Inside a Flat Earth Conference

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Try Dashlane here: Get 10% off now with my promo code: Normal The one thing that I thought we all could agree on, was that the earth was round. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there is a burgeoning movement of Flat Earth believers, and I got to attend one of their conferences. This video is sponsored by Dashlane. Support me on Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Website: What do you think? Let me know in the comments! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------- Shot by Michael Coen Sound by Sam ----------------------------------------­----------------------------- Sponsors: Sita Bit's O Weirdness Sara Jeremy Katie Glover Erin Fiser Anneli Emily Zinsitz Robert Ottem Eyebeesea Lubosh ----------------------------------------­----------------------------- Watch more: We had Real Unicorns in the 1980s A Strange History of Movie Gimmicks The Underground Star Trek Scene

Comments from Youtube

john quinn : How did it feel to be the smartest person in the building? Edit: Holy crap, thanks for 1K likes everyone.

thisvampireheart1 : New conspiracy theory, Nikon created the Flat Earth debate to sell more cameras.

Jason Pate : A convention of flat-earthers from around the globe... how ironic.

EchoASMR : "I used to drink vodka for breakfast" Well, that explains a lot.

chris Sorensen : I was a flat earther for four years, but then I turned five

Carlos Pinto : Winning an argument with a genius is hard but winning an argument with an idiot, it's impossible

Krul : It's nice to see disabled people together and supporting each other.

xxxx85 : 8:40 - Oh yeah, water doesn't "stick" to a blow up ball, yep that's empirical evidence right there!

Roxie Jodi : The man who took a leveler onto a plane with him clearly has not been into a sixth-grade science class. When he said that the leveling bubble stayed centered, HE WAS SUPPORTING THE THEORY OF A ROUND EARTH. Continue reading if you'd like to know why and I'll give you a basic physics lesson. Hello to everyone who is still reading. First of all, let's define two basic vocabulary words: Up, and down. Up: The opposite direction of the nearest gravity center. Down: The direction of the closest gravity center. Now, let's talk about how levelers work. Water is denser than air. Therefore, gravity pulls the water in the leveler towards earth with a stronger pull, forcing the small pocket of air (which is less dense than the water, therefore having less of a gravitational attraction to the earth) upwards (away from gravity). If down means towards the gravity center, we know that no matter where you fly on earth, and no matter where you stand, and no matter what continent, hemisphere, etc. you're located on, down will always point towards earth, giving the illusion to some idiots that the earth is "flat". The dumbo with his little leveler proved my point and the point of the majority of America. It's sad how I (an eighth-grader) have a better understanding of physics than some adults. What has this world come to???????

jjb jjv : Plot twist: Flat Earthers started this theory to get paid for recommending the Nikon P900 and P1000.

The Sneezing Picture : Scariest part of this video: People brought their kids to that conference.

Ratnam Bordia : I like watching these flat earthers. Makes me feel really smart.

Krishna K.R : "Nasa was founded by Nazis".Pls explain WW2 to me

robspunk : "I JUST LAID SOME HEAVY TRUTH ON YOU, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?" - Jesus (recovered alcoholic & shower smoker), 2018

Max Zatlin : The U.S public education system needs to be reformed

Madeline Zarecor : if earth was actually flat, the cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

村正 : So the light of the sun just suddenly disappear in the other half of the Earth...... huh, interesting 🤔🤔

Exidrial : okay so the ice wall is 200ft, you can't get up there because its 'too high'. Well why don't you take mad mikes rocket, which according to him got up to 1500ft high, and fly up there yourselves? Get yourself a private boat, do it without permission. Yah it's illegal but that's a small price to pay to show the world the truth, ain't it? Damn the whole "water doesn't stick to balls" things made me lol so hard.

Shahar C : I hear too much the word "Believe". I Believe , We Believe, Etc.. Beliefs have nothing to do with science. Science is based on FACTS.

Kyler Parsons : Sad thing is that they know that the earth really isn't flat, or at least most of them, but yet they are so bent on wanting to be unique or different that they will avoid any possible evidence or proof that disproves their theory. They WILL NOT try to reach the edge of the world and will likely continue to make up some bull about NASA turning them around by shifting the water or changing the earth's polarity. They just want to feel "special" but they just come off as the wrong kind of special...

Matthew Clark : The flat earth movement is NOT about skepticism. It's about denying evidence and lying to yourself

djtecthreat : Crazy they had this in Colorado. I've been to Colorado and you can literally see the curve of the earth if you're up high enough.

Sheronn W. : All They Really Need To Do Is Attach A Camera To One Of Those Balloons That Pop In The Atmosphere. *smh *surely the camera wouldn’t lie also*

BlazeFlameGaming : once you go flat you cant go back so is that what happened to your head when your dad dropped you?

Hello 123456789 : I think it's pretty obvious that the earth is a line

Twxi : The amount of patience you have is astounding, your good naturedness is fantastic as well. I would be so compelled to argue, but you just idly listened thoughtfully. Wow. They are so delusional it's crazy.

Formicidae Inc. : yeah, the water doesn't stick to that ball because it's being pulled towards the bigger ball that you're standing on

I Be Trollin' They Be Hatin' : When you stop smoking meth then immediately start being a flat earther. Steals grandma's jewelry to buy Nikon P900

MrStrikecentral : A literal echo chamber. (slow clap)

domapusic : you deserve a medal for keeping a straight face during the whole thing

DoodleDan : Damn I should manufacture a "Flat Earth" camera, I'm going to be rich!

Connie Wonnie : I wish these flat earther’s would crowdfund research to explore Antarctica.

Peter Tollan : My friend works for the British Antarctic Survey. Spends 3 months a year camping there, climbing mountains and making geological maps. He's pretty sure there's not a giant ice wall there.

95Geli : 16:40 "Whats the harm??" A society that doesn't value scientific thinking.

KiemPlant : Lmao, they are treating it as if it's a religion.

Johnny Two Hands : They talk about nasa's budget...You should have asked how much money the Flat Earth convention runners made hosting that scam lol

Kayleb Moore : "Once you go flat you can't go back" you mean you just don't want to admit your wrong or dumb

Shawoop Da Woop : flat earthers have members around the globe

Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen : They are so open minded their brain fell out

P1k3l U.O.A : Well, at least the disabled have their own conference to go to. It is fun seeing how these morons think, and their absurd theories. Wow, they're even dumber than I thought!

Cup Noodle : i lost just brain cells all my

TONKAHANAH : omg. thats not how levels work. I feel dumber for having witnessed this. you may want to have a cat scan after attending that convention buddy.

FJ Mercado : How can flat earthers explain that in one country its morning and an other country is night?

Ali Reyes : So flat earthers are at it's core very ignorant christians... that explains everything. From believing the earth is flat to believing there's an invisible man in the sky there's just one small step.

Erosdox7 : My HR Department has added "what shape is the earth?" to our employment test questions.

ReclusePhayder : HOW did you manage to keep your face straight through all this?!

LolaPlumpkin Tom : "Look, the water'll stop moving after a while after I bump it" Looks like they forgot to take third grade. Oh, and they think that using a beach ball Earth in water will prove that water doesn't stick to Earth. Help.

Kaiser : “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain

10 pea em : The collective IQ in that conference is at most 70.