"Stop What Ya Doin" Apathy ft. Celph Titled (Prod. by DJ Premier)

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F-CK THE FAKES T-Shirt available @ http://demigodzstore.com iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/honkey-kong/id450016137 Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Honkey-Kong-Apathy/dp/B005CSLRPM Official merch: http://www.demigodzstore.com Music by Apathy ft. Celph Titled (Prod. by DJ Premier) Off of the "Honkey Kong" full length album Available on CD, 2LP and Digital Download Directed and Edited by Nicolas Heller Photographed by Christopher R. Husta Produced by Apathy and Nicolas Heller Second Unit Photography by Seth Applebaum and Austin Steele Associate Produced by Tyler Edwards Color Correction by Seth Applebaum Titles by Falside Makeup by Jade Giacoppa Girls Provided by Sinister Girls Special Thanks to Pat Brady, Janina, Jimmy, Motive, Dwayne, Spliff, Evidence, Connor, Danielle, Robbie, Stacey, Luke, Tyler, Fashawn, Open Mic, Jesse @ApathyDGZ @RickyShabazz @CelphTitled @RealDJPremier

Comments from Youtube

Chris M : 2 years how is this still not at atleast 1 million views, i personally viewed this like 3 million

Coldwire : "You suckas imitate more rappers then Jay Pharaoh" hahahaha

Brian Cordova : I'm so glad real MC's like this still exist! Hip Hop will always represent raw and uncut skill on the mic to me!

Allen Riggs : I just wanna know who the fools are that down-voted this. This is real ungerground Hip Hop.

St. Macarius : They use the scratch on the chorus'. Thank god for real hip hop.

Daniel Escamilla : "Now a days rappers sound like cartoon characters" TRUE

Synical One : Everything about this video is dope.

Alex B : One of the greatest hip hop videos out there, love Celph's boat verse, goddamn fantastic

TafTabTah : Celph it's time for a new album

struan john : im still pissing myself the look on that chicks face when he sprays her lol GOLD!

Don Juan : I love Celph's 90s-esque Big L/Redman lyricism!!!

Maui Bangahz : can we get a song with celph and rugged man? 


blakdust3 : be sick of RA was on this

Ryan Miller : Dat Digital Underground sample, tho.

dennis roofe : damn that intro was crazy lol .......total opposite of the main track !

chound : 3:20 'No Flips 4 Fat Chix'

JG Morgan : The girl with the big back tattoo is gorgeous!

G15 Productions : 2:26 He didn't take off his sunglasses tho..

Neal Damiano : I'm logical as Spock...drink vodka like Chekhov Love it!!

williano : Dope CT stand up . Apathy got a track wit premo . That's gangsta much respect

Bryan Mayes : no flips for fat chix

They Call Me Lorena C : One of the first songs I heard from Apathy! <3 <3

Mikhail : This song doesn't get old, 5 years and counting!

Paweł : Celph so amusingly plays with words. ;)

Akatsuki Jiu-Jitsu : ill beat in this song and the lyrics are dope!

Nick Bultman : celph has the sickest, deepest, darkest, clean voice I've ever heard from a rapper

ferocious78 : AMAZING!  Peep the track I did with CELPH TITLED on my channel.  He is so dope!

MSH : Apathy's voice doesn't sound dissimilar to Jay-Z, though Apathy is a better rapper.

skull sniper 34 : True hiphop .

Manolo Walt : Real Hip Hop..

leet moka : gotta love celph lol all of his bars are littered with metaphors and such


Sem Shimla : still loving this

Ivan Hurd : That beat tho.

Shock Finesse : what's the intro beat

hhazze : The chick's face at 1:34 always cracks me up

CONTEXT : this deserves the views it has. love yall

Yves Yuri Bien-Aime : I miss this... flowing off one another... cats just don't do this no more... & that does take skill!

MAJIN ERIX : so does anyone recognize that windbreaker that dude is wearing before the throw him in the water at 1:59? what band is it?

Shel R : Much love from South Africa 👌😎

longcovehinch : I think I picked up those two girls in the video at a chilli's in Buffalo, lol.

jon hooks : No flips 4 fat chix

Bright Luc : no flips for fat chix

paul binks : were gonna get rough rugged and raw for a minute

Mitch Match : no flips for fat chix hahaha

Michael Ford : "truthfully my vision varies. I go from visionary to a vicious leader or killer militaries. "

RAT DATSUN : Awesome, Video beat rhymes SO:DOPE

NOTE G Beatz : Premo smoked crack, STILL smokes tobacco and weed.. THATS why happened to his voice bruh. A$AP rockys voice is maturing too. Why does everyone think it's bad