Scary Time for Guys Reply

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Thirteen Gears : Great tune! But only women are allowed to go viral

nope sauce : Nothing but respect for this man.

Tyler Maxson : child support and rape aren't really the same conversation.

Marcus Austin : Needs more views

stlgtrace : Great song!! Excellent job!!

BiggumsPlays : Legend right here

Elizabeth de Jongh : I get that you're mad with your ex-wife and perhaps the courts did treat u unfairly but I don't understand how anyone agrees that rape and just being nice can be mistaken. You don't have to think twice about it, it's very easy to understand!

BlubbTheAnnoying : Erm seriously how can you compare raising a child to being attacked? You, as a guy, has a choice to have kids and if you chose to parent him/her it is a choice the guy makes... kids cost money so stop complaining about that! Not all women are innocent but ever those who are have to think before we do anything, not all guys are innocent but in the majority of cases the guy is in the position to overpower the girl... no need for him to think twice before walking home in the dark.

Concerned Viewer : I think the problem I have with this is that the original highlighted everyday things that women can't do that men don't even have to think about. There were many points about life as a woman. This one only really had one example about a very specific circumstance rather than everyday examples. Also, paying money doesn't really equate to being raped or killed.

amazingbecka1 : I love this!!!!!

Anna Rosenbachova : So inconvenient you even have to think twice? You have a kid bro what if that was your daughter. You’d probably want someone to think twice then. This statement really makes you look non guilty to those ‘false’ accusations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ying Li : It's only assault if you ... assault someone - getting mad is perfectly fine if you do it like a normal human and keep your hands to yourself like the law requires. I don't disagree on alimony and child support issue because it actually IS one of the few aspect in life where the woman has the upper hand. I don't think this video is really contradicting the original at all but more like presenting a different point. The only problem I have with this video is that it's trying to serve as a distractor from the original song and issue. It's kind of like people screaming "All lives matter" in a "Black lives matter" rally. Yes, we get it. Not all men are evil; of course, that's why the majority of women... still date men, lol. We are simply saying our current world is still sexist and requires work before it can achieve equality. I am sure women will happily be drafted if everything else is equal between the sexes.

Michele Barton Thomas : Wow. Well said.

DrShotgun : This is awesome

Investigate 3/11 : Comments are already infected by incels. turn back now.

Jimmy Delaware : You got busted for assault. Poor old you.

AnDr3wFoWl3r : Tom Segura?

Baxter Ross : #redpills

Univ.s Fell : Love this guy

WhatATypicalTime : BERNIE2020

KillerKatt66 : Feminism is cancer, go MGTOW. Because men need women like a fish needs a submarine.

Neko Atkins : I've never wanted to watch someone burn alive more in my life

Jaime Luna : Wow.

Wendy Horsfield : U raised one topic with sub points, yea ur a no 👍🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 you obviously did something wrong to get ur son taken away. Your song makes me so mad, god actually get more points about why we “suck” then re write the song that u easily changed 3 of the words

Brianne Hughes : Hard to take this seriously when you compare child custody to being raped. But even putting that aside i have known many young men in my life that don't totally understand the concept of no means no. Telling them to stop touching me and not listening because they were having fun. You can't claim that guys born more recently were raised in a feminist society and are therefore better when all of them think feminism is a garbage idea.

Antisocial In AK : I wonder why your wife left????

tootoolafroo : I do think that you've been treated unfairly from the sounds of things, I'm sorry that you don't get to see your son as much as you should. But I think making this song specifically about this subject was massively misguided.

David D : I dont care if its a man or woman you have to dress appropriately. Its common sense. Dont wait till 35 years , wait till he get a promotion, a house or a million dollars before making complain.

Leon House Xbox One X & Mobile Gaming : Love this bro glad this video is doing well.

Anthony Templeton : Many aspects of divorce / custody / domestic disputes are slanted toward women or the the mother. In a way the songs are about very different topics but if Lyndzy is going to cherry-pick the ways women are "downtrodden" by men, there is a case / song for the many ways that men are marginalized by the courts as well. For example; women are the majority of the US workforce now (53%), with the explosion of healthcare jobs, and even if they make more money than the father women get custody, child support, the house, and whatever else the father has. After a divorce the father has to live in a shack, pay every nickel he makes to the mother, and his life is basically ruined. Even if they were only married for a couple of years. Women expect men to open their car door like they are handicapped, pay for dinner like they are homeless, and if things don't work out pay them a salary until they die. The system is completely sexist. I'm happily married but I am also a realist and the current custody/alimony laws are about 25 years behind the economic reality of parenthood and mutual responsibility. Bummer for many guys. I guess the theme should be "It's a scary time for a guy who doesn't use a condom..." I also love the song by Lyndzy. Brett Kavanaugh is a Kappa Cappuccino Dooshbag....

HellCat : Great song man people just don’t understand it isn’t easy being a male

KingBee _malsman_ : THIS IS IT CHIEF

Nick Wild : I feel you bro u need to be seen on the news

Kailey Leehans : Well said. Now can we agree men and women both have problems and work together to make this world a little better for both sides?