Between the Games - Cleaning Gavin's Desk

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Kim : Michael knew shit was gonna hit the fan, he was just along for the ride

Kryten Prime : 2:50 I love how Michael's walking away, as if to say "Right, I'm out. You're on your own." XD

Hei Darkfire : I gotta wonder how this series came to be... What was the thought process of "Let's cause possible hundreds of dollars of damage and see if it makes a good video." I'm so glad you guys did cause this has been a LOT of fun to watch, but damn... I can't believe you guys do this sorta thing on a regular basis and get paid to do it. I break something I would risk getting fired.

A Generic Moron : Back here nearly a year and a half later; I'm still loving Michael in this video. I just want to break down everything that happens here, and how beautifully Michael plays Devils Advocate to make this bad idea happen. Watch his face, he knows from the start how this ends. First, he opens the video with a declaration that sounds encouraging. Fucking amazing. That's his response to Jeremy's bad idea, and you can tell Jeremy doesn't think it's a good idea but Michael pushes him forward, just by a step. Maybe even a half-step. Jeremy resists, Gavin supports it. At this point we know for certain: Bad Idea (and the giveaway here is Gavin). Expensive shit is going to break, Michael knows this, I mean he's already seen what the inside of that table looks like. Having started the fire by immediately calling it "fucking amazing" and not "utter catastrophe", then he puts it "into perspective" briefly taking Jeremy's side, saying it's definitely going to break, Gavin was afraid to stand on it, after all! Of course, Gavin, who has never been afraid of making a bad decision in his life and is frankly offended by the idea, steps up to contradict. Michael lets Brave Sir Gavin climb onto the desk to demonstrate. Seeing the weight of it hold Gavin, Jeremy is put at ease, and more willing to go along with The Bad Idea. Now that Jeremy is on board, Michael makes a point of saying Jeremy is definitely going to break the desk and it's a really bad idea - but immediately goes "Do it, then". He's declaring it's a Bad Idea, but hey this is on you. He wants to see this, but he doesn't want to be responsible. He's told them it's going to break. "Kick it down" he says, not-at-all mockingly. That's practically giving them permission, right? We're almost a minute in. They've cleared the scene, and waiting for everything to go wrong. The execution is now, we're just waiting for the axe to fall. Everyone's prepared for something to happen. Michael's retreated to spectate. Ryan is trying to make them focus on causing minimal damage (to themselves, really), but otherwise taking a similar "okay, this is happening" stance. Gavin says he'll catch the monitor, Matt says what everyone else is thinking, and Michael tells us everything we need to know with a look. Yup. This is a Bad Idea. Should be good to watch. RIP. Cue shattering, screams, and nervous cackling from Jeremy. Clearly he believed it wasn't going to go through. Michael's composed smirk says he clearly believed it was. That face does not say "surprised". Compare with Gavin's face, or what little you can see of it behind those hands. I think Ryan might be surprised? Or perhaps a bit bemused that he was interrupted mid-sentence by an exploding table. "Remember when I said it was gonna break?" Not my fault, you guys. I told you so. In case you didn't hear it the first time over the three people wheezing behind their hands, he repeats himself, a touch of smug on his face. He's proud of what just happened. Whether he realises he did that or not, I can't say, it could have just been pure meddlesome instinct that made him push them the way he did, but it fucking worked! And it was fucking amazing. That was fucking insanity, he declares, as everyone else breaks down slowly, and Gavin's voice startles any dog within a mile. Ryan breaks out the dramatics to put a silver lining on the situation, and Michael briefly hides his eyes, but quickly realises he's got a lot more smug left in him. As he adjusts his glasses, he sets up for another "remember when I said it was going to break?" but instead pokes Jeremy about Michael once pouring Coke on his desk, no doubt a similarly irresponsible action. Ryan tries to figure out how to salvage the situation as everyone else slowly remembers how to breathe again, at which point Michael takes his true position on top of a big shouty pedestal to really let loose. Because he knew this was going to happen. How did you think that wasn't going to happen!? He rants and revels in this, listen to that man, like a kid on Christmas who watched his shitty brother's presents all get destroyed spectacularly. The man hates a mess, but boy does he love carnage, especially deserved carnage. Done screaming, he takes his hands off and walks away. A job well done.

benjee : I come back to this video like everyday

Joshua V. Harding : I love how JEREMY broke the desk and Michael still yelled at Gavin.

