Area 51 : The Frantic Caller

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Êdø Štrîké : This video is about to be 11 years old. Wow.

adamweishaupt81 : If this is fake, this is one of the best actors ever.

xerakis : this guy is either telling the truth or he's lying

Anthony Klich : When I heard Art Bell died I immediately thought of this video... this guy predicted 9/11 on a radio show smh

Mohammed Hanif : I'm no scientist, but he said that these aliens are extra-dimensional beings and they are not what they claim to be. So he's saying that these aliens are not from a planet but from a reality that we can not sense with the 5 senses. Spooky, creepy stuff.

Dethfukk Movies : RIP Art, the aliens finally got ya.

D P : That call happened exactly 4 years before 9/11 on 9/11/1997. The "disasters" sounded like references to false flag attacks, "wiping out population centers" sounded like a reference to the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan and the "extra-dimensional beings" sounded like the Globalists occult beliefs about being willfully posessed by demonic entities. No wonder the Deep State knocked Art's show off the air that night. What sounded totally insane in 1997 sounds perfectly logical in 2018.

Matt Yackey : It didn't just get knocked off the air, the entire satellite was knocked out of rotation at that exact moment.

Randstein WolfShield : You cant fake true fear...

2TM18 : He predicted 9/11

Dan Abnormal : In the 90s I worked night shift, and got to be a regular listener of Coast To Coast. I remember hearing this call live, and getting chills, even though I tried to take it with a grain a salt (like I did with pretty much all Art's callers and guests). Art was a distinctive personality, and never failed to present an interesting, thought-provoking show. Thanks, friend. From the High Desert, Good Night.

slipping freedoms : This is the call that made me question everything, they are not aliens but demonic. Rip Art

Jason Jaszemski : I remember hearing this live back when I was a teenager when I was working until 3am most nights. This was creepy as all get out. I was never sure if what I was hearing on the show was real or not and that was the genius of it all. Definitely superb listening to keep me awake all those nights.

Brickiest Brick : Who came here from Drudge

morton prack : RIP Art. this one was legendary

Ricky Ward : Why do you think that the anti gun agenda is so big?

KA17 : This is exactly what the new world order has planned. Poison us through chem trailsl, our food, our water, vaccines and any other method they can to depopulate the earth. This is what Politicians know and are fighting us over. They become multi millionaires soon after taking office because they are paid off to keep their mouths shut and keep approving the mass (though silent) murder of the population. The gov't has been infiltrated and has been compromised by many entities. Is there a half breed race of alien/humans? The science community has been cloning since 1961. There is so much we don't know the truth about, for instance the aliens, even though many people have either experienced or seen evidence such as ships or have been abducted. Still, the overall consensus is their nuts or it's a joke and that is done with a massive disinformation agenda. Since the 50's, the CIA has controlled the media, is there any doubt for anyone that the man talking is not for real? The shock and utter terror in his voice is no joke.

Nigga wit a big mac : Who watching this in 2018?

