Quicksand - Dine Alone

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jason kranzberg : take it from an old man.  one of the most influential bands ever.   this is a fact.  

Ruby Stevens : the MOST underrated band ever

1guitbox1 : ahh the 90's ...best freakin decade ever !!

Contrariwise37 : Starting to think most 'modern mainstream rock' groups are just ripoffs of Quicksand. Especially Chevelle.

Modimus Prime : so this is where korn got their idea for a sound, huh?

legitskateclips : thumbs up if u were listening to this in the 90s

Michael Valkenbrug : From an old fart who listened to these guys when this album came out and I was like 18, what a fucking awesome song.

Nathan Petersen : Sergio vega !

Phillip Richardson : Gosh, I still remember the first time I heard this song. Went and got the album the next day. Totally blew me away. This band never got the respect they deserved. Totally sucks they called it quit after only two albums.

carbonlifeform69 : i got beavis and butthead to thank for getting me into this band :)

FRED RODRIGUEZ : Awesome band with 2 great albums imo there second album had an even better collection  of songs on it but was not recorded as well as there first and the fact they stopped recording realy sucks

Kaleb Brady : My friends uncle is friends with the lead singer so i might be able to meet him one day!

John Freitas : Going to see them in September!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Dahlstrom : love this a band..and rival schools. even handsome.

birdorienteering : This is really good. At least to my 39 year old musical perspective .

Jason P. Becker : Awesome band. Use to crank them on my BOOMBOX while practicing skate tricks on my parents driveway when i was like 19 or 20. (43 now) Lot of great bands came out in the early & mid 90's. Good times.🍻

Tarek Ould Hamoud : saw it this morning on beavis and butthead episode from season 3 on my way to work!! freaking awesome day awesome song!! they rule!!

UltraVert : Quicksand coming out with their first new album in 22 years!! "Interiors"

MrJoeCage : I remember for about 6 months after i bought this album it was the best 50 minutes or so of every day.

Mal Irvine : this is the bollox! ...nuff said , had the privilege to know them back in the day .

Brandon Gore : It's a cinch To, pass the time with you But hard to pass the time alone Can you take it And it's true True, the couple next to you think you look strange Alone, what are your aims Or do you have any Avoid confusion You always know Always know how much your paying I concentrate on On, what the people say The couple next to me Pass the salt Pour it in my wounds You look like you have no friends Can't keep up with the new trends Sorry, sorry, for myself I don't agree No, I always go out eating with my best friends It's less than normal Avoid confusion You always know Always know how much your paying I concentrate on On, what the people say The couple next to me Avoid confusion You always know Always know how much your paying I concentrate on On, what the people say I think at times

Adriano Andrade : Aeeeee,galera do Rock,curtam ae o Hardcore melódico do Quicksand.Como diz meu amigo Gastão Moreira"Porrada na orelha".

Deltassippi : After all these years. I can only thank GOD.

Conchetulandia Conchetumiercale : so i searched "quicksand" to find some videos of people in actual quicksand and came up to this I'm glad I did this

ZombIX138 : this band was really under appreciated in the 90's!!! the "Slip" album start to finish is brilliant!!!

none of your business : the loners anthem

Michael Purnell : I haven't listened to these guys in years. Its still great

J-Sun Guess : Cause music sucks now. Everything from this genre of music now days is misinformed or branched into complete BS with tight pants.

Chad Holmes : Cant wait to see them Friday night - 9 15 2017 at Mohawk Austin!

btomasko : Handsome...... Some members of Quicksand are in this band.

chronicreptile : @jeeshwa123 + Jane's Addiction

Game Wizard : Just a bunch of hard-rocking boys in t-shirts. I identified with that back then and still do.

luis felipe henao bustamante : Quicksand,Helmet, Handsome,Crawlpappy,only living witness .

SGillespie1985 : Burn The Priest brought me here!

samdavjunjun : my god I wish they still made music.

astronomerorama : eeleven reach out

Walter Schreifels : It's a cinch to pass the time with you; Music like this is still being made today, search up 'Take A Look - HeadAche (Official Music Video)'

J-Sun Guess : LOL that does suck. I have a membership to Sony's Music Unlimited on my iphone. Download the app and listen to all 3 Quicksand albums on there, well 2 1/2 the 1/2 is an EP but still good. Quicksand gets permanent rotation play everyday since 1993!

3exclamationpoint : Yeah...damn that Lady Gaga. She was so popular in the 90's yet I don't think anyone saw this coming....

Faceless Technologies : one of my favorite tracks from one of my all time favorite albums EVER. drums..bass...raw..energy..Wish they would have stayed together and continued..what talent pass the salt and pour it in my wound..

Bizz : I fuckn LOVE quicksand!!...come back to the UK soon boys if at all possible..lol

Jason Ricci : Get this, I first heard of Quicksand from a music player sampler is the quick lube shop Greased Lightening. The player had only a few tracks from various artists, but it was this track that astounded me, and to this day, remains a "golden oldie" for me

jeeshwa123 : offspring+tool=this song xD

Evilatem : @ImaRockNRollOutlaw I wasn't talking about this song in particular but the band's sound as a whole.

Evilatem : @grendelsbeard They do sound similar to early Tool. Heavy bass driven song, similar guitar tuning, odd timing,same style of guitar solos, quiet and yelling vocals.

My JSO : "Pass the salt, pour it in my wounds..." I received this cd for Christmas (as well as Pearl Jam's second album) of 1993. I'd no clue who Quicksand was, but caught on effortlessly. I wore this particular song OUT.

Carloshll726 : I'm buying this!!!

bilsintheta : Can Sergio do two sets?

David Wall : I found the CD in a bag of CD's left at my apt after a party in the late 90's ... I have been a fan since.

Carloshll726 : I love Lamb of God's metal-cover of this song! I wish Machines of Loving Grace did an industrial cover-version! Coolness!