Satanist leads prayer at Pensacola council meeting

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The Hoax Hotel : Holding fast only to that which is demonstrably true. Praze.

AustinOConnellVideos : "he's gonna put a curse on us" this motherfucker can, and probably does vote. let that sink in.

RoanCarter : Look! An educated adult that believes in curses! Ha ha ha.

Explore Nevada : This is real life trolling at its finest, watching those Florida bible nuts squirm is hilarious.

philipanakwue : Didn't know Palpatine could sing...

GeekFurious : This stuff is so funny. One fictional god vs another fictional god. Marvel's Civil War was more real than this.

WanderlustZero : Came here for the lols. Stayed for the wonderful singing voice <3

rudai123 : All religions are a bit silly

Yorutamashi : Did anyone pay attention to the lyrics? that was beutiful!

chago river : who's the creep that laid hands on him? wtf?

Angelo DelSenno : This is epic. He got that cape and hoodie from the local Halloween costume store. Hail Satan! Lol

Cory : Look at all of the old people... lol

Kirran Verdan : We need a Level 80 Paladin in here!

clarese portofino : This is true religious freedom.

El Missile : a lot of what that satanist said in his prayer was completely reasonable.

vagabond88817 : The song was beautiful.

Kurt McDonald : If these christian wackos actually believed that their god is all powerful, why does it bother them if someone else decided to pray to another god? By getting upset and worrying about "curses", you're just showing the world that you have zero faith in your own god

R Jasper : Good set of lungs on him

Jon in Canada : HA! Love it. A group of atheists perform a ritual and by doing so, expose the hypocrisy of Christians. They talk about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, yet are the first to censor and the first to deny others. This is brilliant Satirical Kabuki.......well done.

tyrone kim : Jesus is Lord

Darren Johnson : Jesus is Lord!

Owen Sullivan : may God have mercy on your soul

Blissful Sorrow : Can someone write the lyrics here?

N3RDYG0GGLES : It's kind of hilarious how Satanism has been made out by many to be so scary and evil when actually from what I've seen of some branches of Satanism, it's actually pretty sensible and peaceful. I'm not one myself, but first time I watched the whole prayer that guy did in another video I was like "Woah this is really musical, dude's got a good voice".

Jefferson Kind : I would've jumped on the clown with the hood and cape for effect!! ha Seriously, this is why amerika is done because we have embraced every facet of evil!

tyrone kim : IN JESUS NAME

kenn zain : Satan is looser.,forever

Hazel Motes : One thing I'll say, this has to be some of the worst worship music I've ever heard.

NDR : as a Christ follower I do not except his beliefs but I strongly believe that he has a right to share what he believes

Jon Yeager : Well, it certainly is a catchy tune.

sk. Sid : Hail satan

Aaron Lil : "HAIL SATAN"!!!

T.R.O. Aero : A member of The Satanic Temple is doing this, yet you mention later the Church of Satan has the opportunity to do so. Please don't confuse the two again. The CoS does not wish to incorporate Church with State.

BTS Trash : As a Christian I can tell you the bible is the word, and it is the truth. Curses are a real thing. They aren't a joke. I have every right to not agree with what this man "preaches", but I got no right to dislike him as a human. He has some great pipes, he'd be one amazing singer for sure. Also the robe is kind of cool, lol.

Artistic Screeching : This is awesome.

garr christopher : Christian churches need to be taxed.

OmnipotentO : I love it 😂😂😂 Nice pipes! Either ANYONE can open with a prayer or no one can.

Leah : Damn, in the other clips they kept cutting him off. I never heard the full singing O__o

Themonkeymartin : Thank God I'm an atheist.

ritchie1475 : There is truth, there is lies...In the end one will see what was true and false.....

Sarista Celestial : Those people are being rude. If you want to invoke your religious beliefs without interruption in a public forum then you must do the same for others who want to invoke their religious beliefs. Seems fair to me.

Politikid : I've never had more joy in my life than when he started singing

Lina Browy : that's so funny

Wade Guidry : Gotta love the Northwest part of Florida. It's not called the "Redneck Riviera" for nothing.

Chola Mari Guerra : lol that the Devil.

Incarna : He is not from the Church of Satan, he is from the Satanic Temple.

MG Torredes : I don't think satan can hear their foolish act they know that god defeat satan but they were so foolish to worship satan

tyrone kim : lucifer is not a God it is a demon guys wake up in reality turn into JESUS OUR LORD.

tyrone kim : no evil will won