Joe Rogan Podcast - Elon Musk on Chimps

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Joe Rogan Podcast Elon Musk

Comments from Youtube

Jason Jones : Every time I hear Jamie laugh in the background it cracks me up.

Purp_SSB : This is way more important than the weed part

mercwnz : 1:51 best part ever

Gangi Films : 2:57 the laugh that will cure the world.

Quentin hinkson : the fourth wall has been broken

Ho Bo : Joe "I've often wondered" Rogan

Strategic Thinker : "Yeah, but we know better..." "Bha!"

Dylan Scott : Lol anyone noticed Joe talks about monkeys and apes a lot.

Gangi Films : elons laugh is epic

Nik Filion : I just love to hear Elon say chimpanzee. I don't know why. I searched for that video to hear him say it again

ralph lopez : Tony Stark is real!

Big Baby Blue Eyes : Thank god there's no Chimps on mars

Luke Ware : Chimps and wolfs

MisterJoeyJoeJoe : Okay, I gotta watch that documentary/film they were talking about. Any more specific details (title etc.)

Liam McCarthy : 2:58 Elon sound exactly like h Jon Benjamin aka archer

Gangi Films : 2:50