Between the Games - Cleaning Gavin's Desk

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monmon : Michael knew shit was gonna hit the fan, he was just along for the ride

bens : I come back to this video like everyday

Kryten Prime : 2:50 I love how Michael's walking away, as if to say "Right, I'm out. You're on your own." XD

Hei Darkfire : I gotta wonder how this series came to be... What was the thought process of "Let's cause possible hundreds of dollars of damage and see if it makes a good video." I'm so glad you guys did cause this has been a LOT of fun to watch, but damn... I can't believe you guys do this sorta thing on a regular basis and get paid to do it. I break something I would risk getting fired.

chase teel : I love how Michael just knew it would happen and he waited for the destruction to incur

Mysterious Jojo : 1:10 Top 10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster

Dylan Cherry : And Jeremy was punished for this by being banished to the sky.

FxG Scrubby Peter : Michaels face right while the shit is falling is amazing. That is the look of pure "Told you"

Justin L. : "it wont go through" *2 seconds later* 1:11

PurpleTorchGaming : Michael's more pissed than Gavin is, and it's his desk xD

Erinyes : "i'll hold this" will forever haunt gavin

Kingdom Come257 : *T H I C C THUNDER THIGHS*

Zamiiz : Michael totally makes this video

GBM Gaming : Jeremy: Proving that even the smallest people can create the biggest smiles

Holmesy87 : Why do Humans grab their noses when something unexpected happens? It's kinda weird.

Whitebolls92 : And so, it DID get alotta views

Remme Family : "Remember when I said it was gonna break?"

Pietro De Ferrari : I love how Ryan and Michael are just standing there like disappointed parents

Dwarf Ninjas : Slowed it down to 0.25 speed, you can see 3 things at 1:11 The moment the little monitor shatters The moment gavin's face realizes what is happening to his desk (and Little J's body language) The Subtitles go K.O.

Mine Wiz : who would win? a piece of furniture made out of wood, cardboard and nails. or one kicky boi

King of Roses : what it feels like to chew 5 gum

Brandon Shusteric : The best part is when gavin isnt even mad

andrew Thomson : Michael's voice escalated from the point of the desk splitting. He started off a little louder than normal, then increased volume drastically throughout the rest of the vid

Jamie Prescott : 1:44 Michael throws away his chill

Meme Lord : Top 10 sentences said before disaster: #1 This is a blanket-- - Ryan Haywood

mega sean : I'd hate to be the guy who fights Achievement Hunter, between Ryan's knife throwing and Jeremy's killer kicks, it will be a one sided fight.

Cole Thomas : I think Jeremy is secretly Iron Fist.

Yoyoskull : Whenever I'm feeling down I always come back to this video xD

Joshua V. Harding : I love how JEREMY broke the desk and Michael still yelled at Gavin.

Stormisnotaweeb B : r e g r e t

res20stupid : So, from a legal standpoint... does that blanket forgiveness still apply even though Jeremy did it before you could finish?


r9ffy : I like how Michael just sits there smiling lmao

ASMoney13 : I still like how Matt is the voice of reason in the video. Gavin: "I mean, I'll hold it" Matt: " NOOO!!!!!!!!"

Matthew Travis : So.... Did anyone make that GIF?

Kei Spud : This is the only video that convinces me in the slightest Michael is ready for parenthood.

Mr. Issippii : Forget Geoff, what is BURNIE's reaction to this? "Gavin, what's this $800 charge for "Shenanigans" I see here?" "Well, that' see...." "Uh huh." "You know when you have something that's kinda broken, and-" "Yeah." "And you just want to see, well, if it will break all the way-" "No, I've never experienced that." "Oh, well, ummm...." "What broke, Gavin?" ".........Jeremy broke my desk." "..........." "But it's alright, the video got-" "You're both fucking fired."

[JethroBombs] : So what's with this whole, "Between the Games"??

Tubby_MoFo : Wait, who's the stupid one again?

PassiveSmoking : OK now do it again with a slow-mo camera.

FlubberDunkies : 1:08 -Bizzaroflame vs Eikalmann, Salty Suite 2015

Cait Cher : When you watched this waaaaay before it was on YouTube....oops....

River Smith : Don't forget subtitles... KO!

AeroDbladE : I'm with Michael what did they think was gonna happen

MrDizzledog : Ryan "This is a blanket"

CinnabonNinja : what was the logic of kicking the desk if it wasn't gonna go through, either jeremy was going to kick it down or break his foot. but seriously if it even didnt go through what was the point then

Dreamseeker : Jeremy is slowly becoming by favorite at AH

TheOriginalElkstone : 1:06 It won't go through

British Walrus : “It’s not gonna go through” *Top Ten Sentences Before Death*

Panda : Gavin's desk and monitor has been dead for a year now... RIP 😂