Matthew Ronson Jr. : These 'extra-dimensional beings he refers to are a far more apt description that what the gov't controlled media and Hellywood promote as "E.T.'s' . They are demonic entities, the Fallen spoken about in Genesis and expounded upon in the 1st Book of Enoch, the others (2 & 3) being apparent esoteric frauds. I see people coming here and mocking this man and the concepts he presents. These fools need to look back at what the likes of Ted Turner proclaimed back in the 90's about "population reduction" and then go and read the Georgia Guidestones and see what these entities have had their human acolytes write in stone. This extraordinary'technology attributed to "Aliens" is nothing new, and the lie of them being from distant interplanetary systems is just as ancient. Read the ancient Indian Vedas (roughly 1700–1100 BC) to the parallel histories of the Aztec's concerning flying machines and space ships, to the pre-occupation with Occultism of NAZI Germany and wake up. "There is nothing new under the sun", the Bible tells us, and the tech we have today that we marvel at, had its direct counterpart many thousands of years ago. The only difference is those that controlled it presented themselves as (or were) the gods, demi-gods and high priests of the gods of this world, also revealed to us in the Bible, and the "modern" world, much (certainly not all or even most of it) is allowed for use by the common folk, because it serves their purposes to do so-no other reason. There is more indications that are being broadcast and written, but if the above isn't enough to wipe that ignorant smirk off of their faces I am not sure what will-except they have their eyes opened by the Grace of God. I was one of the smirking, head shaking fools until that happened, thank-you God. Otherwise, you will be like this poor man, who saw enough of the truth to be horrified, and at least knew that they were NOT "Aliens" as conveniently laid out for the dumbed down masses as "E.T.'s" and used for entertainment. This is soft disclosure and mocking the ignorant sheeple right in their faces, and they PAY these rats and traitors for the privilege. The only weapon available to anyone, and what apparently this man was lacking (given it was apparent he got the inter-dimensional portion correct but did not arrive at the honest and quite real conclusion that Demons are inter-dimensional entities by definition) is or was the only protection possible from them; accepting the love offered through Jesus Christ by his instruction, sacrifice and Resurrection that defeated death, sin and Satan in that selfless act of immense love and compassion. I hope this man did, because we can not say for sure obviously, but Jesus and His name and authority is the only weapon against these entities, of which there are several classes or types or varieties, along with their part-human progeny and human acolyte slaves-that run the world today and have since ancient times. Or you can think that mankind is soooo advanced that after millennia of depending on horse and carriage technology, we suddenly went from that to nuclear and space age tech in a mere 50 years, give or take. We are not more intelligent than the ancients were, they were far smarter, stringer and capable than we are today, and bunch of dumbed down weaklings domesticated for the easy slaughter. The ancients were not all these primitive, ignorant, helpless and dull peasants as presented in your government schools and Universities, genius. They were far wiser of reality and of these truths, and knew how to survive and even flourish when doing literally everything needed in life by hand. The reality is, we of the "modern" era are the ignorant, helpless and dull peasants that don't even realize we walked into a gilded cage and are little more than slaves to a system that most cannot even see; made complacent and entitled-minded, and fattened for the slaughter-just like cattle-because that is what we are to these demonic, cannibalistic beings. Why do you think so many people (especially children) disappear each and every year, without a trace. People are wising up and the old stats are now being "updated" on gov't sites to minimize the threat by a factor of (apx) 8-10. Including these numbers it was a (sad) fraction of the total disappearances that presented no suspects at all, which is astounding.

dehypno tize : hes either dead or an oscar winner

RaisedontheRadio : All those late nights on AM radio. Gone with the wind....

Tom Hunter : One of the best hoax calls of all time.

SunofNothing69 : everyone is discrediting this and not even keeping an open mind, shit like this can actually be POSSIBLE. If this guy is an "actor" so many of you claim to be, he deserves an award for best actor in the history of mankind. I don't think I've seen another actor from hollywood show that kind of trembling fear in their voice just from acting. Think about that for a second...

Nah : Sorry y' much as I want it to be true, it's fake. The caller (Bryan Glass) called in the next week to apologize. The "true" conspiracy is the fact that even though he was playing a character, the satellite malfunction actually happened, and there were 50 other stations using the same satellite that Art was using, yet his was the only one that got knocked off. Coincidence, or was someone listening in and and decided; "it's time to shut his shit down"?

TheGamingBushMan : The pure terror you can hear in is voice is what buys it for me. Its even scary to listen to tbh.

Jujubar Williams : Yes, it's true. Sound familiar? Who wants ALL of us in concentrated population centers, forced into crappy public transportation, or on foot or bike, under the guise that we shouldn't be out in the forests, deserts, oceans or rivers where we kill/destroy or put everything on the planet in danger? Democrats, sillies. You are going to absolutely love the bus system. It's thrifty yet tony, and a bit edgy at times when you get robbed at knife point.

Big C : I don't know if that call was a hoax, but I'm convinced Art Bell was not involved. Art had a lot of strange people on his show, but he had integrity Rest In Peace, Art. Hopefully, now you know the truth.

