Scary Time for Guys Reply

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Nathan McCartney's reply to Lynzy Lab Stewert's Song "Scary Time for Boys"


Superior chief TM : It's a scary time for GOOD men.

Joshua Oxenford : problems that men face: child custody, 400% higher suicide rates, genital mutilation (circumcision), 9000% higher work fatality rate, 60% longer jail sentences than women for the same crimes, 80% of homeless are male (there are no shelters for men), 15x more funding given to female cancers research compared to male cancers research, etc... yes, it's a scary time for men.

i can believe its not butter : Nothing but respect for this man.

Anna May : there were things that I agreed with and disagreed with in both videos but let me just say, I genuinely loved the way you put this. never once did you bring her down and you even complimented her multiple times. that's how a man does it.

Roo17 : #mentoo In a time that men just started to open up about mental health women come out bashing men thanks for your support. πŸ–•

Y Tho : Being scared of being molested by Priests

mario riccioni : You're not alone Nathan. I know it doesn't help much to say that, but it is all I can offer.

doytbag : Well done mate, hope you get to spend more time with ya kid. Butt we both know that ain’t gonna happen in this crazy society. Peace

Coda Brilliant : Can you please put this on Spotify

WalkOn Bye : One time! We need more songs like this.

Insane Hawk : This is a song that butters my toast Would listen to again.10/10 Would put in album

onesaltyboi : How dare you speak your opinion!!! Jk love the song.

Eddy Russo : This needs to go viral πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Anthony Templeton : Many aspects of divorce / custody / domestic disputes are slanted toward women or the the mother. In a way the songs are about very different topics but if Lyndzy is going to cherry-pick the ways women are "downtrodden" by men, there is a case / song for the many ways that men are marginalized by the courts as well. For example; women are the majority of the US workforce now (53%), with the explosion of healthcare jobs, and even if they make more money than the father women get custody, child support, the house, and whatever else the father has. After a divorce the father has to live in a shack, pay every nickel he makes to the mother, and his life is basically ruined. Even if they were only married for a couple of years. Women expect men to open their car door like they are handicapped, pay for dinner like they are homeless, and if things don't work out pay them a salary until they die. The system is completely sexist. I'm happily married but I am also a realist and the current custody/alimony laws are about 25 years behind the economic reality of parenthood and mutual responsibility. Bummer for many guys. I guess the theme should be "It's a scary time for a guy who doesn't use a condom..." I also love the song by Lyndzy. Brett Kavanaugh is a Kappa Cappuccino Dooshbag....

Leena Park : 'Take self-defense classes if you're really afraid' - honestly wtf

Marcus Austin : Needs more views

12345nadine : with you on the child support stuff (if not mistaken its the only point you made). I would point out though that the reason why women get child custody is for a sexist, female-demeaning reason too-- because we still tend to think that childcare is their main role. It's kind of the same argument as people who say "women get hired more for being pretty," well yes, but that's degrading (to both pretty and unattractive women).

Banana Smith : I'm sorry to hear about your kid I hope you get to see him more. well said loved the song. I don't get why women complain so much. they need to stop complaining that men get the uper hand because they even have their own day, men don't have a day to them selves. about men getting paid more then women well men can do alot more work then women can.they are making this world sexist and all about women. by the way this is a women typing this and I think that the world should be fair not all about women.

Lance Seaman : Thank you not disabling your comments like that scared trash. She even monetized her video. Thanks coming from another father who was left because the mom had been in love with someone else for a year and just left.

Jess Wubben : You, along with others like you, are part of the problem we have today. I'm appalled at this"reply."

Univ.s Fell : Love this guy

ioulia : Yess❀finally someone said it

Feisty RedHead : You bloody legend πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Daniel Evans : Great video. You so deserve to go viral. I really hope you can see your son more often. Stay strong.

Preston Rutherford : Well said brother! ✌🏻

Kellogs Rex : Huge Respect for you Brother

Jesi Cullop : Hands best vid ever I agree 100%

5150 Designs : Fantastic response! Spot on! Draft part was perfect.

pepe the grey : Men will rise again

arsalan Tahir : Now this is what I'm talking about. good job

daws 1997 : Great song my man hope you see your son more and it is a scary time to be a guy no matter if they're good or bad

stlgtrace : Great song!! Excellent job!!

deathpool13 uzumaki : He got a point u know

BTW my penis is small But anyway : I was thinking of doing this myself but this pretty sums up some of the actual non first world problems men have. Great video

Andreas Wernerqeqwe : this is fucking nice, i love this man

Facts not Feelings : Well done sir!! Another possible convert to the mgtow movement

cock ass : this guy is so good I'm so glad that someone made a reply to her song well done to you

Roderick_playz : yo respect this sm

Superman MeansHope : thank yooou!! yesss

Eliana Foch : This is the epitome of saying not all men

Harper Sunshine : How many false accusations are there actually?

The Watcher : it sure is a hard time to be a human

Connor Reilly : Yes this is true

Hadassah Flecksing : It hit hard and he didnt even mention the mental health issues that men have

Banana Smith : this is coming from a lady and that hit me more than the original scary time for men song because I can relate to this much more and it is more true.

AmethystStar : Respect m8

emily Bachant : it's crazy how you guys are both, to a certain extand, right..

Microsoft Cortana : Well done

Ben Shapiro - Libtard Destroyer : Okay, now this is epic