MrBeast Sings Bitch Lasagna (T-Series Diss Track)

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Sam Dubs : I did my part. Did you?

MrBeast : He sexy

Oli ne : B E E C H L A S A G N A

tuntematon : Whos better Pewdiepie like T series Comment

Roni : Imagine a hacker deleted t series channel

Luis Luna : Top ten rappers Eminem was afraid to diss

Nick Sweden : When he says lasagna he sounds like a stroke victim

Wholesome Lad : He sexy... that’s what mr beast commented and got 25k likes....... I hope mine does.. wish me luck.

Burned Potato : *B I T C H L A S A G N A*

nobody mathews : Mr beast is like a bullet vest which has a 50% chance of working

DaniliusZ : Wow! This is epic!!!!

Daily Blank screen : *this video is better than t series*

Jakub Delimata : My siri opened at 0:33

Guardian Gamers : Reads title Clicks on video Likes the video immediately

LightInTheDark : It sounds like he is saying beech lasanya

Roblox Guy : Bleach Lasagna

Volcanic Edris : *LASANYA*

Sanic : Can I play this on Clarinet?

Sbf : This probably took years

Malhakai Reyes-Mariano : Mr Beast Rap better than Travis Scott

471ll4 BG : Every Day we get closer and closer to god

Benjamin Svoboda : Damn i really can feel his emotions

THE COLD FIRE : U r a legend editor

Ferencz Sotomayor : Make obama sing it

Damiano the Joker : Who watched twice?

THETOASTERHEAD : Beach la sanga

Snow the fox : *_BEetch Losog nya_*

XxA Jskillz26xX : the way he said lasagna

Kevin Be A Man : Now this is epic

CHARL1E : LAsagna

Boxxolx : beetch lazahna

lego878 : Remember when MrBeast wasn't total clickbait? Me neither!

nope : Any original Mr beast fans will get this bleach lasagna

TheYoshinator 64 : Beast lasagna

Minecraftboy1239 : bitch lagsonya

AinteTheWolf : I always knew he was a true fan of pewds, lmao.

Frosty : Yo this is really really cool nice work stuff like this goes under looked on YouTube but it is hard work to find all of right clips and edit them. Good job!!!😁

Wholesome Lad : IS THAT MR BEAST?? HUH TELL ME CUZ IF IT IS He’s got some fundamentals on his hand eh?

ahmed ikhdair : *_I changed the comment so the replies won't make sense._*

Charlie Dove : Bet that dictionary video came in handy 😂😂😂

Wholesome Lad : newbie: wHo Is ThAt MaN? ........…………… ur ego chasing u

JESTER FUN : Rose's are red Violets are blue Why I watched this and why you too?

Meme Central : T is gay

Wholesome Lad : 0:29....... am I the only one seeing muggle underwear....

pandatigerboy123 _ : Can you do me and can you put me singing stressed out are ali a intro

will flamingo NOTICE me? ;3 pls : this is my new ringtone. beast lasagna. 🤪👌🏼

CSS Future : B L E A C H L A S A G N A

Henrik Emil Hansen : 1 like= 1 t-series demonotize

Cycrostic Gayms : I don’t like you T-Series. **teleports behind you** Nothing personal, kid.

Oxel : *Sam Dub* *Sam Sub to Pewdiepie*