Scary Time for Guys Reply

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Thirteen Gears : Great tune! But only women are allowed to go viral

nope sauce : Nothing but respect for this man.

Kailey Leehans : Well said. Now can we agree men and women both have problems and work together to make this world a little better for both sides?

Marcus Austin : Needs more views

Tyler Maxson : child support and rape aren't really the same conversation.

libbruin alumnus : For many years I have been around, worked with, taught, tutored, traveled with, swam with, danced with, dated, and hung out with women, and I was married to a woman. Not ONCE has any female ever accused me of sexual assault. Guys, it's called being perceptive, communicating, and respecting boundaries. Fairly simple.

Elizabeth de Jongh : I get that you're mad with your ex-wife and perhaps the courts did treat u unfairly but I don't understand how anyone agrees that rape and just being nice can be mistaken. You don't have to think twice about it, it's very easy to understand!

Concerned Viewer : I think the problem I have with this is that the original highlighted everyday things that women can't do that men don't even have to think about. There were many points about life as a woman. This one only really had one example about a very specific circumstance rather than everyday examples. Also, paying money doesn't really equate to being raped or killed.

Anthony Templeton : Many aspects of divorce / custody / domestic disputes are slanted toward women or the the mother. In a way the songs are about very different topics but if Lyndzy is going to cherry-pick the ways women are "downtrodden" by men, there is a case / song for the many ways that men are marginalized by the courts as well. For example; women are the majority of the US workforce now (53%), with the explosion of healthcare jobs, and even if they make more money than the father women get custody, child support, the house, and whatever else the father has. After a divorce the father has to live in a shack, pay every nickel he makes to the mother, and his life is basically ruined. Even if they were only married for a couple of years. Women expect men to open their car door like they are handicapped, pay for dinner like they are homeless, and if things don't work out pay them a salary until they die. The system is completely sexist. I'm happily married but I am also a realist and the current custody/alimony laws are about 25 years behind the economic reality of parenthood and mutual responsibility. Bummer for many guys. I guess the theme should be "It's a scary time for a guy who doesn't use a condom..." I also love the song by Lyndzy. Brett Kavanaugh is a Kappa Cappuccino Dooshbag....

Ying Li : It's only assault if you ... assault someone - getting mad is perfectly fine if you do it like a normal human and keep your hands to yourself like the law requires. I don't disagree on alimony and child support issue because it actually IS one of the few aspect in life where the woman has the upper hand. I don't think this video is really contradicting the original at all but more like presenting a different point. The only problem I have with this video is that it's trying to serve as a distractor from the original song and issue. It's kind of like people screaming "All lives matter" in a "Black lives matter" rally. Yes, we get it. Not all men are evil; of course, that's why the majority of women... still date men, lol. We are simply saying our current world is still sexist and requires work before it can achieve equality. I am sure women will happily be drafted if everything else is equal between the sexes.

TK Totem : Legend right here

Megan Benade : Did you know you have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than being falsely accused? And don’t think that it ruins your career because Trump was accused and he is president. And Brett Kavanaugh was accused of assault yet he is still in a position of power. There are sexual assaulters who are released after only 3 months of jail yet the women have to sit with a whole life of pain. And to take self defense classes? How about don’t hit or abuse woman... The whole point of her song was to show how woman constantly live in fear. Men always had the upper hand and no, you didn’t grow up in a feminist society because if you did no one would be ok with the things the people who are empowered do to women. The fact that you choose to ignore the fact that women suffer and turn the song around is proof that you don’t grow up in a feminist society.

12345nadine : with you on the child support stuff (if not mistaken its the only point you made). I would point out though that the reason why women get child custody is for a sexist, female-demeaning reason too-- because we still tend to think that childcare is their main role. It's kind of the same argument as people who say "women get hired more for being pretty," well yes, but that's degrading (to both pretty and unattractive women).

Investigate 3/11 : Comments are already infected by incels. turn back now.

stlgtrace : Great song!! Excellent job!!

BlubbTheAnnoying : Erm seriously how can you compare raising a child to being attacked? You, as a guy, has a choice to have kids and if you chose to parent him/her it is a choice the guy makes... kids cost money so stop complaining about that! Not all women are innocent but ever those who are have to think before we do anything, not all guys are innocent but in the majority of cases the guy is in the position to overpower the girl... no need for him to think twice before walking home in the dark.

Alessandra Marusi : The difference is simple, this is something that happens to you and a small amounts of men, what the other song was about is everyday life as a woman. I can understand how it was unfair just because you are the "man", but it just dosn't have the same weight. They are still both serious problems and should be fixed 100%, no discrimination for either women and men, but the rape risk is far too real, is far too common, is far too dangerous. Have you ever heard someone say to you "hey, you are pretty, where are you going? Why don't you come here and talk a bit? Come on stop and talk with me!". Cause it happens more often than what you think for women. it's just too real, too dangerous and too scary.

Michele Barton Thomas : Wow. Well said.

Foefromthefuture : Thank you. That was wonderful. Can’t tell you how many nerves that touched...

