Inside a Flat Earth Conference

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Not Exactly Normal : I wanted to thank Dashlane for helping make this episode possible! If you'd like to stop forgetting your passwords, and have a great VPN, be sure to sign up with this link: For 10% off use my promo code: normal Thanks everyone for watching!

형태미 : I disagree at the "Flat Earthers are harmless" part. These people are disrespecting science and the people involved in it and teaching young generations to be skeptical of something that has been scientifically proven. They're saying aerospace exploration is a ruse. They're saying that my dad, an actual technical counselor in JAXA, wasted his life studying a fake subject, calling him a faker spreading lies. These are awful people and I will always view them as such.

Rigging Doctor : I don’t think Nikon wants to be associated with them

WinArmy : flat earthers are people who never left their flats!

wraith3845 : As soon as someone standing at the front of the room says "Repeat after me" RUN! you're no longer in a "conference" you're in a CULT.

Faffy Waffle : I did 7 years in the Navy. One clear day at sea, we were holding station some miles off from Bahrain's port, when the Bahraini frigate SABHA and her escorts were approaching on radar, still beyond the horizon. I went topside to see their approach through the "big eyes" (binoculars on steroids), and as SABHA was coming in from the horizon, she was angled upwards at like a 45 degree angle or something. SABHA was "climbing" the ocean, and seemed she would've continued on into the sky. I shouldn't have been surprised, but it was still quite amazing to see. If you leave your basement long enough to experience the world, you'll start to build an immunity to bullshit.

Lil Meep : I mean they must be trolling right? cuz if not I am mind blown by their stupidity.

Luka Veljković : *So glad to see that even mentally challenged people can find friends :)*

William A : says science is a lie.. uses projectors, led screens, audio equipment, computers, the internet... why is it so hard for them to see the disconnect ?

BDMA Beats : United States: one of the most educated countries. Also Americans: eArTh iS FlaTt :D

Victor Suarez : I have never seen too many people with low IQ together, and I come from a third world country.

Nuhjeea : Flat Earthers should pool all their life savings to go on a "once-in-a-lifetime exploration into Antartica: Beyond the Ice Wall".

Loïc Benoît : They do know that the US does not own the world right?

Bill Hendricks : My father in law, Richard Underwood, ran NASA's photography program for years. He developed "Earth Rise" and was the first human to see it. NASA was on such a tight budget he had to lobby to get them to pay for color film. I've seen a camera that has been in outer space. Am I part of the conspiracy? If so, when do I get my check?

Matthew Laturski : So, Flat Earth people. This man actually just said he brought a level with him on a plane, and left it on the tray table and said it stayed level. He is actually using that as evidence that the world is flat. That is who is amongst your ranks

сука алди : Nasa owning every space program in the world? Even the soviet space program in the spacerace?? Even though being enemies

officer401 : "So why would anybody believe this?" "For many flat-earthers, it's largely religious" Ha, ok, that explains it then. That's all I need to know. 🙄

alex Debroux : This is why democracy fails

Gaming Lunatic : we need to build a wall around USA asap😂

Minas Cholevas : Physics laws such as relativity won’t simply work on a flat earth model. Prove the universe works differently than science and NASA will become flat earthers Until a smart enough flat earther (almost impossible) can prove his theories with math, don’t humiliate the work of millions of intellectuals.

GongLao : Well that was the biggest special ed class ive ever seen.

Yonatan Avhar : I wonder, it a 2D world, are there line earthers?

Steve S : My brain had a heart attack watching this.

сука алди : Their brains are probably flat

PRISM 9 : Flat brainers...

AmFilms123 : How about FB, Twitter, Youtube banning these morons like they banned Alex Jones/Infowars? But they won't.

Game Hobbyist : Why do these flat morons keep mentioning NASA, didn,t people discover the earth was spherical in the 1600s, was NASA around then?

