Between the Games - Cleaning Gavin's Desk

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monmon : Michael knew shit was gonna hit the fan, he was just along for the ride

Kryten Prime : 2:50 I love how Michael's walking away, as if to say "Right, I'm out. You're on your own." XD

bens : I come back to this video like everyday

Hei Darkfire : I gotta wonder how this series came to be... What was the thought process of "Let's cause possible hundreds of dollars of damage and see if it makes a good video." I'm so glad you guys did cause this has been a LOT of fun to watch, but damn... I can't believe you guys do this sorta thing on a regular basis and get paid to do it. I break something I would risk getting fired.

Zamiiz : Michael totally makes this video

Richard Dunn : "It's not gonna go through" Famous last words

chanman4rings : Michael has essentially become Jim from the office. His face when he looks directly at the camera after the kick lol

chase teel : I love how Michael just knew it would happen and he waited for the destruction to incur

Little FSC : I like how Jeremy went from being a guy who worked in the community to actually being an Achievement Hunter, who literally just axe kicked Gavin's desk in half

Ahsain : Gavin: "I'll catch this if it falls" *grabs the corner with the tips of his thumb and index finger*

Dylan Cherry : And Jeremy was punished for this by being banished to the sky.

Mysterious Jojo : 1:10 Top 10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster

FxG_ScrubbyPeter : Michaels face right while the shit is falling is amazing. That is the look of pure "Told you"

ShakeFan14 : What was the overall goal here?

Erinyes : "i'll hold this" will forever haunt gavin

Mattis Finstad Hansen : This is the best video on YT.

Zacharie Arsenault : the angry jersey dad in michael came out hahaha

Joe Sullivan : Jeremy: "I'd like to reapply for my Black belt"

PurpleTorchGaming : Michael's more pissed than Gavin is, and it's his desk xD

Holmesy87 : Why do Humans grab their noses when something unexpected happens? It's kinda weird.

Justin L. : "it wont go through" *2 seconds later* 1:11

Kingdom Come257 : *T H I C C THUNDER THIGHS*


tasos mitsekos : their most popular video now lul

Ryan Rod : I love how michael is all calm and chill after the break, but eventually starts shouting.

Whitebolls92 : And so, it DID get alotta views

lukassnakeman : i wish we couldve seen team og's reaction

GBM Gaming : Jeremy: Proving that even the smallest people can create the biggest smiles

Remme Family : "Remember when I said it was gonna break?"

James Lewis : "id like to reapply for my black belt" Jeremy 2k16

Dwarf Ninjas : Slowed it down to 0.25 speed, you can see 3 things at 1:11 The moment the little monitor shatters The moment gavin's face realizes what is happening to his desk (and Little J's body language) The Subtitles go K.O.

Brandon Shusteric : The best part is when gavin isnt even mad

r9ffy : I like how Michael just sits there smiling lmao

Jamie Prescott : 1:44 Michael throws away his chill

Weeb Trash : Gavin was there and he didn't film it in slow motion... smh :/

0yisaicai0 : Remember when i said he is from Jersey? Again, that is his inside voice. Chill, you newcommers.

Meme Lord : Top 10 sentences said before disaster: #1 This is a blanket-- - Ryan Haywood

Michael Hudnall : I've watched this video 15 times. It still hasn't gotten old.

mega sean : I'd hate to be the guy who fights Achievement Hunter, between Ryan's knife throwing and Jeremy's killer kicks, it will be a one sided fight.

JoshuaPlays : I've watched this 6 times now and I die laughing every time xD

[JethroBombs] : So what's with this whole, "Between the Games"??

black hawk : this video has more views than subscribers wow

res20stupid : So, from a legal standpoint... does that blanket forgiveness still apply even though Jeremy did it before you could finish?

andrew Thomson : Michael's voice escalated from the point of the desk splitting. He started off a little louder than normal, then increased volume drastically throughout the rest of the vid

TheDisarminghinkle : "That's a gif." -Jeremy Someone please get on that.

Hman 3471 : Next you guys should round house kick his monitor and hard drive

Tubby_MoFo : Wait, who's the stupid one again?

AeroDbladE : I'm with Michael what did they think was gonna happen

TheOriginalElkstone : 1:06 It won't go through

Nate Klempner : This now replaces "Headlight Fluid" as the number one stupidest moment in Rooster Teeth. Gavin now occupies both the number one and number two spots on that list.