"Stop What Ya Doin" Apathy ft. Celph Titled (Prod. by DJ Premier)

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El Sploogo : Preemo acting like he need to introduce himself.  lol

St. Macarius : They use the scratch on the chorus'. Thank god for real hip hop.

Allen Riggs : I just wanna know who the fools are that down-voted this. This is real ungerground Hip Hop.

Coldwire : "You suckas imitate more rappers then Jay Pharaoh" hahahaha

Alex B : One of the greatest hip hop videos out there, love Celph's boat verse, goddamn fantastic

Brian Cordova : I'm so glad real MC's like this still exist! Hip Hop will always represent raw and uncut skill on the mic to me!

TafTabTah : Celph it's time for a new album

Daniel Escamilla : "Now a days rappers sound like cartoon characters" TRUE

Adam Mok : Rocking Gay apparel them jeans will make ya sterile LOL

Christopher Bowley : Everything about this video is dope.

struan john : im still pissing myself the look on that chicks face when he sprays her lol GOLD!

Nick Bultman : celph has the sickest, deepest, darkest, clean voice I've ever heard from a rapper


JG Morgan : The girl with the big back tattoo is gorgeous!

Maui Bangahz : can we get a song with celph and rugged man? 

Erik Hidalgo : 2:26 He didn't take off his sunglasses tho..

Don Juan : I love Celph's 90s-esque Big L/Redman lyricism!!!

Bryan Mayes : no flips for fat chix

Jesse Garrett : he's got dj premiere on the hook that's all you faggits need to know

chound : 3:20 'No Flips 4 Fat Chix'

Bright Luc : no flips for fat chix

hhazze : The chick's face at 1:34 always cracks me up

Nyle Trew Tattoos : Can't believe Celph is wearing sunglasses when he says "...and yes the sunglasses are off."

blakdust3 : be sick of RA was on this

Mikhail : This song doesn't get old, 5 years and counting!

dennis roofe : damn that intro was crazy lol .......total opposite of the main track !

Neal Damiano : I'm logical as Spock...drink vodka like Chekhov Love it!!

MSH : Apathy's voice doesn't sound dissimilar to Jay-Z, though Apathy is a better rapper.

ferocious78 : AMAZING!  Peep the track I did with CELPH TITLED on my channel.  He is so dope!


Shock Finesse : what's the intro beat

jagmaballer65 : iiJajajaja!! Look at celph's hand gesture , and then at apathy's At 3:17 . Apathy gets rejected. ( not really just misunderstanding)

Jdubs triple : celph that flow hot me hard lol FAO apathy and celp so underated kings all day everyday cartoon characters faoad child should choke on that

Sem Shimla : still loving this

Manolo Walt : Real Hip Hop..

leet moka : gotta love celph lol all of his bars are littered with metaphors and such

Frank Lee : Why would someone dislike this? Honestly...?

Ivan Hurd : That beat tho.

jon hooks : No flips 4 fat chix

Ben Dietrich : Why isnt celph titled making any more albums ????

Yves Yuri Bien-Aime : I miss this... flowing off one another... cats just don't do this no more... & that does take skill!

Ryan Miller : Dat Digital Underground sample, tho.

longcovehinch : I think I picked up those two girls in the video at a chilli's in Buffalo, lol.

RAT DATSUN : Awesome, Video beat rhymes SO:DOPE

Colin Zibell : Preem does it again

Shel R : Much love from South Africa 👌😎

Johnny Moochalatti : As inappropriate as it is...lmao

Spartacus : 1,000,000 views baby

Danny Lima : God... damn! DGZ!

Shane Litch : Cause I be son em!!!!