TheGivens Giv : "Flat Earthers are harmless" Just last week a young 20 year old female police officer was shot and killed in my home town by someone who thought the police were controlling his mind. She was responding to a car crash and the flat earther conspiracy lunatic who was just nearby riding his bike decided to just shoot and kill the officer responding to help the car crash victims. He believed in tons of conspiracies including Flat Earth... In my eyes these people are absolutely a danger to society. They are unstable individuals on the brink of lunacy and should be locked up in a mental ward forever.

Patrick Roeder : I imagine these places are where shows like Tim and Eric get their extras from.

Rigging Doctor : Sailed from the US to the Azores. World looked flat in all directions because of the visual horizon. I guess the European islands rose out of the sea as we approached...

ba sillah : They are the same idiots that think everything started 5000 years ago and 95% are from the US it was started as a joke but they stupid enough to think it is real lol.

wikayne : Guys, do you think that's an US issue ? I'm french, and so far, I never heard someone saying our planet is flat...

scumbags : this problem is from people getting there news from facebook and youtube.

Thompter S. Hunson : I feel 94 IQ units stupider by watching this. I'm down close to zero now.

Bodenlose Dosenhose : They've got members all around the world? Didn't you mean "all around the globe"?

Octavious Enterprise : As long as he takes his Nikon900 and Nikon1000 into space with him he should get some nice crisp *FLAT* images

Dark GT : FlatEarther disease is curable when discovered at early age. Treatment is science books and good overall education.

evevoHD : Dylan looked the whole time like: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, wtf how dumb can you be?" xD

Jorge Fleites : I believe in God and I'm also convinced that the Earth is round, not flat.  If the Earth were flat I could use a powerful telescope and see the Eiffel Tower from New York, but not even with the most powerful telescope ever created I could see the Eiffel Tower from New York.  And, for the planes flying with GPS, that's recent, how about before the availability of GPS?  There were flights before GPS that could fly all over the world without a problem.  This is all nonsense.

Gurpreet Singh Matharoo : A few weeks ago I went into a flat earth group on Facebook (with a fake profile, of course) and made up a whole story about how I was a retired satellite engineer who, after working for many years at a satellite manufacturing company, found out that space satellites were fake and that they were instead sent to places on Earth that had been kept hidden from humanity by NASA, for their own gain. It was a really long story with a lot of backstory for the satellite engineer I was pretending to be. They believed every bit of it. Those "skeptics" believed my fake story and praised me for coming out with it. Though there was one person who wasn't having it, and was calling me out for being a troll. He got banned from the group. (If anyone wants to see screenshots from that post, I still have them, so email me and I'll send them to you. Really fun to look at haha)

PinguMemeLord : *Sponsored by Nikon* 9:30

Elliot : What a bunch of lunatics

Bhaskar Bhardwaj : When I throw a paper airplane, it flies level with the ground. If earth was round, earth would curve downwards and hence I should see the paper airplane go higher, but this doesn't happen hence the earth must be flat. In case you couldn't tell that is just sarcasm.

crocaduck : Note that they assume there was nothing before the Big Bang. Are cosmologists or any scientists saying this? Not really. Scientists would say, we don't know. Saying God did it has as many problems as 'nothing' if not more. And I think evoking God is just being lazy. There FErs think they're revealing some great truth, but they are just being backward.

S1N : *American education system has failed tragically.*

Semi Geil : someone should just wipe them all out at once to protect future generations... I mean its the US so it would just be another mass shooting

J Bin : "I used to drink Vodka for breakfast and smoke cigarettes in the shower, so you should trust me over the NASA Scientists"

Jorji Costava : I see there was a lot of baby dropping back in the 70s

Iamtotallynotanundercovercelebrity : 00:00 Ah yes... the Transguy's most beloved motto.

pinetarsoap : meh. I work on boats. Been literally around the world. Seen the stars changed overhead with each degree of latitude. Simpleton navigators from the 1400's new the earth was round, before even fancy scientists got hold of it. Pleeeaasse...... drink more koolaid