The Frog (1908) Segundo De Chomon

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Simon Crills : The people who made this probably got high by licking frogs

Xgothicgirly94X : It's even more creepy when you realize that all the people in this video are dead.

Lorde : I understand Gaga got inspiration from this for Applause but I just wish she would credit them some how.

Lex Quinqueen : the ''everybody is dead'' comment is exhasperating me. every silent film i watch people say that same thing. is it scary to see dead actors? never watched an old film before? c'mon!

Coreyama Meme-0 : the frog is hot

MrMorganQuinn : Fantastic, history before our eyes.

Alice Artzt : The color would have been added to each print on each frame of the film, by hand, at the time the film was first released.

Ordo ab Chao : Devo dire che Chomon non è "segundo" a nessuno, men che meno a Melies

Sean O : Whether someone died a year ago or a hundred years ago, it's just as out of reach.

Antonio Aspiras : ARTPOP

Paul Sde : 1908, the first "WTF I just saw" XD

thehoosierfortheUK : Play some Pink Floyd to this and it might fit; and btw 100th comment!




isaybuckedy : Something happening, not sure what, urge to comment anyway.  Thanks Listverse.

EBOWARRIOR : This is really not the kind of video i watch on youtube, but i am sincerely happy that i came across this wonderful piece of artistic history. Many thanks.

Jesus De La Garza : 😁

videoaerogames1 : Non credits : COPY Lady Gaga : FLOP #COPYCAT

sabrinasjourney : The frog was very expressive!


pablo campos : que miedo

Alonso Pérez M : The Frog: ART Applause : POP #ARTPOP problem haters?

Brendda Jimenez : Segundo De Chomon lived for the APPLAUSSE

Bolivar Emmanuel Germanotta : Haters everywhere! mejor BUY APPLAUSE ON ITUNES! y dejense de joder!

Charles Ramsey : Jerry Lewis does NOT approve

19 93 : *Dandole todo el VOLUMEN* Y de pronto .____. *SILENCIO TOTAL*

19 93 : JAJAJAAJJAAAJ! Asi es XD

Yorshs Vega : ni parecido a applause de lady gaga

Foster30 : LADY GAGA ES UNA MIERDA! SOLO LOS LITTLE MONSTERS CREEN QUE ELLA ES ORIGINAL, QUE TODO LO HA INVENTADO EN EL MUNDO del POP!! son unos engañados que no conocen y no saben nada de música mas allá de la mierda que gaga hace!!

HuwsAppReviews : the amazing thing is you look at this and consider, every single person who was in this is dead now, being that they are all 20 + and this was 104 years ago

E123OmegaShow : Nada que ver a Applause. Solo el humo de color se asemeja xD

abigail la pro canto cortez Canto Cortez : Totalmente vizarro

Ro Warol music : no es que no sea original,se inspiró aweonao,por algo se llama "ARTPOP" Gente weona como tú nacen verde o nacen por el culo.

Astar Tubi : APPLAUSE

googoomuck01 :

Jon Mayo : très bien!

fucking moron : i'm really sure i should be watching this while high

ImLookingThroughYou : Who added color?

verbusen : It's wild that they were making these films but couldn't figure out how to put it in a film with a plot.

Rodriguez Anabesha : Applause gaga ♥

эндер стив : Наркомания

William Trudeau : I'm french but don't understand the gibberish of the singer

Ángel Gómez Rodríguez : I live for the Applause

LexNemiroff1 : The inspiration for Applause! <3

Juan M. Luna : jajajaj pobre gaga :D

Francisco Aleman : Exacto! Gaga trata de hacer algo productivo y con mensaje siempre. No que otras solo hacen música sin sentido, cabe reconocer que es buena, pero como dije carece de sentido.

Francisco Aleman : That's the reason of ART POP. ART and POP together!

Francisco Aleman : Suuuuuuuuúper tu opinión, la verdad es todo lo que pienso acerca de los "haters" de Lady Gaga, que hasta creo que son más fans que uno. Osea saben todo lo que Lady Gaga hace, como su vida, sus videos, su música, sé que es con el hecho de comparar y eso, pero vamos que están más interesados en ella que en sus "artistas". Me alegra saber que hay monsters (si es que eres uno de nosotros) que comentan cosas muy ciertas y correctamente bien escritas.

Giovanna Ciccotti Parize : Gaga 3