Kei Spud : This is the only video that convinces me in the slightest Michael is ready for parenthood.

Mine Wiz : who would win? a piece of furniture made out of wood, cardboard and nails. or one kicky boi

FxG Scrubby Peter : Michaels face right while the shit is falling is amazing. That is the look of pure "Told you"

GBM Gaming : Jeremy: Proving that even the smallest people can create the biggest smiles

andrew Thomson : Michael's voice escalated from the point of the desk splitting. He started off a little louder than normal, then increased volume drastically throughout the rest of the vid

Crimson Tone : And Jeremy was punished for this by being banished to the sky.

Justin L. : "it wont go through" *2 seconds later* 1:11

theeshyguy1 : First AH video to get 1,000,000+ views since yacht party I think.

PurpleTorchGaming : Michael's more pissed than Gavin is, and it's his desk xD

ASMoney13 : I still like how Matt is the voice of reason in the video. Gavin: "I mean, I'll hold it" Matt: " NOOO!!!!!!!!"

mega sean : I'd hate to be the guy who fights Achievement Hunter, between Ryan's knife throwing and Jeremy's killer kicks, it will be a one sided fight.

Hjordes Remme : "Remember when I said it was gonna break?"

MovingTargetGaming : Ryan with his dad senses, "now don't break your foot."

gustavlp : Matt: "Put both feet on it!". "He won't put both feet on it though..." Do you not understand how physics work, Matt? When Gavin stood on the desk with one foot, ALL of his weight was focused on a very small, foot sized spot at the center. So If he would've stood with both feet on the desk, the SAME amount of weight would've been on the table, but spread across a larger area (two feet). This means that standing with ONE foot creates an *even greater* risk of the desk breaking. Matt, Me is disappoint. ;)

Mysterious Jojo : 1:10 Top 10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster

Jamie Prescott : 1:44 Michael throws away his chill

Meme Lord : Top 10 sentences said before disaster: #1 This is a blanket-- - Ryan Haywood

Pietro De Ferrari : I love how Ryan and Michael are just standing there like disappointed parents

Samuel McCarthy : I like how after Jeremy breaks it he says he would like to reapply for his black belt

King of Roses : what it feels like to chew 5 gum

Kingdom Come257 : *T H I C C THUNDER THIGHS*

Whitebolls92 : And so, it DID get alotta views

deathberry33 : "If I kicked the desk, I think It'll split in half..." -Michael Jones, Behind the Scenes "Good Vibrations" 06/23/13

British Walrus : “It’s not gonna go through” *Top Ten Sentences Before Death*

Headless Aleks : Michael has the best fucking voice when he is screaming

r9ffy : I like how Michael just sits there smiling lmao

Brandon Shusteric : The best part is when gavin isnt even mad

David McNick : That would have made an excellent Slow Mo Guys video.

Matthew Travis : So.... Did anyone make that GIF?

Stormy ee : r e g r e t

VerdeMorte : More like "Cleaving Gavin's Desk"

PassiveSmoking : OK now do it again with a slow-mo camera.

ShamanFryd : Here is my view. I hope the $0.00002 it brings you helps pay for a new desk.

mariekt : Lindsey anxiously pacing in the background the whole time is me af😂

Alex Alon : When Michael screams like this all I hear is Max

Hartley Harms : "I hope this video gets a lot of views" - Matt

EoRdE6 : 2.5 million views will cover alot more than just a new desk and monitor thankfully

MAnuscript421 : This is more hilarious than when the AH crew changed Ryan's gamer tag from BM Vagebond to GiveMeYourMilk.

space uber : "I want to re-apply for my black belt."- Jeremy

CinnabonNinja : what was the logic of kicking the desk if it wasn't gonna go through, either jeremy was going to kick it down or break his foot. but seriously if it even didnt go through what was the point then

aninsaneostrich : i've never laughed harder in the span of 5 seconds, not even exaggerating.

Carbon Knights Gaming : Don't worry guys, I got an unskippable ad at the start of this one, so there's a small contribution to helping pay for that monitor lol

William Figueroa Jr. : Matt: I hope this video gets a lot of views. A year later it’s at 2.8mil views. Lol

Iced Tea : #Desklivesmatter