Area 51 : The Frantic Caller

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In 1997 syndicated talk show host Art Bell received a frantic call from a man claiming to have worked in Area 51. The entire radio station was zapped off the air as soon as the caller began to reveal detailed plans concerning "aliens" the government, and the population.

Comments from Youtube

Edø Strike : This video is about to be 11 years old. Wow.

Randstein WolfShield : You cant fake true fear...

deltaray3 : 1997: This extra-dimensional group of aliens is trying to wipe out our population areas 2018: Well they sure are taking their time.

adamweishaupt81 : If this is fake, this is one of the best actors ever.

TheGamingBushMan : The pure terror you can hear in is voice is what buys it for me. Its even scary to listen to tbh.

D P : That call happened exactly 4 years before 9/11 on 9/11/1997. The "disasters" sounded like references to false flag attacks, "wiping out population centers" sounded like a reference to the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan and the "extra-dimensional beings" sounded like the Globalists occult beliefs about being willfully posessed by demonic entities. No wonder the Deep State knocked Art's show off the air that night. What sounded totally insane in 1997 sounds perfectly logical in 2018.

Nigga wit a big mac : Who watching this in 2018?

xerakis : this guy is either telling the truth or he's lying

Jason Jaszemski : I remember hearing this live back when I was a teenager when I was working until 3am most nights. This was creepy as all get out. I was never sure if what I was hearing on the show was real or not and that was the genius of it all. Definitely superb listening to keep me awake all those nights.

Matt Yackey : It didn't just get knocked off the air, the entire satellite was knocked out of rotation at that exact moment.

dehypno tize : hes either dead or an oscar winner

Reaper 1337 : Demons are still technically Aliens by the definition of the word. Not Extra-terrestrial, but extra-dimensional.

slipping freedoms : This is the call that made me question everything, they are not aliens but demonic. Rip Art

Shadow Reconnaissance : Glad to know that the backup system is required to blast electronic music upon starting

Reaper Actual : That sounds like genuine fear.... scary stuff.

Sydney Lane : This is very real, I can feel his emotions through the transmition total sadness pure fear I can feel it. I am so sorry to that man that was wiped out.

Brickiest Brick : Who came here from Drudge

Haunted Mushrooms ASMR : I think it’s beyond coincidental that the entire satellite was knocked out of orbit. I also think the second guy doesn’t sound the same, totally not the same person.

Petri : Watch the Joe Rogan Alex Jones podcast. Alex talks about these Interdimensional beings. Elves

Ifuaintfirsturlast : watching and listening to us all...all the time.

Ricky Ray : The call wasnt only knocked off the air, the entire radio station was shut down

Scholastica LookingHorse : Everything he said is really coming true it's happening now

The Autobot Patriot/Brony : It sounded like he said "I can explain" before the transmission was cut

LivingSoul : This video on the front page of the Drudge Report today.  Art Bell died yesterday. 04/13/2018

K. Musa : Look into the Archons and Jinn. The gnostic scriptures talk about them a lot and I have seen them a few times during deep meditations. They are not pleasant entities, lol.

Paul-Andre Reineholm : 2019 people like HERE and feel the power of the people RISE UP! plz :)

Tucsonrazorbacks : He and Bill Cooper were way ahead of their times, and yes, he was well connected to all Government Secret Service agencies such as the NSA, US Secret Service, CIA and the FBI. Don't even question his authenticity. He was for real. Some of the greatest astrophysicist and scientist respected him.

Sharnah Lloyd : the weirdest thing is how this all links into that new alex jones podcast on the joe rogan experience

RetroVintage62 : He’s right! New World Order. Depopulation. Agenda 21.

Kaitoshi Matsura : For me. Area 51 is plan for antichrist before he come to the earth. Everything already setup and he says " let's playing the game !" 😆... its all about plan to destroy faith and populations. Their plan very smart. From banking to everything in this world. There control everything.

MrPappagiorio : goodbye Art Bell, thank you.

Diskoboy1974 : Is there any better definition of irony than Art Bell dying on a Friday the 13th? RIP Art.

Louis Mac : Everyone at cnn is a freaking alien

harry rudd : my gut says this is real

dagda825 : R.I.P Mr Bell. You gave us a great show. It's kind of fitting for you to leave us on Friday the 13th, April 2018

HazelTheRabbit666 : That last Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones is starting to make more sense.

Noire Blackheart : What sells it for me. Is how the entire station went down. The phone call didn't just end he didn't just hang up. It affected the whole station went down

prasad doke : What the hell is that area 51 and wiping out major population system to control the areas more easily

ssj lj : My teacher showed the whole class this phone call about 4 years ago in American History after showing us the Documentary about Battle of Los Angeles

Moto Moto : Who else came here from a top 10 video

AshMatrix : who else was brought here by tool?

Madrush : NSD - New Horizons Brought me here. Anyway this could be an intresting 'Outlast' game.

truth be damned : This was a great little piece of radio propaganda. The great Art Bell hoax!

Art Maknev : If those so called multi dimensional beings show up, will my student loans be erased?

Memes from Gulag : Sounds like the invasion of combine from halflife 2.

Federal Bureau of Investigation : He said he left on a medical dis charge he could have been hallucinating from the condition 🤷🏻‍♂️

Omar Melia : This shows you that the Government ALWAYS listens to your calls and everything

togagirl100 : They are not aliens, they are demons.

wolvens6k : RIP Art. You changed the world.