PM Julia Gillard Addresses the End of the World
Former Australian PM Julia Gillard Addressing the End of the World

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The Prime Minister of Australia has sent a message to triple j listeners, in what is a clear show of faith in Tom & Alex's ability to predict the future... For more on the impending apocalypse, see: Certain Mayan-predicted death, total global destruction and bad stuff will take place on Friday 7 December 2012. Dr Karl, and now the PM, have confirmed it - so it must be true. In a bold attempt at surviving the nuclear fallout and duck plague that is sure to ensue, Tom and Alex have decided to broadcast their last show live from the ABC bunker - built to survive the strongest of apocalypses as well as house Kerry O'Brien's collection of fine wines. They will be joined by comedian Tim Minchin who will be performing the final Like A Version of all time, as well as sports superstar Ellyse Perry, a Children's Choir, and a bunch of carefully selected triple j listeners who will be used as baby incubators and/or food to help in the human race's survival.


Bitwize : I'm trying to figure that out as well D: She sounds so convincing if she is joking, and if she's serious then she is a friggin' idiot.

tupacsgirl : can someone please explain this to me, is she joking ? cause i cannot tell

Fatima Al ebadi : Some people are taking this speech really seriously hhhhhhhh

ExoticPaladin : If this really happens then I will let you guys know we all are related so brothers and sisters and other people that are part of this world you are awesome

Soo Basic : good one lol

John Wild : Cock heads

xbradx11 : Go to fucking Hell!

Pyro Steel : ???

Cesare Baccheschi : Well, we need to think more about our priority and advanced technological world. it is ridiculous that we still have embedded so much superstition.

marvin saro : This bullshit should be shown on Russel Howard...

looking527 : right.....

Jose Rivera : I want my mommy !

user sam : what the end of the world ????!!!!!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

kris Madmax : haha that was good

kuton : eat your i phone when the world ends!

Celina D : hope this is a joke !

B Taylor : Lol. So serious too..

fruitkiller1 : Hey, and You Started to use Swear Words First!. Dint' you? U can lie but I know it. Be yourself or Live like the Hell like that. and I learned what MoRon is From You! and i don't understand the korean guys you mentioned. actually, I do Not Care! You disgraced and dirty one. You can't lie to Yourself! and Please Stop. You Sick! You are a person like a BUG!

subin manee : ok let's have a last party on 20 dec then !!! huray !!

fruitkiller1 : I totally understood what you said. some of koreans also hate foreign workers in korea. n i call them racists. i've been there, melbourn n sydeny and almost of them were sooooo kind to me. maybe they were kinder than koreans. n don't take me wrong even if i was there only for 4years, n i travelled so many countries in my early life, i take your country was the greatest place to travel, and again, ppl were there soooo kind. and there is always exception. =P that's all.

fruitkiller1 : You have a really dirty mouth. Yes I saw your message on my channel. You look so mad for nothing. Are you calm down now? Be generous to others. You seem really hot tempered. haha not because you are Australian. you were just born like that. What a sick and poor young man you are. n You said my english is suck. but this is enough for non english speaker. =P

Shaira Rahman : She totally had me at flesh eating zombies!

krashdown102 : you'll go first bitch

marko308 : Hilarious as taxing the essentials! Not bad for a pm no one voted for! Bring on the election

kgb2hell : What u can expect from PM with IQ below 90? Real sense of humor? Heh.... :-(((

wtgonutube : This is either a joke or a hoax, otherwise Dear Ozzies, get rid rapidly !

leftylethborg : she should concentrate on running the country better instead of doing shit like this...

Machismo : "i will always fight for you till the very end" RIGHT SHE SEES A COCROACH AND JUMPS ON HER TABLE AND SAYS "KILL IT FIGHT IT FOR ME!!!"

DS123 : Haha

DizzyTheCreator : тупица

TheElementalBacon : please not my cat

Luke Ennis : This fool thinks you become immoral if you reject immorality. Cult logic.

Nathan Tyack : So stupid, maybe concentrate on doing your job as a competent leader rather then failing miserable to be funny....

Jamesrudybali : hello mates, cheer up .let's go dancing PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V everyday until December 21 st.........As of December 13, 2012, the music video has been viewed over 940,457,329 times on YouTube..Amazing, 8 million viewers daily.

pjano11 : hahahha you're a fucking joke supporting the rebel alliance in Palestine. Go back to where you came from you stupid arab

pjano11 : filthy muslim

paul slattery : How dare you, Kevin Rudd would not do that. So many people want him back

George Squires : "I will always fight fo you, until the very end" Not Likely

Rebekah Last : she's as pretty as she is funny.... and she looks like her face was run over by a car. maybe she should start running the country instead of failing to be funny.

Luke Ennis : You're from fucking Singapore freak.

John Black Bear : hahahah fake zombies X3 right there and then i know it was fake haha

Luke Ennis : The term "moron" does not begin to describe your stupidity. This is called a parody, taking the piss out of people that believe in stupid shit. From your channel: "people that believe jesus was born on 25th of december are actually people that dont know anything about our heavenly father or his son". Fuck off back to your bible cult head. Leave the internet to those with a mind... I had so much more respect for NZ people before I encountered you... even with all the sheep fucking.

Yeet : bull shit. this is either a troll or she is mentally fucked up...

Sam 49 : Lol zombies

thesmellyranga : you sir are a shit head

Urban Films : Haha obviously fake it's just for lols guys calm down

speedy thingy : i knew she dyed her hair red to make herself not look blonde...dumbass

Sue Mohd : Cooool???....tomoro will be a week after end of the world...we in heaven or hell now :)

Sue Mohd : Today 13 dec 2012..... tomoro will be 14dec a week after end of the world!!! Now lets wait for 21 Dec. Its the end of America not world! Allah Huakbar......