3-13-19, Semi Blown Over On Video, Amarillo TX

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***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license. brett@livestormsnow.com Extreme wind In Amarillo TX blows a semi over going a high rate of speed! Wind gusts to 75 MPH have been reported so far.

Comments from Youtube

AFluffyWookie : We drove past this on the way home to Eastland tx it was bad the wind was horrible saw this one and 2 other semi’s blown over

SwedishMonk : Went to highschool at AHS. I remember living on the edge of town. You could see storms coming from so far away. God. The lightning was incredible. Definitely forgot how windy it was...but this clip is bring back some memories. Hope the driver is ok.

303StreetMachines : Semi was sleepy and went to sleep thats all, hope driver had seatbelt and made it out fine.

Mona Byrum : This is my father in law out there trying to pick the sheet metal up

Melanin Antonio : Sheriff arrives on the scene. "Hand me your logs driver"


shawn jenkins : Yo post more videos of the winds they just covered this on the news with that same clip

John Wilson : The wind did not blow the semi over. It was Magneto.

Michael Trucking Gray : Happen to me too 90 mph winds tipped me! But I didnt flip just tractor and trailer came up about 3 feet front to back . Scared me to death.

JustANewGuy : Amarillo was pretty not okay earlier today

MelodiousWolf : The wind were definitely crazy! My neighbors tree literally fell right one her porch! Luckily, it didn't hit the house.

Murphy’s Law : All he had to was turn the wheel

Daniel Whisenhunt : It's a little breezy today. Hope they're okay.

Diamond Logistics : This happens more than people realize. Its actually pretty common out here. Trucks can blow over like this when theyre not even moving. This guy learned the hard way. Sometimes you just gotta tell the freight broker/dispatcher that your too light to be in that wind. Hope he came out of it ok.

ryan : Keep in mind that Walmart/Great Dane are still developing carbon fiber trailers that weigh half as much as these.

Adlin Ling : That's scary.

FloridaGreg : Wow !!!😱 Awesome Video !! Just saw it on The Weather Channel !

Nick Citino : Motorcycles, tractor trailers, campers and other rolling billboards can be very dangerous to drive in West Texas. This is not rare by any means.

HolyLand Fan : You can see the flag behind him go upwards as he started to go over. The wind must have uplifted somehow.

Daniela Rivero : We where driving around and a roof almost fell on our car

BRiAN jAy : This driver was going to pickup my load today. Prayers go out to him and his family 🙏

optikmike : Good Lord, how fast does the wind have to be blowing to tip over a semi?!

Belle Raychel : Can this be shared on FB?

Miko Green : Wow, praying for the driver.

jeremy chastain : Where was that

Damien V : HAARP

Booozsht : Make that money guys. . You deserve it! Great job. Saw your clip on weather channel ;)

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus : The swearing didn't seem like it was necessary.