Liz Reeves : Luv this dude. You deserve more views.

David Hart : Well said mate, well said

Univ.s Fell : Love this guy

witless X : HOORAY! for tone deaf reactionary response videos. Nice job punching down. Sorry for your woes. Unfortunately, they don’t address at all the existential threat of physical violence to females being addressed in her video.

Leena Park : 'Take self-defense classes if you're really afraid' - honestly wtf

subversivesally : I love this!!!!!

Nathan Severson : I'M BLIND...because I rolled my eyes so hard and they fell out.

Preston Rutherford : Well said brother! ✌🏻

Y Tho : Being scared of being molested by Priests

Anna Rosenbachova : So inconvenient you even have to think twice? You have a kid bro what if that was your daughter. You’d probably want someone to think twice then. This statement really makes you look non guilty to those ‘false’ accusations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Fayaz Bin Salam : 102 Feminists disliked the video...

Jimmy Delaware : You got busted for assault. Poor old you.

Hadassah Flecksing : It hit hard and he didnt even mention the mental health issues that men have

Brianne Hughes : Hard to take this seriously when you compare child custody to being raped. But even putting that aside i have known many young men in my life that don't totally understand the concept of no means no. Telling them to stop touching me and not listening because they were having fun. You can't claim that guys born more recently were raised in a feminist society and are therefore better when all of them think feminism is a garbage idea.

DrShotgun : This is awesome

Israel Arzate : Dude get real because your reply isn’t a good come back because have you been raped or assulted no so why would u reply this woman is is completely right about everything besides most men never face justice for what they did and yes men have always had the upper hand and when you say you have been tough no is no and your a piece of shit trying to defend men because it’s time to change -A.D.

Aishwarya L : While we're on the subject of paying for something "you actually never did", what did women ever do to get raped and treated so brutally? Most of the victims pay the price of their LIFE for no fault of theirs.

Leon House Xbox One X & Mobile Gaming : Love this bro glad this video is doing well.

Anna May : there were things that I agreed with and disagreed with in both videos but let me just say, I genuinely loved the way you put this. never once did you bring her down and you even complimented her multiple times. that's how a man does it.

Superior chief TM : It's a scary time for GOOD men.

WalkOn Bye : One time! We need more songs like this.

Antisocial In AK : I wonder why your wife left????

Facts not Feelings : Well done sir!! Another possible convert to the mgtow movement

SoCloseProductions : love it! i subbed!

Neko Atkins : I've never wanted to watch someone burn alive more in my life

Baxter Ross : #redpills

Life,s Good : Legend!!!!!!!!!!

AnDr3wFoWl3r : Tom Segura?

E G : Actually, there is research to show that there isn’t this huge disadvantage towards men in custody cases. I’m sorry you went through what you did and I am sure there are cases where men are treated unfairly (just like I am sure there are some cases where women lie about sexual assault). However, your video does nothing but distract from the very REAL and EVERY DAY things that women go through. It is a scary time for women. Men DO have the upper hand and have throughout history. There are very few cases where a woman is lying about sexual assault because of the HELL women go through every time they report it. Death threats. Humiliation. Getting checked and prodded and marked at hospitals the night of the assault (if they go to the hospital). It’s life changing and it is something that happens EVERY DAY. Everything she sang about in that song, I can relate to. It is easy to say “oh take self defense classes.” But that’s completely bypassing the point. Women shouldn’t have to defend themselves while walking down the street, going inside their house, answering the door, dancing at a party, etc. self defense should not be part of the conversation. It is a distraction, much like your song, to the main point and struggles women face every day. How dare you disregard that. You have your voice and a choice. How dare you try to take away ours.

Guy Manderson : It’s crazy selfish to think that your child custody is comparable to women having to plan around not getting raped. But it sure is a scary time for guys.

Diana Fernandez Gonzalez : I agree with this song partially because you are correct, sadly a lot of men loose their right to see their kids every day but at least in my country you can get to an agreement with the mother to see the kids more often and the visits you mention are dictated by the court for parents (women get this too) who have a bigger disagreement and end in a really conflicted divorce. Also here the children over the age of 12 can decide with who they want to stay to live and if proven when they are little they can live with the father and the mother will be the one paying child support that, by the way goes with the amount of money that you earn. So I’m sorry but I can’t agree completely with you that is such a wrong and scary time for men observing this side of the song. Now regarding false accusations yes, I can agree totally with that but, sadly society has converted us women in “freaks” for all that has happened. While you just have to think twice about something like asking her out, women have to think twice about going out. The world is a scary place right now and as I read in the other comments, we humans should stop trying to look at the other sex in a certain way. It’s scary for both but sadly if we look at the numbers women have it worse on many aspects men don’t. I believe the song has its truth and I’m sorry for the unfair inconveniences that you have to face but I’m more sorry for all those girls out there who suffer or have suffered something like rape. Not all boys who are educated in a “feminist” family like the one you say, grow to be that feminist man (if that was the case sexual assault will be minimal) so we (men and women) should get together to fight against those to make an equal society. Let’s stop pointing fingers and just unify.