Green Khil Zone

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RDR7 : R.I.P Edward Khil. Your beautiful voice will be remembered all over the internet.

Magic : Troll or not. That guy seems like the nicest guy of all time.

Sunny M : This reminded me why I love the internet more than I love most people.

Harperlarp : I almost forgot to watch this today.

The Scorch Effect : The best rendition of Green Hill yet...

SCP-049 The Plauge Doctor : thumbs up if Youtube Poop: Sonic Generations Director's Cut brought you here!

Noah Korner : Lost my virginity to this song

munsi0121 : Names for other khill sonic levels Scrap khil zone sonic 1 Edward khill zone sonic 2 Chemikhil plant zone sonic 2 Khilsino night zone sonic 2(ok that was bad) Khil top zone sonic 2 Khil fortress zone sonic 2 Edward island zone sonic 3 Khilival night sonic 3 (that was worse) Ice khil zone sonic 3 Mushroom khil zone sonic 3 Thats all i got reply to me and tell me you ideas

princeShroobful : ...Why am I crying?

Pyromanic8 : I'm feeling sad because this guy died only 3 years ago. ;(

Dakiaty : I love the internet for these videos

Krystallyne : I emulated this song for "Green Hill Zone" on my Sm4sh for Wii U. This plays whenever we fight on the Green Hill Zone stage 😂😂

Jack Taylor : This is actually good 0.0

BoredOfThisSite : I feel we might need a Super Trololol Bros.

Dspangs : Sounds like someone got some glitches...

M-Power Addict : Shutup and take my money!!

Switch : 0:29 Touch screen swipe

Agustin Pérez Burgos : oh internet, i love you

Pixel : This pretty much sums up Sonic Boom in a nutshell.

Wilson Kilmer : 0:39 that is literally the funniest thing I have ever heard.

Opalium : Eduard, can you please move already? I'm trying to play Sonic here!...

Senior Biggs : I've been watching this everyday for the past 4 days

ShirtOfTheWolf : Westlo brought me here

Daniel29512 : Final boss of the internet

FloraSora : Why does this make me so happy...

shea sandbach : Move outta the way, bud! I'm trying to play sonic 1 here!

Vakapont : Disliked because this uploader brony. >:(

Jacob Kennedy : TROLL ZONE

Restless central : Sanic lives here

Spooneads : Almost everyone despises Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric with a burning passion, setting the franchise back to an almost unfixable state. Big Red Button makes a sequel. This song is now Big Red Button's theme song.

Julián Gomez : YouTubePoop:sonic generations director cut :,)

Dead babies 3 : oh god if you slow it down to 0.25 you can feel your soul being wrenched from your body.

TheBrawlUnit : Me during the video : Sonic wat r u doin ? Sonic STAHP !

Epicfilmslol : R.I.P., King Of The Trolls

Claus- Mother 3- : Troll comment zone

The Abstract : RIP eduard khil 1934-2012. you were a master troll

Jorge C. M. : i like when he says *oh*

Danny Provolone : Great song for New Years Eve!


DGneoseeker1 : It makes me sad how much better the modern sonic games would be if they used this for their soundtracks.

Declan Skinner : This is awesome! I love this! Excellent editing! RIP Khil


Kanjoos Lahookvinhaakvinhookvin : WHY DO THE MEMES HAVE TO DIE

Sai Kisaragi : If this happened in-game, I would like...  idk take the Genesis up to Gabe Newell and say: "It's time." 

Atlastic : How can 361 people dislike this masterpiece?!

Pumpkin Man : To me it looks like Ed is taking in, pointing out, and just really enjoying the scenery. XD

menslady125 : Voice like an angel!

userdetails1 : Just when you think you've seen it all, you come across this

Daniel 61 : Que pegadiza (Comentario en español aparece)

Dava Arvarabi : Pinnacle of sonic memes.