Awesometown - FOX Cut
Pilot Episode of a TV Show that the Lonely Island Tried to Make on Fox Awesometown

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In May 2005, The Dudes were hired to create a pilot for FOX. This cut includes live stage segments and laugh track in hopes of appealing to a broad audience. Brought to you by: You are free to copy, share and remix this video, under these conditions:


Alex Farah : If this was made now it would've made at least 2 seasons, it's better than most tv shows. come on netflix we need something like this

dgauss : If this was a youtube or netflix release it would have made it

sammy eagleson : am I the only one who thinks Jorma looks kinda hot?

Kiss Vera : genious!! I hate it when sonething wonderful is underrated :( *cough cough* Brooklyn 99

YesImHuman : and all in glorious 240p :D

Rob Westerling : Laugh track hurt it.


Carsbar : Andy looks the same but his voice sounds way higher

Juatin Bonds Games : It's like a very white version of Key and Peele and I really wish It had been made

Jeremy Wadkins : I just discovered this by accident. This is hilarious. I wouldve watched this all the time if it was a show!

joshed : Why did fox pass on this show?

Ruben Plooster : Th laugh tracks tells me when it's funny.

Frosty Pixels : Haven't watched tv in over a year, didn't realize how annoying the laughing is

Buk Lau : Youtube had such good content during those days... I remember just watching these videos as a kid all the time, over and over again

red.panda.spirit : Jorma gives me life

Michael R : The canned laughter ruins it


AloofAri : This is gold

Febeleh : Fox didn't know what they missed out on.

Andrew Walsh : ok so it's onl been 12 years, there's still a chance right?

Josephine OBrien : I wanted to stop watching it but at the same time I couldn't Please tell me this wasn't real. Andy Samberg is too much ask the time I love him

iconocast : just shows how clueless the fukers at fox are

Allard Roest : Still better than most shows nowadays!

Poppy_ : This still holds up as pretty good, besides the 240p but i guess it is old.

NicksDomain101 : Jack... Black... That is all.

ricosuavee44 : As glad as I am that these guys got their break w snl, I would have loved this if it made it to air

Vendy : I finally watched it and I am really sorry it didn´t got picked up, and with the ´BU part they nailed it, looks exactly like the 90´shows :) which we all loved

AlexTeTerminator : This show was Key and Peele before Key and Peele was even thought of.

Sarah : Castaways is my favourite hahaha

StinkholeinMirror : "The funniest thing since sliced bread." haha.

Lettuce Bruh : Fox messed up

Kaitlynne Brightwell : Best 20 minutes of my life!

YoItsDewitt : I always come back every year to give this a watch. It never gets old 😄

Stefano Castelli : Quite montypythonish... I would have watched this show.

Tom istoopunk : This needs to be made in to a real show

Everyemobandever _ : This is so stupid and cringey but I love it and can't stop watching

doclambertdavid : The song similar to "Fraggle Rock".

Justaway 14 : i remember a nightmare like the just 2 guyz song

Cody Dunn : I love Jack Black.

Feint : Can't wait for Season 2 of The 'Bu

אופק שריסט : You should pitch this again!!!

akaelitesixm2 : adult amanda bines show??

This is Ajang : Andy's mom (yes, the real one)is the coolest mom ever

whereismybike : So... Elliot from Scrubs... That's cool....

monsterinkorporated : 1.59 - 2.14 is THE BEST THING IN AWESOMETOWN!!

krucafuks123 : Well, everybody started from something...

Johny Pierrot : I want to see the bu

Rina : This is where the Just 2 Guys song came from?? I saw this so many years ago lmaooo

D Wilde : 12:25 the original mannequin challenge