Spider-Man 3 Pitch Meeting

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Hue Hue : "hey, God can you can kill Peter Parker?" Lol Was that what he really said?

Jay Fulkerson : that movie was too easy to satire...super easy, barely an inconvenience

Catastrophe Cause : "MARY JANE GOT KIDNAPPED" _I love how we do it everytime_ GIVE THIS GUY HIS OWN CHANNEL!

J M : "Like last week, I heard my niece cough, so I went outside and stole a car" "Not your fault" "I know, that's what I explained to the screaming people inside the car"

Sima Caga : So you have a spiderman 4 script for me... No

North : Pitch meeting should have its own channel.

Bob Smiff : “A big science hole” lmao

Hi, my name’s Anxious Lecture : Last week I heard my niece cough so I went outside and stole a car😂🤣

hackerseven : This cured my depression!

Drunken Hedgeie : These are basically cinemasins but better

Shawn McMillan : This series is as good as cinamsins

Mr.E : The venom symbiote does not trigger spiderman's spidersense

Divine Death : Despicable me Cars Shrek Titanic Godfather

kshamwhizzle : the jazz dance routine was strike one. the emo hair flip when he embraces his "dark side" was strike two three four five...

the rock : Do a pitch meeting's pitch meeting.

Ender Rock : I realize this is satire, but some people don't know that sam raimi was forced to do venom, and with the pitch meetings it kinda is awkward because there's no straight man, I get the deal here, but for people who don't know about the struggle behind this film, this pitch meeting kinda spreads miss-information, so, yeah, just thought I'd give my opinion on that, anyways, have a nice day. *Sincerely - Ender Rock*

Antwain Green : The eyes make the suit look better

HoosierSons : Eddy: Hey god, can you kill Peter Parker? God: Sure, it’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience!

papafreshly : "I said he's cool. Of course he's into jazz!" Lol

L7Blue Fire : *Damn I Love This Man And His Humor LOL*

godzillafan 2014 : I actually like spider man 3

Tony B : Like the videos, but this pitch is a bit incorrect. It was Sony and executives that wanted to add venom. Was originally sandman and gob jr

Prancer : "...science hole..."

Javan Rench : Do nightmare before christmas its halloween time

L7Blue Fire : *The Last Airbender*

ULTIMATE GOKU : My favorite part was when he said *I'm* *a* *good* *writer*

Lord Fawful : *well ok then*

crome152 : how every guy these days like their woman 2:11

Kaleb Ross : Man this screen rant was *TIGHT*

saint nic cage : This dude is personally holding screenrant together

XzibitCA : 3 villains

Sean Mcgarry : who else wanted a Spiderman 4 lol

julien neaves : "Science hole." Hilarious

Jonathan Breitman : Awesome pitch!! Lol “Im a great screen writer”... Please do a breaking bad pitch

Rajatava Kar : Come on, you could do Spider Man 3 pitch meeting but not Venom? UNFAIR! Doing it will be TIGHT!

MAN'D'BAN : That just worked very well! 🤣

CamLikesBooks YT : This was -fake-? I couldn’t tell!

batmanfanforever08 : Hey, what happened to something being TIGHT?

Goku : Lmao this needs its own channel asap

Rafli Avriza : "It's a nod to something later." "Yeah, but i mean-.." *"I'm a good writer."* "Well okay then!"

Tech Bud : can you do the flash pitch meeting

hackerseven : Faking pictures of Spider-Man is tight!

BlacKing500 : Should do a pitch meeting for ghost riders 1 and 2

EndlessFX : This video was funny and makes sense if you watched the movie but alot the movies "problems" have a simple explanation to it. The director (Sam Raimi) wanted to finish Harry's storyline wich he had been building up to. He wanted to include Sandman as the main villain sinse he's a known characted from the comics that Sam understands. Venom was puched by Sony to make money of the movie (wich worked but killed the series). Sam had to include Venom but he didn't understand the character so that's why the movie gets a bit weird. As you mentioned with several examples there's alot of coincidences that are in the movie for story telling to move along but if you just don't think about it (and skip emo Parker scenes) then this movie is really good (imo). I still like this movie and it's fun to watch but it makes little sense. Fun video nonetheless :)

MG23 : "Mary Jane is tight!"

Cad Bane : Sam Rami only wanted Sandman and New goblin in Spider-man 3. Sony was the one that shoehorned Venom into the movie. So you guys should’ve just started the pitch with two villains, then have the corporate guy force him to put venom in the movie.

BWX : That's a very patient Symbiote

Jason Bailey : Any of the X-Men movies

Michael Myers : Awesome

Ramy Omer : I thought that the ending would have the dude listening to the guy pitching to say " Are you sure people would love this venom adaptation". Then the pitcher says "It will always be remembered" Then it shows an article about how Venom(2018) has a better version.