What Happens When You Get Rabies?

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Shubham Bhushan : I have a huge phobia of rabies. So much so I still haven't read the Wikipedia article.

Diana Possell : So amazing how these viruses produce symptoms for maximum spread. Like all life they just want to reproduce and grow. So interesting.

weehawk : How did rabies-infected corneas and other tissues end up donated to a patient? This is probably my recurring nightmare now.

Mix : So doctor,do i have rabies? Doc:Short answer.Yes. Patient:What's the long answer? Doc:Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss

Scott Baker : When she says "almost 100% fatal", she's not kidding. There has been only about a dozen people known to have survived rabies without receiving vaccine and rabies immune globulin.

Ike Rants : EWW Haha I beat you to it

MedicEne : Does it matter where on your body you get bitten for a better prognosis, so would you have a better chance of surviving if bitten on your foot than neck, as the virus has to travel more distance ?

RadarRaym : Has rabies ever been weaponized ?

Luna Kelly : there's a free annual rabies vaccine in my city. And we don't even have to leave the house since every summer, the city vet would go door to door to administer free vaccines to pets.

freak flip : I was once infected by rabies because of a dog bite. The dog died after few days after I was bitten. After a week I got fever that last for 2 weeks. My mom brought me to the nearest clinic to get a medical advice because my fever is not subsiding for 2 weeks. The doctor interviewed me on what happened to me before I got sick. I told him a lot of stories and the dog bite is one of it. The doctor adviced my mom to bring me to the hospital to get anti rabbies vaccine. When I was on the hospital, they told my mom that I'm infected by rabies and needed to be vaccinated a.s.a.p. and I need to be confined for 2days. I got 8 shots of anti rabies for 2 days. My fever immediately subside after the first shot. There at the hospital I saw a lot of people that the rabies virus reaches their brain. They are afraid of light and water. They are mercily killed. The doctors tells us that the vaccine won't work anymore when rabies virus reaches the brain. They will only inject something to make the virus multiply faster so the patient will die immediately and the body will be cremated so the virus won't spread. I watched how people die due to rabies infection. Its not true that you will die after 24 hours after got bitten by an animal infected by rabies, it takes time before it reaches your brain, and you will feel a lot of symptoms like having a fever. Its really advisable to get a shot of anti rabies vaccine when you got bitten by an animal even humans. Its the best way to prevent infection.

Hajdu Linda : When I was 10, I saw a documentary / recorded black-n-white video of a human getting rabies, and dying. I was terrified for long-long years xD

Silver_ Fox : "The symptoms it causes are like something out of a horror movie" Cujo, anyone?

Actual Trash : Bats are flying rats...

Azfarul Naim : This is actually quite helpful because there's rabies outbreak recently in my country! Glad Im subscribed to this awesome channel!

Mary Nauta : Rabies vaccines for pets are legally REQUIRED in the US!

Nick Ryan : Am I the only one who have a really bad Rabies phobia

Mixey : You:" Just give it to me straight doc" Doc: "Yes, you do have Rabies" You: " Gosh but it's curable right, what do I need to do?" Doc: " Lets start by recording your will"

Anthony Wooldridge : If you have a nightmare about being attacked by a rabid animal, then I hope you haven't seen the movie Cujo.

Next Supreme Loser Inc. : I actually had to get rabies shots when I was very young because of incidents in which bats got into our home.

I don't know anymore : Yes! More Gross Science!!! I love this channel! Keep up the great work!

em zolo : This is rabies 1 like = inbreed

Eldritch Shire : Meanwhile Im hearing weird noises in the night outside armed with nothing but a cheap bucket and a small flashlight and calling out with the same noise and getting replied with that unknown animal

Claire Smith : I know nobody will see this but hi Edit: omg thank you I didn't know I'd get so many likes!

Zappadow : You could technically start a zombie apocalypse using rabies

adolf hitler : Rabies Rabies for babies Rabies Rabies for babies Babies with rabies Babies Babies with rabies This is courtesy of hell


Kittykitten's fan That she hates : I love this person if she were my age she would be my best friend cuz we both love the same things 1: animals 2: science facts 3: diseases (not to get them)

Fit Kat : Wait a sec... gunna get water... k back! Sorry I was just thirsty

Starry Yogurt : Awww man I'm late... I just wanna say hi! *walks of to next gross science video*

Saisrlyew : Hmmm are you in your bed with your phone still charging and hungry oh and this video was probably recommended for you. :)

*Scared Sheep* : THOSE POOR DOGS. :.(

Jyrah Sorzi : One of my friends got bit by a dog and the dog ran away so she had to get a rabies shot just to be safe...

Kombinatsiya : production values have really improved

The Twin Mandeville : I think there a cure for everything but u must have the money to buy it

Lanny : When you live in California,

Ivananimalsfan Nature fan n.1 : I love your channel! Keep it up! P.S:You look like my science teacher,what a coincidence😁😂!

Leila E : I saw a doc about rabies and it scared me so bad. Now im watching a gross science about rabies. Interesting. Rabies has no cure. Once you get it, after 24 hours, you have a 99 percent chance of death basically. But i read a story about a girl who didn't die from a bat bite and she had it. Im still scared though...

Can't be Asked : I got bit by a goat and now I'm really scared I'll get rabies

Enrique Glenn Balagtas : Your the best anna!!

Julian Sinquimani : So you're saying I have a better chance of getting rabies because I live in California

sooooooooDark : do a vid on candida fungal infections! ;O so many ppl have it

zigmenthotep : "Like something out of a horror movie," especially if that movie is I Drink Your Blood, originally titled Hydro-Phobia.

Cat Poke : _Lives in Texas_ "There's a really low chance you'll ever contract rabies" _Texas is 5-6 on the scale of deaths by rabies_ My real reaction: Hoh! ;_;

Mathieu Leader : After having the rabies vaccine, some people have temporary soreness, redness and swelling at the injection site for 24-48 hours. In rare cases, some people also experience: a mild high temperature (fever) a headache muscle aches vomiting a rash The vaccines used in the UK contain dead (inactive) rabies virus, so you can't catch rabies by being vaccinated

Leer Kimson : TREES

Claire Smith : Hi

Kill_Em+ALL!!! : Cackling through the entire video discussing a completely fatal virus that causes a person to suffer extreme pain and lose their mind within days.. she must be a liberal

Antoine Wood : Wasn't the movie I am legend about scientists trying to genetically modified rabies to cure cancer, and then it all back fired on mankind turning them into vampire like carnivorous zombies? 😱😨

rhicho duenas : My cat bit me last year so i my mom bring me to the doctor so that the doctor can inject anti rabies on me

Mohammed Adil : Omg I'm the first :D