Streetwear Shopping at Home Depot

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Nyx : The funniest part is, he wouldn't look out of place at any 2018 fashion week

Markel Henry : Go streetwear shopping at Bass Pro Shops next.

Explord : bruh i work at home depot and I'm 90% sure I saw you doing this and I was so confused at what you were doing

Joseph Clyne : this is easily a top 1000 brad hall video

Nick Buckingham : Brad > Virgil, Kanye, Nigo, Murakami

Knowhardfeelings : I like how futuristic that hammer looked, Im glad you went with that one

Henry K : Next you should do lowes and compare the outfits

Yung Bob : Don't know if I watched a Brad hall video or an off white season preview

santiago horta : Brad, you're changing the fashion game! Brad > Virgil

Constantine Bowden : He's trolling... right? Guys? GUYS!!!!

Ethan Andersen : that fit is actually fire

Milo : Brad I showed you to my girlfriend and she already knew you, how do you recommend I present the engagement ring?

Areg Canas : Why didn't you make a caution tape belt?

ShudderShutter : Should have got a respiratory mask at Paint

Bclorox TV : As an intellectual i do enjoy this video

Lukas Patruskey : Brad, you are the most handsome devil that I have ever seen. I would like to begin teaching a class on how to become more stylish, basing the curriculum off of your influence.

Zack Torretta : Can’t wait to hear your feature on Yandhi, Brad!

Vaka the new order : He is a hypebeast from the future 😤👌🏻

Choo Choo Train : Woah brad this is so insane I am also a Home Depot lover thank you I need a good high visibility item and picked one up there too

Some Ones Keys : This video was actually an enlightening outlook on clothes. Next you should go to Carl's Jr. and see if you can make an outfit

jorgecuervo24 : Tractor supply shopping

Alex Yonehiro : Low key that bubble wrap pants are fire

Dylan : Plot twist: he’s actually a construction worker and is making a video about getting his stuff for work

Brendan Ryan : Vivienne Westwood says that style is image, attitude and authenticity. I think you have achieved the trifecta in this episode.

Andy Nguyen : More shopping with Brad hall please! Love these series

Devin Patel : Brad, you are a fashion icon!

Don Corleone : TheReportOfTheWeek’s hype beast older brother

Shicky256 : Great work on the pants Brad, I hope you start an Etsy page or something so we can look as hip as you do

Die Soße : Biggest Inspiration

Goobody Giberson : Thank you brad, I think I can pull off some awesome outfits now

mariana : king of bougie on a budget! can't wait to go to my nearest home depot

Un Men :v : Damn those shades look incredible on you, you look like a rockstar

prio graffiti : Fashion god

Whatthevortez : 2:52 the striped ones are literally off white

Joseph Stalin : Do Dunkin’ Donuts next

Dahny : Lowkey looks just like something balenciaga (or however you spell it) would do

yep! : mans didnt even get a chain

Brandon Key : Hypebeasts will buy anything that is hyped even if its home depot sunglasses

Pablar Schmeegrucks : I appreciate your taste in royalty free music in the video log Brad. It added much enjoyability to the less exciting segments of your video.

Bizarre Elixir : This guys is the true fashion icon we didnt know we needed.

Refrieddog : "Goat"

Travis Foster : Brad can do anything and make it entertaining

Jhopes Main hoe : Brad can like.. get it 🙈

OtakuWaffleMan : Best fit of all time, it rivals even anything Kanye West wears 😂

Chief : brad hall is not a hypebeast, brad hall is hypebeast.


Diggy : This video got a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, bout to put a hit on the person that voted it down from juan hunned!

John Mic : Wild...u def gotta find a time and place to rock that outfit.

idfk : Always a steal at home Depot

Andrew Belmonte : You should do this at the 99 cent store