The Ultimate Movie Spit-Take Mashup
Spit takes are the highest form of comedy

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Micah Newman : Suggestion: Give the title of the movie in each clip.

sheepwolf2004 : I wonder what it would be like to do spit takes in zero gravity

RichTee Works : "Gasoline!" 2:38

Ready Player Two : 3:16 HOT! TOO HOT!

Rachel N. Spaterost : My reaction to Leo finally winning an Oscar

Jack Pierce : 2:12 R.I.P. Alan Rickman.

BloodylocksBathory : One of the best spit-takes I've ever seen wasn't really in a movie. Nathan Lane did it excellently on Inside the Actor's Studio.

Fred Garvin : Mostly hysterical compilation but a good portion of these are NOT spit-takes.  You must see or be told something outrageous while you're drinking which causes you to spit it out. Spitting out something that tastes awful is NOT a spit-take. Sorry to split hairs...

Ittle DewPlaysMC : what movie is the one with the hospital scene at 0:26?

LaneyOfLimerick : Can you guys do a puking mash up and a cuffing on the head mash up. I would LOVE that!!

The Dude With The Hat N.2 : 1:29 what movie was that?

Jerry Williams : You left out the best spit-take of all time, hands down: Jim Carrey in Me, Myself, and Irene. Seriously. It's probably the longest spit-take ever as well.

Anastasia Egorova : Second one is so epic.


Pandas are cool : Christmas vacation when Eddie says he's staying for a month.

Robbie Walker : 1:21 - 1:25: I call it the "Cool... WAIT WHAT?!?" Spit Take.

justin fleming : Best one was the 1997 Disney comedy Rocketman when he spit out that hemorrhoid cream when he thought it was mashed potatoes lol

DeLEET Titan : One of my favorite tropes of all time

hanscombe72 : Had no idea this was called a spit take until I saw an episode of Studio 60 and the sunset strip. Funny to see Matthew Perry doing a spit take in this mashup.

KingParanha : can i get a list of all the movies in this???

Alan Ray Locklear : Funniest one was from "Kangaroo Jack"

TheTomsdrc : Spit takes are hard to pull off correctly.

Doggieman1111 : Legendary comedic device... goes back to Shakespeare.

Swift Umbra : Doing this is at the top of my bucket list.

paragonjones13 : Well, good to know the Muffington Post approves of this video.

Dr Parnassus : Kevin Spacey being a pervert feels much less funny now.

msdonnanobleuk : The one from Dogma isn't really a spit take.  He was spitting out the tequila because seraphims aren't allowed to drink, but he liked the taste.

undine66770 : 0:31 - What show/movie is it?

earthquake pills : Outstanding!

Micah Newman : 4:16 - also seen in: Tribute to 80s Movie Bullies

pgh45rpms : Left out Danny Thomas, master of the spit take.

goog le : I saw one today that was a hybrid of a spit take and projectile vomiting. Quite interesting. :-D

Jose Chavez : The 'Coming to America' one is the best!

Danny Lee : Don’t Forget Looney Tune Back in Action Area 52 Scene.

Mike Dang : Movie at 2:30?

Blood Moon Phoenix Rising : How did I find this video from 4chan.? That's so Random

The Way of Tomorrow : Movie at 2:25?

SpeedyEric1 : Movies that I spit-taked to so far: Back to the Future, Young Frankenstein, Airplane 1 & 2, Blazing Saddles, Monster Squad, Blazzing Saddles, The Big Lebowski, Dumb & Dumber, Daredevil, Sword in the Stone, Chicken Run, Minority Report, The Mummy (1999), Look Who's Talking, Spaceballs, and Batman Returns.

SmurfStorm and Rod Torque Redline : 3:28 Monsters vs aliens 1:47 Ratatouille


Foodfangirl : What is the movie at around :49-:50?

Kevin Marlowe : Nevermind I found it

Nathan Dunlap : me at the blue fig bubble gum under the seat

Jawan Thomas : 1:12 lmao what movie is that?

DJ.TK.Kobra.17 : What is muff diving? I don't get it, still a kid

Tyreace Daniels : Saw Movie

Kevin Marlowe : What music is at 0:36?

FlukeDogg08 : I died laughing. XD

OzzyTheGiant : PFFFTTT!!!!!!!