberger

robot b : on her phone almost the entire time, must be a fun gf

whitewolf8758 : Thats why she colored her hair brunette. ...

Gawillamon : Half of these are in the car on the same day with the same outfits on... So damn fake...

Numphyyy : tfw no qt 3.14 gf

LivePatrone : Is she on the Las Vegas add going around on Facebook?