"Home Improvement" Tim Taylor Accident Clips

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ScreenBlaster13 : The main running gag in this show was Tim always wanting to use "More Power" whenever he was fixing, rewiring, installing or building. It always blew up in his face because he couldn't stop showing off or leave well enough alone. LOL! Thanks Tim Allen for always making us laugh.

bethanae : Woah, they must have spent a fortune on buying glass for this TV show...

Red Card : How many of these times has Tim Allen legit hurt himself?

Radman1889 : This montage brought to you by Binford Tools.

lekoman : To have been a props guy on this show must've been a blast. Rigging all these different goofy ways for Tim to screw things up would've been so much fun.

Brian Rivera : Home Improvement needs to be on Netflix now.

Mike : Loved this show. Everything that could go wrong always went wrong. Makes the show original and funny.

NFVideodrome : Tim Taylor's life was final destination

Bloodyblade3 : I wonder what Tim's insurance plan was....

d34dj0k3r : 2:05 How do you add more power to a telephone and what does it benefit? LOL

cutemimi25 : Everyone, who live in the US, the Hallmark Channel will be airing this every Friday Night.

Patriot of Justice : Let's all have a hearty Tool Time grunt salute to Tim Allen! ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRRR ARRRR!!!!!!

Mac McNally : Tim: uh oh Randy: Not a word you want to hear in this house. lmfao hahaha

JonW1987 : The pipe gag. Never gets old. No matter how many times we see Tim walking down those stairs, he always seems to hit his head on that low pipe. There should have been a Home Improvement episode or mini episode where Tim tries to reconfigure that pipe so he won't hit his head on it anymore, and just had it chocked full of Home Improvement hilarity.

KumaoftheForest : Judging by the number of times Tim Allen fell off the roof in a Christmas episode, this must be how he got 'The Santa Clause" role

cyberjar88 : "Oh no." "Not a word you want to hear in this house."

brokensoul8390 : And I thought Homer Simpson had it rough

Carrie Kube : There won't be another show like that again.

HSimon1981 : and we'll be right back after these messages from Binford tools. 

newstart49 : By far the best sitcom there was. I and my family related to this show since I was called a tool man and had a wife and kids at the time. It was the perfect guys family show. I still miss this show so I bought every episode and watch them on the big screen in my shop. Today, they wouldn't know how to make such a clean and perfect show. Especially because Tim Taylor is the only one I know who could do it. The cast was perfect.

VengefulSage : lmfao!! the magnet! MARK!! HOLD IT BACK OOWWWW lol

sentaimaster100 : Tim Taylor: the Super Dave of Home Improvement minus the life-threatening stunts

Max Power : 0:48 NOOOOOOOOO!!!

1979WSchamps : Tim Allen and Richard Karn (aka Billy Mays's twin brother)

Negamare : And I thought the Winslow family had it bad.

PhoenixDIE : Oh this is a classic, who ever made this, very nice. thanks

Josue Guzman : i loved this show

ElektrobanK : I got so many good laughs from this show as a kid. Fond memories :)

U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It : Thanks for the compilation, esp. the pipe & the Oh-no's at the end.

Joshua Montague : "Uh-ooooh" Not a word you wanna hear in this house. ;)

More Power! Podcast : LOVE HOME IMPROVEMENT?! Who doesn't?! Come listen to our comedy podcast dedicated ENTIRELY to the show! We take an in-depth look at every episode and also have weekly segments. Click on us for the pilot episode and full length episodes are available on iTunes!

AeroRanger100 : Al's really good at keeping a straight face throughout all of this.  XD

DIRT RIDER : Tim Allen is just awesome Last Man Standing is awesome too

CMTreptow : I allways loved watching Home Improvment and Tim Allen.

Hunter Michaelson : Huuuuaaaahh?

RoverZero1983 : Does anyone remember what episode the exploding blender (at 4:56) was from? I'd really like to know please!

Vincent Spinella : Oh no.

41magfan : I'll never forgive Tim for dropping the I beam on to nomad

Mike Filion : I'd like to introduce Tim Taylor to Red Forman

AMF87 : Can u show the part about the Tool Time board game got caught on fire when that toy ambulance blew up in the garage? It's one of my favorite parts. :-)

gessika jayde : His face expressions are beyond funny; I almost cried...

Chris Mike : You know it's actually surprising that Tim Taylor didn't die after all those injuries: electrocuted, falling from heights, falling through roofs, and other such things. It's even more shocking (no pun intended) that he didn't lose his job after all the destruction he caused on Tool Time.

Rudy Juarez : I can't imagine what the insurance people say when Tim gets injuries.

William Scott : 0:48 :( :( :(

leonard payne : Tims new show. Last Man Standing, is just as funny.

linkeffect82 : Very good collection, hilarious! I always loved watching Tim's accidents, one of the best features of the show, though I did enjoy the acting quite a bit too. Good times.

Walter Hale : 3:46 That is Bobby from Supernatural.

piper scout : poor Tim. How did Tim (Allen) perform those stunts without injuries like that.

Junkmeister : This is what you DON'T do in shop class.

bob howard : thank you for sharing, i can't remember the last time i laughed so hard