Building the LEGO Lawn Mower Man

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OTFox : Lego should hire you

Daniel Castillo : People talking about how he should work for lego I think lego should work for him

Lukas Sobolewski : I think I found the guy who makes Lego set instruction manuals.

xKarma _ : I was expecting a simple non-moveable model. Guy went LEGO Engineering Instead.

Gage Kegley : Am I the only one who thinks this is ASMR?

#구독안하면 프사 꿈에나옴 : *ASMR*

Тихонова Мария : Здесь есть Русские?

Submarine Seb : I'm getting a "asmr" feeling form this.

Sharkdude Gaming : Like this comment if u just watch these kinds of videos just to be jealous that u can’t build these things because u don’t have the bricks to do it

Diein oofz : Do you randomly come up with these? If so that's amazing

João Pedro gamer 781 Campos : *The king of lego '<'*

\ClawFly/ : I love this sound Мне нравится это звук

Mr. LA : How many cuts?🤣

꧁ℱ𝒾𝓁𝓁𝓁𝑒𝒶꧂ : Asmr🤣😂🤣😂

Хай ТВ : Лайк если хочешь такой-же большой скалад лего!

jojopro 26 : I love your buliding

Lego Technic Mastery : That is a great ASMR Lego Video 😊

Esgetit On : I cant put together a simple lego toy with manual and at the same time this dude builds a mechanical lawn mower :/

League of Fury : *E V E R Y T H I N G I S A W E S O M E*

WuzNab : Really nice work, true eye candy.

Mr toilet : lego asmr? What is that??????

Dark_Pixels : I like the cracking sound of the Legos It's sounds like the bones crunching of my victims

poppyjunkie : i wish my life was this organised

Suzanne Moser : This is my favorite ASMR

Justin Carawan : Incredible work! Questions: 1) Where did you get all these pieces? 2) Do you make designs on a computer first? 3) Do you have to take your masterpieces back apart, or do you store them somewhere? And a slight critic: I would have designed the elbows a bit more naturally.


Second Account : Mildly ASMR

I Aura I : Yup. This guy is still a virgin.

Череп 666 : Ппц...

Faris Zurub : Now THIS is quality ASMR

Loe T-mobile : its satisfying to hear the noise of the pieces put together

Alex Pacheco : How many pairs of white Reebok’s do I have to own and dad jokes do I have to know to fully master this project?

gd worst fails : Turn on captions and it explained every thing including instructions

Redneck Hippy : In a way, this us asmr.

Nick para meninas : N sei pq mais me deu vontade de comer esse lego

Wintergatan : Thats awesome, i really like this type of video aswell as the usual ones, having both kinds of videos on each project would be great! Thanks!

Lithus17 : No way that’s from scratch. There must be a plan you can download.

X_Dutch_X : 5:39 hm..

Миша Велев : Круть

ash blueberry : Thanks for giving me tips how to build one😁

Señor Pepito : ASMR

Rajespa Rajespa : No sé ni como llegue acá :v

J4DEE GAMING : You deserve a cookie 🍪

SaYnZz_ Shadow-_ : Lego ASMR

the silent alien : Wow this is great

qwerty dublino : Just me put x2?


Man of destiny Man : Really cooool

lokie lambro : I watched this whole video and the satisfaction is awesome. Lol😂

AstonishingStudios : Jason is literally the best. That is all I have to say.