Famous singers with ISOLATED vocals part 2

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DaeOnYoutube : Out of everyone in this video I feel SO bad for Britney. The industry forced her to sing in that awful wrong way, which made her signature sound but also really messed up her voice. If you look at clips of her from the very very beginning of her career and from when she was competing on talent shows, she sang beautifully and actually has talent.

Grace Carriere : why is no one talking about alicia keys? she sounded amazing

Mish_ elle : alicia keys sounds exactly like when shes on record

Jazmeen Hamid : You should do the isolated vocals of Kurt Cobain

marcos vinicios : That is fake, we all know that lorde is a 45yo geologist

Banana Potato : Oh my god. Queen Gaga & Sia

Anela : Sia, Shawn and Gaga snatched all of the others‘ wigs.

melody ? : who is this Sean Mendes and why does he look & sound like Shawn Mendes?

LexiPixeL : I'm surprised no one is commenting on the fact that Camilla Cabello is very clearly lip syncing.

Willow76ny : If you have a strong, natural voice, like GaGa, you shouldn't need auto tune or anything artificial to boost your performance.you either got it or you don't. If you don't, then get out of the music business.

thirsty : *sean* mendes

Jessica Gamble : In my opinion Alicia, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Shawn and Sia must be really strong artistes to sound so good even with their songs stripped. I've always admired Sia and Lorde for their music skills and writing abilities, but this was simply ace💖

Madison Rawlings : not even realistic tho bc camilla's is still highly autotuned

annie : am i the only one who loves that nasaly hint in alicia keys voice ?? ♡

Danielle Spah : people have to admit that lady gaga really is one of the most talented people you'll find in the industry and she has amazing technique, SIA has an obviously very good sounding voice but her technique is aweful and if she doesnt fix it she eont be able to sing the same or possibly well in the next few years :(


Alex Bieger : Gaga just made me love my country

Maria TheChosen1 : Have you thought about doing a video where you do this with Brendon Urie.

Jam Moreira : Next time put more male artists like Brendon Urie (from P!atD), Adam Lambert and Joe Newman (from Alt-J) I'd love to hear their isolated vocals.

That beautiful unicorn : Sean Mendes??? *TRIGGERED*

Julia Lau : Lady Gaga’s voice is so good !

Kinu Grove : Gaga can really sing

Obsessed Furler : Sia and Gaga amazing😍😘

Carrie : I didn't want Sia to finish. Got so into it and then some freaking outro came up -,-

k tt : God bless lady gaga. Perfection!!

Horrid Works : As always, mother monster is slaying ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


leila_phangirl : Could you do the isolated vocals of Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco please

motokev : Dam, Lady Gaga is by far the BEST

n0ztic : SIA OMG! Never heard such clean and powerful notes before in my life!

Toph Beifong : Sia, Gaga, and Alicia keys best ones.

belleobscurytee : I never have like Gaga's music, but always respected her talent for singing. When she goes outside her pop genre, her real voice shines.

wlounsbu : How are you gonna end the video before Sia hits the best part?

RayRay : Lady Gaga doesn’t belong on this list, neither does Sia.....the disrespect

Josh Saunders : Britney needs to sing in her real voice!!!!😡

But first, makeup : I love GaGa's voice

psychedelic psychodrama : why all the comments about shawn. he’s not that cool chill out

Steven Stevensen : Lady Gaga might sound good, but there are still FX filters like delay, reverb and EQ laid over her voice

Shelby Elizabeth : You chose shitty clips tbh. Shawn Mendes was even cut off before his higher notes? And Charli XCX and Megan Trainor were doing verses I think? That’s not an honest representation of their vocal abilities. :/

Natalie Ford : alicia keys, lady gaga, shawn mendes and sia were the best imo

Cyprus Lavigne : Well c'mon that's not fair to choose that clip for Gaga. She's an amazing singer, but you picked high tempo pop songs for most of the other girls. You should've done like Bad Romance or Poker Face, not her singing a national ballad lol.

OpalsMajesty : Keys still killed it though.

Callum Sinclair : Lorde 😍

Annathai Nguyen : You spelled SHAWN's name wrong!!!

Common Sense : Every time I listen to Alicia Keys i feel like she is going to have a crack on her voice...

Makenzie Ellison : Lady Gaga is amazing!!❤️❤️

Joy Wang : Doesn't Camila Cabello sound almost too perfect? Also, there was this certain quality (like maybe the sort of echoing feeling?) about her voice that sounded very . . . manufactured.

Lama 1919 : Camila cabello her voice is so good maybe she is lip syncing here but her voice is so much better then that you can see her covers in YouTube

Robert Phillips : Gaga is a real talent.