Building the LEGO Lawn Mower Man

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Wintergatan : Thats awesome, i really like this type of video aswell as the usual ones, having both kinds of videos on each project would be great! Thanks!

OliverTheFox [Music/Gameplays] : Lego should hire you

Domenick Coleman : Oh my god, you are doing this while i can barely put a LEGO Technic set together!

Señor Pepito : ASMR

Dark_Pixels : I like the cracking sound of the Legos It's sounds like the bones crunching of my victims

Mr. Awesome Animations : Very interesting, this video helps explain better how the functions work and how they are put together!👍

xKarma _ : I was expecting a simple non-moveable model. Guy went LEGO Engineering Instead.

#구독안하면 프사 꿈에나옴 : *ASMR*

Lukas Sobolewski : I think I found the guy who makes Lego set instruction manuals.

Тихонова Мария : Здесь есть Русские?

Sergey Simonov : I like this video. Very interesting. Like

Asel Azhgalieva : Ссссуууууппппееееееееерррррр!!!!!!!!!!

Artem is pro : Класно

hubiczek XD : LOL its fantastic, LIKE!

AstonishingStudios : Jason is literally the best. That is all I have to say.

Mr. LA : How many cuts?🤣

Chlo Chloa : Ya got a sub!

naomiishier : I think this was alot of editing o.O

I Aura I : Yup. This guy is still a virgin.

Lego Technic Mastery : That is a great ASMR Lego Video 😊

abies concolor : Go to 1 million suscriber!!!

Kenneth Catolinan : I like how you build thumbs up for him and subs to his channel

Н Д : Ппц...

ClawFly Gamer : I love this sound Мне нравится это звук

Lego Technic Mastery : It's funny that last week, I saw almost the same build from another Youtuber !

nt_partlycloudly : Sounds a bit like ASMR

Justthoserandom teenage years ! : The guy looks dead inside

CUTOFF GAMEER : The sounds are oddly satisfying

色々チャンネル : 何がしたいの?wwwwwww草

coltsman93 : This is the ASMR of my childhood

Nintendo Brasil : Genial

3CMC4LIFE : I’m so high rn

A3G0N : amazing

XspikeyTube : This video could just be a lego asmr vid

Ryan Nagasaki : LEGO ASMR?

Beratefe Filizkıran : Awsome!!!👍

Craxer : how it sounds when Brick Builder is making a LEGO video..

Rajespa Rajespa : No sé ni como llegue acá :v

にこたくー : 凄いとしか言いようにない! 完璧な作品ですね! 商品化されても、おかしくない!

Gage Kegley : Am I the only one who thinks this is ASMR?

Jerry : The moment you build the sounds are so satisfying.

Loe T-mobile : its satisfying to hear the noise of the pieces put together

Snatch Gaming : 0 to complicated real quick

Josh DaVid : Great work!

Ashok Kumar : Jk brickworks your a legend!!!!

Minions Bananas : I like the sound of the LEGO

Block Box : Just the guy walking is AMAZING!!!

HellBoy 666 : Thanks I build my own!It's very beutiful!

Derek Dincer : The editing must’ve taken much effort. I remember Jang saying that he’ll stop making highly edited speed build type videos bcuz it takes too much time. Great work Jason!

It's Jack Gaming : I love the crackleing of the legos