The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Kurt Angle

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Grunge : Which wrestler should we feature next?

Njörður • : Imagine the motivation of trying to make your dead dad proud

Eye Vyke : 0:22 "thanks to a fatal freak accident" You guys used the word thanks? Maybe next time use the word "DUE to a fatal accident" Geez have some respect.

Macumbeiro : I'm glad he achieved what he wanted at the end, get all the infinity stones

Michael Naz : Kurt moved on from WWE. Now he is Thanos in the Marvel Universe.

andy chang : Man. His dad cracked his skull from falling 15 feet, and still walked himself to the hospital. See where he got his toughness from.

Generic : Kurt angle looks like a human pitbull

Miguel Sanchez : Always booed kurt, but now he has my respect

naxel37 : I miss judged Kurt so bad. I always saw him as a had it all kind of person. Reminds me not to Judge to quickly.

Flexb123 : You forgot the part where at the 2005 Arnold Classic Expo, Kurt, with a female on each arm in front of the convention center, got into the cab I was just exiting. Little did he, or the females know,. There hovering in the cab, was a fart so powerful, even the cab driving was choking! As I walked away I made sure to look back, and there was Kurt and the 2 females, choking and coughing, as they shook their heads! I know he hasn't forgotten it.. and to this day the smell still lingers and haunts him! lol

Chrono : God bless Kurt and everyone going through trails and tribulations right now. Jesus be with us all.

Chris Perciavalle : I hated his character in WWF, which I guess was the point since he was a heel. But he's actually a really nice/good person. I'm a recovering addict from Pittsburgh. About 5 years now. One of my buddies in recovery met Kurt Angle and had told Kurt about his struggles since he knew Kurt had dealt or was dealing with the same thing. Kurt Angle actually gave my buddy his personal phone number and they would talk on the phone about recovery and their struggles, almost like a sponsor/sponsee relationship. They carried on a good relationship for a while but ended up just losing touch, I think after one of them relapsed. I forget all the circumstances he told me. But the point of the story is that Kurt Angle, a celebrity, took the time to help a total stranger in his recovery process and carry on a relationship. That's a good caring person right there, especially when giving out your phone number as a celebrity carries some risk. I just wanted to share that anecdote about him and hope someone took the time to read this. And hope that it will give someone dealing with addiction some hope, or just restore a little bit of someone's faith in humanity. Also: Christ, how do you fall 15 feet, crack your head open, and then walk your ass to the hospital. Some of us Pittsburgh mill hunks are some tough bastards.

Hitesh Guruswamy : This man doesn’t get the respect which he deserves.

goodshow man : he looks like Thanos,He should have played Thanos instead

TheSuperMarioBros2 : "The Tragic Story of Shoenice22"

Boruto : I grew up hating him for no reason because of WWE

MCLovin ' : Drugs are destroying people left and right

19NIGHTS : Randomly in your recommended?

Raumy Urena : Wow...I can see where Kurt gets his intensity from...His pops walked to the hospital with a broken freaking skull...

Noah King : How much pain can a man go through

Lun Hing : Bruh his neck is the same size as his head lol

SPARXX : I'm not gone lie his father was a very very strong man to get up and walk it off to the hospital... very strong R.I.P. TO HIM💪🏿 THAT AINT GO UNNOTICED!!!

Candi Soda : I thought mcman was his dad for some reason lol.

Mikacool : He's a winner. That's all what needs to be said.

Obama Trump : He is a Legend in my books . One of the best ever.

Aaron Smith : Still can’t believe he was tapped out by Brendon Conlin... the physics teacher!!!

Yousef Ahmed : Can we talk about the high points of his life 😂👑💪🏾🤩😎

Knotty God : Damn, I feel bad for how much I used to make fun of him growing up. I never knew he had such a rough life

Thunda1986 : Real life superhero origin story

Noman Javed : 'Hurt' Angle

Diogo Rocha : The thumbnail made me realize that he is thanos. Stay woke people


The Songs : Kurt 'Thanos' Angle

Sheriff Buford T Gainzz : But did you know he won a Olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck???????????

Feras Khan : Guy looks like a thumb

Jason May : Thats a truck load of hardship. wow

tryfe10 : Kurt Angle is a true inspiration! True heart of a champion, heart of an amazing person. His story speaks for itself. No matter what do what ever it takes to succeed in life through all the pain and be humble always. Be thankul for every loss that lead you to victory.

verison9.5 : Kurt Angel is one of the strongest men out there

daj tans : He looks like thanos in the thumbnail

molly Puett : *THANOS IS THAT U*

Bryan Pena : I now have more respect for this man, I never knew how much hes been through yet the success he yearned, Truly this man is a legend.

lukey strain : pure respect is what this man deserves

Ben Simmons : Hard times breed hard men

Papito Cache : Thats crazy i never knew he was partners with Dave Schultz

DaOg Bigmac : his biggest setback is being bald

Daniel Castro : Damn he lost his whole family but still managed to succeed in his career in wrestling

sonnypop 691 : Kurt I love you with all my heart. Im sorry ive been wrong about you. God bless you and if you make it thru the night, theres a brighter day.

Subliminal Ent. : Holy crap he's been through Hell

Smudgy : People that say "frickin" lose all credibility. So you're telling me this grown man named Kurt says frickin like a 10 year old?

starvalentinobeatz : The Tragic Real-Life Story Of The White Wide-Neck Guy