Building the LEGO Lawn Mower Man

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Wintergatan : Thats awesome, i really like this type of video aswell as the usual ones, having both kinds of videos on each project would be great! Thanks!

Mr.Awesome Animations : Very interesting, this video helps explain better how the functions work and how they are put together!👍

Lego Technic Mastery : That is a great ASMR Lego Video 😊

AstonishingStudios : Jason is literally the best. That is all I have to say.

Lego Technic Mastery : It's funny that last week, I saw almost the same build from another Youtuber !

coltsman93 : This is the ASMR of my childhood


Cheezumz002 : The sound in this video. You just created what will most likely become one of your most requested video and an insanely popular ASMR series.

Josh DaVid : Great work!

Andrew Mohlmann : I like how you did this video. Reminds me of the Primitive Technology videos. No talking, just show the work, then add close captioning to give further explanation.

Derek Dincer : The editing must’ve taken much effort. I remember Jang saying that he’ll stop making highly edited speed build type videos bcuz it takes too much time. Great work Jason!

Quinn Allred : Knowing that I on know so much about building Legos, I assume you know what its like stepping on one...?

George Liapis : Show us how to build Sisyphus

WhatTheCarrot : This is art

Sweaty Spaghetti : Watched the whole video and then found out that captions would have made it so much better :( would’ve appreciated a disclaimer at the beginning for those of us who don’t read the description

LiamGaming132 : To me the start of this video was Lego asmr

Fevzi Pepsi : Who else thinks hè deserves 100.000.000 subs

jdesigns1234 : so satisfying to hear the bricks creaking and being placed

Bombardier 0 : Your work is incredible

CaptainZuzlike : Why isn't this on trending? It's so satisfying!

Skog 100 : You're actually insanse

Fedora4dayz : I really like the idea of having building videos. Can you please consider doing more?

Vladimir Chervenkov : I really like this style of video, Jason. The captions are especially helpful

Nathan Bricks : Please make an instruction for this! This just blows my mind! Awesome!

ishan desilva : i subscribed and liked and it is very cool

Jim Bob : First

Leon Borgersen : Very peaceful video. :)

Alexander Hofer : *Insert something about ASMR*

CookieCat 1467 : New fan!!! Wow he got the most biggest lego collection I ever seen in my life!!!!!

Animated Toys : Great Job!

Wolfie : *Sounds of clicking Lego*

Wan hamizan Wan Mohd Romzan : this is so satisfying

George Higgins : Closed Captions make it better.

Laetificat : this is truly satisfyng, i can rlly calm down watching you building with lego! :D

Leon Borgersen : This really gives off some Primitive Technology vibes. Really like the format.

Troll Hype : I should be an engineer

Andy : illegal connection detected at 10:51!

lemon king : Wow you are pretty good at making lego

Allen 654 : Nice asmr

Estop Motions : I couldn’t help but honk of Stephen king’s lawn mower man story...

Hello! :P : Statisfiyng to hear the "click" sounds

Tal Gamer : This is my first video from you and that's so cool

Legojo33 Joseph : is this something that you built on the fly or did you plan what you were doing beforehand? this is absolutely amazing either way

Trevor Oubre : Asmr.

Sneky Wiz : Looks somewhat copyied or the Josh da vid version or the lawnmower Man :(

Julan Van Der Kraan : This is next level ASMR

Gragaloth : Lego ASMR

kanter bow : This is not a real mover, the grass is going around

James Cipriaso : What if that place had an earthquake... You won't be able to visit it again..

Brotato Chip : I just found the most peaceful sounds ever: gentle rain and JK Brickwork's legos being put together