MrBeast Sings Bitch Lasagna (T-Series Diss Track)
The 9 year old army is to strong

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Mr Beast Sings Bitch Lasagna By PewDiePie | Sam Dubs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Music Provided By iGerman Production) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! I Hope You Liked Jimmy D. Donaldson/MrBeast Singing T-Series Diss Track Subscribe To Mr Beast and Me For More Awesome Content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me On Twitter For Updates: Support Me Through PayPal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let Me Know Which Video You Want Me To Make Next! Leave a like on the video if you want more and I will see you bros in the next video. *Bro Fist* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #MrBeastSings #TSeries #BitchLasagna


The Rugged Jaguar : Who is better? Pewdiepie: Like and comment T series: please call the national helpline immediately!!

lizzard 321 : You forgot *SUB BOT* at the end

Cool Videos : Who’s better? Like: pewdiepie Comment : t séries Edit:omfl thank u for the likes 💞😩

Piniato 's : All i do is read the comments and have mrbeast sing a masterpeace in the backround

Gacha CarL Playz & Nightcores : *W H Y D O I H A V E S O M A N Y L I K E S ?*

Hannah Mayor : Mr Beast comment has to be pinned. It's getting lost in the comments.

UnusualPoptart : (Pewdiepie sings it) (Mr. Beast sings it) (Spongebob sings it) (Doggo sings it) T-series: am I a joke to you?

MrTotallyNotClickbait : You can literally take all the words from the "reading entire dictionary" video

0whydon'twelover0 0000 : The way he said lasagna has me dead😂

Nick Sweden : When he says lasagna he sounds like a stroke victim

Richard 208 : Who is better Pewdiepie: Your perfect T Seiries: Jump off a bridge

Migzzz831 : Did anyone fell weird when Mr.beast(Jimmy) said lasagna

Kitty Gacha lobe : 🖕🏿 that's T series 👌🏻piediepie like if you in piediepie team

internet boyfriend : why didn't you use the reading the dictionary video... you had almost every word necessary

Yosh 64 : Beast lasagna

Shawn The Sheep : Now make Mrbeast sing Congratulations!

MysticalFX : Aww, this poor guy searching all these videos for one video. Keep up the good work btw


TACO MAN - BRAWL STARS : Can you do mr beast sings congratulations

Glitchy Robot : *T-series left the chat*

Blu 152 : You made Mr Beast sound like male Siri

Kacie Reynoso : Plot twist Mr. beast is actually t series Kidding

Cayden j : *I'm still waiting for MrBeast to comment*

Jason Vohrees : This looks like it was hard to edit 😂😂

Please help : Three things happened today. My friend said hes a t-series supporter. _He got hit by a car_ *I lost my drivers license*

Edwin Alvarez : When it said bitch lasagna it sounds funny great video btw.

Need Help : Okay now Mr Beast needs to watch this for 10 hours or bi tch lasagna for 10 hours

Herman Stensås : Try to do W2S Like if you have subed to Pew and Mr.Beast

DaniliusZ : Wow! This is epic!!!!

Pabszito : Why the channel name is null but if you click it says "Sam Dubs"? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tiddles Ham Ham : I sell replay buttons 0:00 0:00 Cost: 1 like per use

Onii chan production's : You must have watched alot of mr.beast videos

NinjaPlayz : Sam dubs join The war :D

Oli ne : B E E C H L A S A G N A

Ill Cobra llI : I scrolled down so fast to see if mrbeast actually commented...

world record fastest growing channel : You must have done so much research

Tang Jolie : It should have been Beast Lasagna. Get it? No? Just me? Okay... Edit: I know it sucks (geez)

SAMURAI QUEEN : It’s like I keep hearing Gabe’s voice in the background. R.I.P

Luis Luna : Top ten rappers Eminem was afraid to diss

Sub to me for free cookies bro! : How much time, do you have on your hands, TO MAKE THIS ****ING SONG Btw, I showed this to my dog Now he’s a wolf

PandaStar Jessica : BEACH LASANGA -Mr.Beast

GamingDyeing : I watched whole video just to listen "sub bot". But it is not included here.

PixarGamer GamesTv : Can you make an video about how to make this video dub like your channel? plz i want to do it!! also i subcribed!

BMG X SLAY : Ey dude you forgot the "SUB BOT" part HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Mr Mickey 19 : Who else misses the old mr beast but then YouTube demonetised him

bread 099 : t-series is a trash bag THEIR supreme wanna be


Chara Dreemurr : bithc La sAG nA

A Prova : I found god itself. Mr beast