The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Kurt Angle

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If you're new, Subscribe! → Kurt Angle may be the ultimate wrestler, with Olympic gold and plenty of time spent in WWE. But that doesn't mean it's been an easy path for the wrestler. He's battled more than his fair share of tragedy in his time. Here's the tragic real-life story of Kurt Angle... Losing his father | 0:15 Dave Schultz | 1:07 Breaking his neck | 1:55 Addiction and DUIs | 3:01 Le’Anne’s tragedy | 4:06 Tragedy | 4:57 Read more here → Celebrities Celebs You Didn't Know Passed Away The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Andre The Giant The Untold Truth Of Steven Seagal Why We Don't Hear About Journey's Steve Perry Anymore Respected Musicians Who Were Actually Terrible People The Untold Truth Of Bob Ross Website → Like us → Instagram → The world is pretty fact, it's a whole lot weirder than you think. If you haven't learned something new today, you're missing out. Grunge is the place to immerse yourself in fun facts and cool tidbits on history, entertainment, science, and plenty more. It's just like reading books...but exciting!


andy chang : Man. His dad cracked his skull from falling 15 feet, and still walked himself to the hospital. See where he got his toughness from.

Macumbeiro : I'm glad he achieved what he wanted at the end, get all the infinity stones

Eye Vyke : 0:22 "thanks to a fatal freak accident" You guys used the word thanks? Maybe next time use the word "DUE to a fatal accident" Geez have some respect.

Generic : Kurt angle looks like a human pitbull

Nguyen Vo : Poor Kurt. He seems like such a good guy and a cool dude. I'll still support him with a "you suck". God bless you Kurt angle the all American

Mikacool : He's a winner. That's all what needs to be said.

nigger faggot : How tf do do you break THAT neck?

Njörður • : Imagine the motivation of trying to make your dead dad proud

Just Some Guy without a Mustache : His pain is temporary but his legacy will live on after he's gone.

Chreint : Tbh he could be a great thanos.

nearzero12 : I didnt know kurt was in that whole mess with team fox catcher.

Noah King : How much pain can a man go through

SPARXX : I'm not gone lie his father was a very very strong man to get up and walk it off to the hospital... very strong R.I.P. TO HIM💪🏿 THAT AINT GO UNNOTICED!!!

The Ultra Warrior : Kurt, hope your on the right path, the path of the light, the way with the Creator and Christ, where one finds perfect love, bliss and peace/fulfilment. Blessings

verison9.5 : Kurt Angel is one of the strongest men out there

SoCalprio : God bless Kurt. I hope he’s in great spirits and overcome everything.

Tharin Henry : R.I.P Eddie Guerrero 💪🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

Luis pika : Kurt’s the most respected wrestler next to Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker

Thunda1986 : Real life superhero origin story

Zes : no such thing as tragedy or have or not

B P : Drugs are destroying people left and right

Obama Trump : He is a Legend in my books . One of the best ever.

19NIGHTS : Randomly in your recommended?

Raumy Urena : Wow...I can see where Kurt gets his intensity from...His pops walked to the hospital with a broken freaking skull...

mac mittens : I had said something about is bald head but I took it back.i feel bad for him Dude had a tough life

Baki Ryuskaue : Lots of nice not true information.

Doddy BJ : Coach David Schultz? The one played by Mark Rufallo in the film Foxcatcher?

Utkrishta Thapa : The thumbnail looks like thanos

Jay Nukem : Mad respect for Kurt Angle. What an amazing story.

max 21 : Damn he lost his whole family but still managed to succeed in his career in wrestling

SvR2011XBOX360 : Kurt angle is wrestling royalty! :)

world peace : Kurt is the man.

Ben Simmons : Hard times breed hard men

Chrono : God bless Kurt and everyone going through trails and tribulations right now. Jesus be with us all.

naresh kocherla : he s short strong stone ever

Ali3n_Madn3ss_ : I respect kurt angle so much now

Beefy Mcwhatnow : But did you know he won a Olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck???????????

Mr Beast : Kurt angle is a Legnd. So many tragic stuff happened to him. He overcame it.

Bryan Pena : I now have more respect for this man, I never knew how much hes been through yet the success he yearned, Truly this man is a legend.

Danial Atif : Why he look like thanos in the thumbnail

Edward Ritacco : Interesting way to conclude your video

Icey _ : Holy crap he's been through Hell

Real Investing 200 : Never been a big fan of Kurt Angle. But have mad respect for him.

The Desk : Y' know, Kurt can be kinda scary sometimes, but he can also be kinda adorable... you could even say Angles kinda acute.

starvalentinobeatz : The Tragic Real-Life Story Of The White Wide-Neck Guy

killa krak 617 : Kurt always a Legend in my eyes !! But ain’t no SOB tougher than my father STONECOLD STEVE AUSTIN GIVE ME A HELLLLL YEAAAA!!

daj tans : He looks like thanos in the thumbnail

Boruto : I grew up hating him for no reason because of WWE

daniel danielov : Really strong man! Respect!!! Btw his neck is siiick!!!