MrBeast Sings Bitch Lasagna (T-Series Diss Track)

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Sam Dubs : I did my part. Did you?

MrBeast : He sexy

H0ckeyplayer 11 : He could get this whole video from the dictionary video

Chara Dreemurr : bithc La sAG nA

OFFICIAL Creative Master Productions : I only listen to good music Sam Dubs: say no more

Lost In Time : I always knew mr beast could sing

ADANZER 997 : Please like me I don't get many likes

Zainab Malik : He is on his phone nearly the entire time 😂

KPØP FÂN BÎLL : Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna

The vicious vlogger : T-GAY

Oli ne : B E E C H L A S A G N A

A SINGLE CLAP : Now this is Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T

Wicked Playz00 : Wanna hear a joke Read more

First Name Surname : *beach lasanya*


DaniliusZ : Wow! This is epic!!!!

Xenolithal : Pewdiepie was so inspired by this that he actually made it real Edit: thanks for hearting this =D

Glitchy Robot : *T-series left the chat*

Boarbot games 78 : 01:41 is actually a really funny comment.

prettzle : “I love mr beast and pewdiepie” Sam Dubs “hold my beer”

Damiano The Gamer : Who watched twice?

GMP Studios : Even while singing this, he's so humble!

RZ410 : Lol he can literally say anything you want because he read the entire dictionary In a video.

Master Vinicius : B E A C H L A S A G N A(sarcastically)

The mangle_ fnaffer : Imagine all the Mr.Beast videos they had to go though to find this 😅

Malhakai Reyes-Mariano : Mr Beast Rap better than Travis Scott

Axel Cruz : This is a legend.........

OFFICIAL Creative Master Productions : 0 MrBeast here is saying a word from the dictionary But-- you can get all the words... Nevermind

Im Gay Im Lesbian its True : Type "T Gay" In comments If T-Series Is gay

【Leeku】 沿益ヨ : You ever wonder what happened to his posters in the back

جديد HD : *L A S A G N A* *P A P A* [insert Google translate audio here]

HardikPrakash : The truth is He is a nice fortnite player (SamDubs)

OXOX JILEE : You are so right about t series

GAMING RAKUN : This epic like a donald trump sing that

Diamondfoxlox Nightmare : He’s saying beach lazonya lol

tuntematon : Whos better Pewdiepie like T series Comment

Xavier Lucas : Nooo no t series diss track SING T GAY DISS TRACK NOW

ee fam : Beesh las on ya

HarveyisonYT : This is Mr Beast here. I'm very surprised he didn't sing it willingly without editing

SonChame : Where do i buy this ?

TheYoshinator 64 : Beast lasagna

Elle_1sha : Why does Mr beast looks like a 9yo Heh...

MangoTheWolf : Plot twist : Sam Dubs is T-Series in discuise.

Blue Spartan Playz : *Beech Lasanya*

Emily Green : This. You might as well call this the Bible

Gacha CarL Playz & Nightcores : *W H Y D O I H A V E S O M A N Y L I K E S ?*

Luvi MC : Bleach lasagna


Violet Hunt : beach la sag nah

Cool Coalz : La Sanya