The Last Chess Shop in New York City

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Justice Warrior : It's sad that he never found a wife and therfore doesn't have children

camai : New York is a truly amazing city.

shanongka : Mike cheats lol

roboliño schmidt : 3:20 this kid is the best 😂 ..

XDLSD MOVEMENT : Its the music...

RosstaFloss : “Maybe the lack of not having got married and have children, you become the father of everybody.” Such a wonderful and wise man...inspiring!

Parth Patel : Randomly came across this shop a couple years ago while walking to a restaurant. Definitely want to come back soon!

Zambo : and then antifa goes and bashes his shop window

Refined Hayseed Appalachian : Jolly good show!

Giggity Goo : Ok I know what to do next time I'm in NY.

Sasori : This place is absolutely sick and easily revampable, all they need to do is make this a social environment that encourages relaxing and activity. They can go from there and host talks and so many other things! The owner is damn awsome.

Buster XL : Thx guys ! This video inspired me to start learning chess !

ABC ABC : When I was a kid in South Korea, my parents sent me to a Go academy where I was taught how to play Go. It was one of the best experiences I've had in childhood. I played with lots of kids in different age groups and backgrounds. I even played with an older girl which was unusual for a boy at my age. Sometimes I beat older kids and I progressed. We spoke in silence and communicated a lot. It was also a mature peaceful environment where I could relax and grow as a person. I am surprised that the West does not have that kind of culture.

Matt Nedostup : Bought some great gear from this store a few years ago. I should go back soon for a lesson.

kevin akyuez : wow

John Wayne : I feel the loneliness in his heart. New York city has a way of doing that to you. Next time I go I will have to visit that shop.

Domenic D : Man this dude hit the nail right on the head. I always had this strange feeling whenever i was out at night in a big city (i'm from a small town so i'm not used to it), like you are seeing something special, that no one else has seen or will ever see. At night, you find the special people, and you somehow feel like you are all conected, because you are all still out there, even at the late hour. But i could never explain it... Imad put that feeling into words perfectly. Amazing.

D C : Why, when anyone has a slight accent, do they slap subtitles over them?

Patalo : 2:18 Hey that's the thing to park your horse in rdr2!

Ross Mitchel : I am starting the chess club at Texas A&M University, and this video made me want to start something like this one day as well

BTassie : He seems so melancholy. I wish I could make him feel happy. If you're reading this, I wish you success, love, community and happiness! ✨❤️

kanamedia : I used to live in across the street 210 thompson in the end of 90's. It meant so much to me.

YoIts LemonBoy! : lol i bought my chess board from this store.

talkhtw55 : The 1948 war was brutal... Many jews died and many palestinians fled from the war.. Sad indeed

Christian Sprague : Wow, this is the content and stories I want to hear! Please more of this!

Indy Cyclist : It wasn't that long ago that a wonderful mini documentary like this would've been limited to a NYC based film festival or maybe shown in some art theaters in the greater NYC metro area. I'm glad this made it onto YouTube as it was a very touching documentary. I never really knew about chess culture until I visited St. Louis and interesting to see a small part of that culture still living in NYC.

Satisfiction : Chess is the beautiful game

Bungun : Looks like a Hogwarts supplies shop from the outside.

Ryan Cullum : Wow. What a strangely moving piece.

The Green Circle : I love how poetically he speaks

Daniel Estrada : I live in Harlem on top of a chess and backgammon shop. They welcome to all players. Doesn't Harlem still count as New York City?

Scott Mallon : The very definition of letting a story tell itself. Fantastic video.

Rahim Laban : Amazing Palestinian.

NeutralDice : such a nice shop

ctg st : What a wonderful man and wonderful video, this was very moving.

Komala Hayes : Chess teaches you how to think. That each action has a consequence. I'm a lousy player, but carefully considering my actions is something I do all the time.😊

Leslie Townsend : What beautiful poetry on spirit

smobro : Thank you for sharing!

shikeridoo : Make buying drinks manadatory instead of charging for a sit down

Mateorl : This man giving the gift of playing chess to a younger generation is very important.

Jacksirrom : A good reminder on how tenuous our relative liberty and safety is. I hope it can remain that way and that we can return to welcoming people like this man to the USA.

Mir Ahmad : From the first look i knew you are arab God bless you

socks n sandals : The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry - Brooks

thedr00 : Wow, I have a new hero, what a guy, what an influence. Any New Yorkers watching, please cherish this man.

Albert Noble : It's 5 dollars per an hour? Hmm

1CME90 : Damn, they used to be open 24hrs?! Someone must have been playing some serious chess. I learned how to play chess when I was a kid and still play to this day.

Jack Wilsher : I have never played chess, don’t know anything about. But after watching this, I kind of want to start playing

dylan t : this is beautiful

K4inan : He looks like Kasparov lol

Sherlock Holmes : Only one chess shop in all of New york? I thought Americans were enthusiastic about chess.