Area 51 : The Frantic Caller

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alonR8 : aliens brought me here

2TM18 : He predicted 9/11

Brickiest Brick : Who came here from Drudge

Dethfukk Movies : RIP Art, the aliens finally got ya.

Shience : The disasters are now here!

Anthony Klich : When I heard Art Bell died I immediately thought of this video... this guy predicted 9/11 on a radio show smh

Êdø Štrîké : This video is about to be 11 years old. Wow.

It's Going Down In Tennessee For Real : 4-14-18 RIP to the legend Art Bell 😢 I feel so old

America Plus camo : This honestly could be real. I think it's 100% real. The government WOULD do shit like this if someone that worked for them tried to tell anyone about ANYTHING , it's no coincidence that the radio stations all around crashed and etc while he was on air. This dude is seriously in a panic\jumpy mode. There's no fucking way you could fake that. People saying that it's fake oh well. You're choice but just think if you were working for the government and you found out they were gonna fucking wipe out ALMOST 2/3 of the population what the fuck would you do? This person was honestly trying to tell us something. This was a human being in need and on the run, and I bet they tracked this person down and killed him so he wouldn't speak. Idk this person seemed pretty damn smart. God I hate that the government Thinks that they can keep any secrets acting like they own the world! EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW EVERYTHING! People say if the entire world knew everything it would probably be doomed. That's not true because apparently only a small number of people will know what will happen next. What to fear. What to do when shit starts happening.

Erodict : Either this guy is a really good actor or he's not bullshitting

Jacinda Krider : I've studied the shit out of this call. Heard all the stories, even the episode where he calls back. Call me conspiracy nut, but I think this is genuine. We seem to be living through the period of being "systemically" wiped out. This guy was trying to warn us. Look into the works of ufologists from the 70s and 80s. Too many parallels, too many conveniences. We're not alone here folks, and were not running the show.

Dan Abnormal : In the 90s I worked night shift, and got to be a regular listener of Coast To Coast. I remember hearing this call live, and getting chills, even though I tried to take it with a grain a salt (like I did with pretty much all Art's callers and guests). Art was a distinctive personality, and never failed to present an interesting, thought-provoking show. Thanks, friend. From the High Desert, Good Night.

Jack Waslanderó : Drudge brought me here!...

FireMaster2994 : Around 1 year later a man claiming to be the caller said it was fake, yet it sounded like a different person. 😮

roberto2k1 : Song at 3:18 is Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express

morton prack : RIP Art. this one was legendary

MrPappagiorio : goodbye Art Bell, thank you.

GNFire 173 : How about you guys do your research before calling it fake? I'm not saying it's real because I don't know. But I'm also not stupid enough to say it's fake with no support/backup

xerakis : this guy is either telling the truth or he's lying

Branden Long : Tool brought me here

slipping freedoms : This is the call that made me question everything, they are not aliens but demonic. Rip Art

Hoder Harris : This is masterful theatre that rivals War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Art was smart and was great at creating tension. Bravo and Rest In Peace.

RaisedontheRadio : All those late nights on AM radio. Gone with the wind....

Tom Hunter : One of the best hoax calls of all time.

harry rudd : my gut says this is real

Brundle McFly : RIP Art Bell

Inspadave : Some of the worst over-acting I've heard.

TacMed TV : RIP Art Bell!

Gawd Zilla : Drudge brought me here...'cuz Art's dead.

Michael Heine : I have had this same sort of problem for sometime. Been running around. Gotta run now...they are triangulating my sig....

Jason Jaszemski : I remember hearing this live back when I was a teenager when I was working until 3am most nights. This was creepy as all get out. I was never sure if what I was hearing on the show was real or not and that was the genius of it all. Definitely superb listening to keep me awake all those nights.

flawlessvic : A hyperlink click brought me here.

OmManiPeme : RIP Art Bell

Mohammed Hanif : I'm no scientist, but he said that these aliens are extra-dimensional beings and they are not what they claim to be. So he's saying that these aliens are not from a planet but from a reality that we can not sense with the 5 senses. Spooky, creepy stuff.

LivingSoul : This video on the front page of the Drudge Report today.  Art Bell died yesterday. 04/13/2018

President Donald J. Trump : Matt Drudge sent me here.

Grand : RIP

BD A : Drudge!

Cyber kraut : Did he just explain the plot of the half life series?

Robair : RIP Mr. Bell....thanks for the many memories.

Matt LaClear : Why is Drudge linking to this?

Curtis Carruth : RIP Art Bell !!!🙏🏽

ItsEddyBruh : R.I.P Art

Tucson Razorbacks : He and Bill Cooper were way ahead of their times, and yes, he was well connected to all Government Secret Service agencies such as the NSA, US Secret Service, CIA and the FBI. Don't even question his authenticity. He was for real. Some of the greatest astrophysicist and scientist respected him.

Leora Rink : My guess is that this radio station is repeating what Orson Wells did with his 1938 broadcast. WLR

Esco : DRUDGE brought me here....this shit is strange....we are not in kansas anymore folks.

Diskoboy1974 : Is there any better definition of irony than Art Bell dying on a Friday the 13th? RIP Art.

Danny Wilten : Obama is the lead extra-dimensional being

Amin Osman : lol what a joke, the same guy said he was reharsing for tv show years later when interviewed on Fade to black radio.

KA17 : This is exactly what the new world order has planned. Poison us through chem trailsl, our food, our water, vaccines and any other method they can to depopulate the earth. This is what Politicians know and are fighting us over. They become multi millionaires soon after taking office because they are paid off to keep their mouths shut and keep approving the mass (though silent) murder of the population. The gov't has been infiltrated and has been compromised by many entities. Is there a half breed race of alien/humans? The science community has been cloning since 1961. There is so much we don't know the truth about, for instance the aliens, even though many people have either experienced or seen evidence such as ships or have been abducted. Still, the overall consensus is their nuts or it's a joke and that is done with a massive disinformation agenda. Since the 50's, the CIA has controlled the media, is there any doubt for anyone that the man talking is not for real? The shock and utter terror in his voice is no joke.