David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid | MTV News

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Install a Friend : 5:33 Bowie predicts his 2013 single 26 years before making it

Lane : *walks up to a dumpster* "This is more my kind of area" lol

thevoid99 : two old friends from south london going on a pub run in madrid. you can't get more british than that.

Cailleach Bheur : David Bowie was thoroughly likeable and gorgeous, but every video I see of him makes his personality more and more beautiful. A true British gentleman (and a tremendous loss to mankind)

Modestoney : don´t know why but i am smiling throughout the video, feeling a bit like i´ve met bowie on the street incidentally

C. G.-Aller Z. : LOL the guy that says in Spanish "Oh sorry, I thought you were Peter Frampton"

Tara Suzanne : He's so kind to his fans. Stops to chat and sign autographs.

Widia Noeradi : miss him.

peixe coruja : I loved the girl asking for her pen back!

Jade Hazell : Look at how kind he is when he has all those fans run over to him. He could have got annoyed but he basically welcomed them with open arms. God I miss him

Purer Zufall : What beatiful hair David has got!

Rebecca B : I like how Bowie starts rooting through the dumpster like a 10-year-old pulling out pieces of trash and making up outlandish stories about them, and when they cut back to Frampton he has this chill look on his face like "Yup, just me and my crazy friend." :-)

John Doran : AAhhh no smart phones.....And the general pace of life when people had TIME

gonz velaz : Peter Frampton must have felt very bad of that just one fan recognized him, and I understand him, he's a legend as well!.....

Reality : "I suppose you want your pen back" What a quick witted sweetheart.

urthebest1122 : Why's everyone talking about racist issues under this video. It has nothing to do with any of that nonsense.

E I : Liked it. Looks like Bowie was a nice, educated person.

Paola Energya : Basically, David invented vlogging 👏 Always ahead of the game!

Gee Buttersnaps : I like the idea of David Bowie goofing around in Madrid.

Warren Notes : Bowie's hair looks like he should be in the Stray Cats.

Alison Cain : What a gentleman David Bowie was!

Janet P Schwartz : I wonder if you guys, watching this, realize David and Peter go clear back to highschool together? Peter's father had David as a student in his class! You're watching a couple of long-time teenage schoolpals out for mischief , and I do believe David is giving Peter and ourselves a mock-up of the sorts of lessons he and Peter (and George Underwood) all had to study in Art School. Makes watching this, that much more fun, for me, anyway. All these ppl think Bowie was just rock 'n roll, with no realization of his lifelong and equally passionate, personal involvement in Art and Literature.

Andy James : He's a top bloke, always has time for an autograph and chats with his fans.. A legend.

Rubens Levy Francisco : British humour and British music .... unsurpassed in the world !!!

jose antonio lopez : As a spaniard I want to clarify: Spain at that time had a 10 year old constitution, it was recovering from a horrible dictatorship, and yes. Spain was not at the same level as Europe, not that we are there now, but relatively speaking we are almost the same now crisis and all... David also seemed like a guy with a very sarcastic vive when it comes to jokes, so he is poking fun at how dirty everything was. Heck at minute 8 a woman yells "go back to your country!" because maybe she fears they are too modern or something. But he was very polite, always signing autographs, saying "hello" to people. Also I noticed how shy spaniards where at that time, when a guy like Bowie appeared in madrid, it might as well be an alien. Even though we had back then a local music scene I would love to have back in my country we were not part of the "cool countries" back then, by any stretch of the imagination, so those where really amazing times if your recognized someone as famous as him.

gonz velaz : David Bowie had style with the cigarette and sunglasses, let's face it, he was born to smoke!, he loved it!, by the way great documentary video about one of the greatest rock singers legends all times!.....

Marco Pesenti : Always nice to see that Rockstars used to know about El Greco, Duchamp and Pirandello.

Johnster : When those people were getting autographs it made me sad cos I realised I'll never meet him

60fps BTW : I could watch hours of this.

Nicolas Delmas : this guy looks like a lot of fun. would have loved to hang out with him :')

dragnetter g : david put on his red shoes(stopped to tie the lace's up) and looking for a bar to dance the blues....

G. C. Joseph Seiler : Props to the unnamed Spanish businessman in the suit who takes them out of the mob, tells them where to find a bar, and escorts them there without fawning over them for attention. That is an excellent example of the dying art of the gentleman. Top form.

morbid angel : Feel for Frampton when no one asks for his autograph

Seniora : 1987 in saw David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth and I was a fan. Now it´s 30 years later and I feel like a teenager again...

Irina Girleanu : I could watch this all day.

Brittie : Wow I would just walk around and listen to that man all day long! 😞

Mariosky : Oh my god. This document is priceless.

Bobby Voltage : I want Bowie's outfit. He was so cool. RIP Goblin King.

Javier Buitrago : so lovely see David in Madrid at that time in the eighties

Symbolsysteme : I just love it when Bowie is joking around...*))) It's usually not even very funny what he says, but his energy is sooooo beautiful when he is making fun. Very light and high vibration.

Marisa dm : OMG BOWIE walking down the streets I use to ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

TheKeggie : David Bowie was one cool looking guy with fantastic hair, he had the image and talent to make him such an iconic figure of the Music industry over the last 50 years. His Star may not be shining in human form any more but it will always shine brightly through his music, passion and spirit he left us with.

TheJackflash85 : I always loved Bowie's Laugh ! He and Frampton both Charming , Nice Men !

Tattyshoes Shigure : Bowie looks every bit the rock superstar he was... that hair is amazing!

atomic3939 : Bowie was a dumpster diver? Who knew?

Loly Zapata : God he was so good looking and so Fantástico

Von Dutch : bowie tried to steal that lady's pen.. good thing she caught it on tape.

Kelly Campbell : Best documentary ever. Was that one shot. I didn't notice any cuts. The cameraman is amazing. Bowie is so personable and Frampton is such a good companion. He is nonplussed by the attention Bowie gets. So great. thank you. (The pair went to high school together.)

sam lunn : look how cool david is about the autographs, and pete aswell, both well known for being gracious

Jennifer Ann : This video made my heart so happy. Love his humor...such a charming man. Would've done anything to have met him.