Krasnaya Armiya : This is legit. "They are not what they claim to be" Exactly,They claim to be aliens,In reality they are Fallen Angels AKA demons. You could hear he wanted to tell Art Bell they are demons but he held back so people wouldn't think it's crazy

Hoder Harris : This is masterful theatre that rivals War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Art was smart and was great at creating tension. Bravo and Rest In Peace.

LivingSoul : This video on the front page of the Drudge Report today.  Art Bell died yesterday. 04/13/2018

togagirl100 : They are not aliens, they are demons.

ssj lj : My teacher showed the whole class this phone call about 4 years ago in American History after showing us the Documentary about Battle of Los Angeles

alonR8 : aliens brought me here

Diskoboy1974 : Is there any better definition of irony than Art Bell dying on a Friday the 13th? RIP Art.

MrPappagiorio : goodbye Art Bell, thank you.

moncorp1 Inc : RIP Art

Fearless 88 : Art Bells radio show was strictly about topics to do with the paranormal . He took that route because it proved useful for increasing ratings and, well, it was more interesting for him. Now you have to ask yourself, what would he gain from this caller, if it was all an inside hoax? Nothing to gain actually. The caller flat out debunked the “alien/Area 51” paranormal story which his radio show feeds on for success. You see, if it were about aliens then the caller would have described them as “inter dimensional “, rather he said “extra dimensional” two very different things. If you are reading this message and have not yet realized that the caller was referring to satanic demonic entities then do yourself a favor and read the Book of Enoch as well as the Book of Revelation. But start with Enoch. The caller predicted 9/11 AND he stated exactly the times of tribulation mentioned in the Book of Revelation. There is going to be a massive, violent killing off, of Jesus Christ’s people. I pray the truth reaches you. Please if you have further questions do ask me. By the way, Christ found me in 2017. Before that, I was a New Age believer from 16yrs of age till 28yrs age. I’m 30 now. In the name of the Almighty Jesus.

Anna Kissel : So, guys, I just did a bit of research. Apparently, the reason this guy lost transmission during his call is that their satellite had lost earth lock. That means that somehow their satellite was knocked out of position. Their satellite was *knocked out of position* What the hell could have done that?

Sydney Lane : This is very real, I can feel his emotions through the transmition total sadness pure fear I can feel it. I am so sorry to that man that was wiped out.

Tucson Razorbacks : He and Bill Cooper were way ahead of their times, and yes, he was well connected to all Government Secret Service agencies such as the NSA, US Secret Service, CIA and the FBI. Don't even question his authenticity. He was for real. Some of the greatest astrophysicist and scientist respected him.

Bobby Bobby : I heard this very broadcast live on the radio years ago I thought it was BS. So anyway Art played up the lost satellite Area 51 for years. But the truth is I just happened to hear the same guy call back. I know it was him even though it was sometime later. Art dropped the call as quick as he could. Art played up this story as long as he could. Just like Y2K. I listened to the show for years and then I just got bored with it. Heavens gate got a lot of air time. I remember the night the story broke Art played up the smell in the house. It was the smell of dead bodies. he speculated on all sorts of things that could be causing the smell. The only thing he really got right was the Quickening. Art was a great showman, I tip my hat to him. I spent many a grave yard shift listening to him.

Liberal Tears Sustain Me : Born of osiris

Mr. SanAntonio : Art was Not into BS`ing . His words are Legit!

DAClarkism : Wasn't this on one of Tool's albums?

Inspadave : Some of the worst over-acting I've heard.

They Hate The Truth : Aliens are demons/Fallen Angels

PinZ ._. : The new order .. has control over everything now and alien hybrids/reptilians are pretty much in control over everything. They have infiltrated the military because the 👽 hybrids have killed them off and are now in control. So when he says "they aren't who they say they are" that's what he means... There's hybrids everywhere who are not humans 🙊😳 including the military and government.. But I guess we won't be able to tell the difference for now 😅. It's also true that the government kill people off on purpose.. everyone knows that by now. Chemtrails.. man made diseases even.

Fran DelliSanti : R.I.P. Art, I felt like you were part of my family.

Reaper 1337 : Demons are still technically Aliens by the definition of the word. Not Extra-terrestrial, but extra-dimensional.

President Donald J. Trump : Matt Drudge sent me here.