Spider-Man 3 Pitch Meeting
The only way Spider Man 3 pitch could have gone

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Step into the pitch meeting that started Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3! Subscribe for more Pitch Meetings: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was such a disaster that the character has already been rebooted twice since the movie came out in 2007. From emo Spider-Man to Eric Foreman playing Venom, the superhero film was chock full of strange decisions from the filmmakers. What’s up with Sandman getting a free pass? Or Peter Parker dancing in the street to no music? Or that crazy church scene? To answer all these questions, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Spider-Man 3. It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience. Check out these other pitch meetings: Spider-Man: Homecoming Pitch Meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27dCbsVqr-Y The Amazing Spider-Man Pitch Meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPB6gdrVEEw Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/+ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/


Catastrophe Cause : "MARY JANE GOT KIDNAPPED" _I love how we do it everytime_ GIVE THIS GUY HIS OWN CHANNEL!

papafreshly : "I said he's cool. Of course he's into jazz!" Lol

Drunken Hedgeie : These are basically cinemasins but better

Bob Smiff : “A big science hole” lmao

HoosierSons : Eddy: Hey god, can you kill Peter Parker? God: Sure, it’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience!

Jiminy Christmas : "Hey God could you please kill Peter Parker?" "That is how church works."

Jay Fulkerson : that movie was too easy to satire...super easy, barely an inconvenience

Davy Bo : "Ah suddenly deciding to upset people is tight!" Lmao i died 😂😂😭😭💀💀

KingSlayer Outdoors : people in car- *screaming as it’s being stolen* Screen Writer dude- IT’S NOT MY FALT MY DAUGHTER IS SICK!”

Dasdutt : I don't care how many times I hear the "I don't know" line. I LOL, EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

Robert Lawson : What are they all fighting over? What do you think? Mary Jane got kidnapped again? Mary Jane got kidnapped again!

kshamwhizzle : the jazz dance routine was strike one. the emo hair flip when he embraces his "dark side" was strike two three four five...

Thomas Dixon Jr. : "She realized that having a locket with a picture of herself in it was a little weird so she gave it to her dad." That broke me.

Trevor Fielding : "K, bu-" "I'm a good writer."

ULTIMATE GOKU : My favorite part was when he said *I'm* *a* *good* *writer*

Prancer : "...science hole..."

julien neaves : "Science hole." Hilarious

Mr.E : The venom symbiote does not trigger spiderman's spidersense

Jonathan Breitman : Awesome pitch!! Lol “Im a great screen writer”... Please do a breaking bad pitch

Boobalopbop : "Now dig on this!!" 🤣🤣🤣💀

pianomarc 84 : superbad pitch meeting? love the videos man, thank you for all the laughs

Smug Nick : I don't know if screenrant is made up of your friends or not, but you could totally leave and have your own booming channel. Great vids man. Appreciate the hard work

Mehdi Yasaee : "Is that really necessary for every single villain to have deep personal connection?" "Yes, Always, Forever" :D

John Smith : Me: *watches video...... Me: *Slowly removes locket of myself around neck and hides in drawer

defbot : Pitch meeting should have its own channel.

Don T : Less Venom, More Musical Numbers = TIGHT

Undisclosed Username : Me: "Did he just say share it on MySpace?" Also Me: "He just said share it on MySpace." Me: "And just what is Myspace?" Also Me: "I don't know." Me: "Fair enough."

ProgrammedForDamage : "Hey God, could you please kill Peter Parker?" "That is how church works" I was on the floor 😂

Kaleb Ross : Man this screen rant was *TIGHT*

K Kundera : He falls inside a big science hole 😀 awesome

CamLikesBooks YT : This was -fake-? I couldn’t tell!

Antwain Green : The eyes make the suit look better

Rick Mac : Holy sh*t this guy is killing me

Big Jack : I need that shirt you were wearing at the end... GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

Sima Caga : So you have a spiderman 4 script for me... No

BenderRodriguez10 : "I'm a good writer." "Oh! Well ok then."

Allan Peda : Hey God could you please kill Peter Parker? _That is how church works._

Brett Van : "I'm a good writer!" "Oh! Well, okay then"

Aspiring Cloud Expert : I Am A Good Writer! Oh! Well okay then.

The Paladin : “Is that really necessary for every single villain?” *Yes, always FOREVER* “Well, ok then.”

Christopher Hartley : "I'm a good writer!" Brilliantastical.

jaredloveless : do Truman Show! do Phenomenon! do K*Pax!

Instant.Michael : "and he turns into venom and wants nothing more than to kill peter parker" "so he climbs up to the belltower?" That moment is when I died.

NetAndyCz : - I'm a good writer - Oh!? Well, ok then :D:D:D

Hue Hue : "hey, God can you can kill Peter Parker?" Lol Was that what he really said?

Blue Rain01 : "I don't know" Get me every time

PoolStroke : Have you thought of doing a Pitch Meeting for Blade?

BWX : That's a very patient Symbiote

Kymberly Hardaway : "That is how church works." I'm 😂.