Dude Gives His Girlfriend Screenshots Of Her Cheating As A Valentines Day Gift!

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rwplm : You can tell what our society has turned into when almost half of the comments is trying to defend her cheating on him.

Dammitimmad : Bruh did he record this using a microwave

Matthew Norris : She smiles the whole time. What a sociopath.

Raymond Jameson : She looks like one of those college *Thots* that be having glitter all on her body while getting double penetrated on a daily basis.

Raymond Jameson : Any *Man* that defends this woman is a *Simp*

Benjamin Chiok : "i know you dont care because youre a WHOOORE"

JonesDK : People keep saying “ i dont understand why people defend this woman “ and i havent seen 1 comment where they defend her

Oppressed Media : Video starts at 3:40

da'ved velazquez : Wow she doesn’t care he did the right thing She’s a piece of shit And his wingman was amazing

Mook : She acted like it didn’t bother her. But as soon as she got in her car/in a comfortable place, she cried. Good job man

Knight-Sgt. Reyes : Even his homies were trashing that chick lol good for you dude!!!

xXWinningTheFightXx : She looks like she smells like Smirnoff and 3 different colognes

Fred Sanchious : I feel sorry for you dude, you went through all of that trouble, and she really doesn't care. Girl does that, just move on. You spent too much time an energy on her already

Drink Me : You can tell by her reaction that she never even loved you. She's a succubus and she'll be sitting alone someday/ somewhere crying. Wondering why she's alone.

Stephanie McAlea : Such a terrible thing to do. An evil act. Filming in portrait.

Andrew Parsons : *THOT* DETECTED

farko duomah : i was searching on "how to change the language on word office 2007" and i ended up here, whaaaaat

Mike B : *How can you tell if your girlfriend is a cheater ?...* *Well she will be covered in furry spots and will be able to run at 70mph*

Reddishroses 24 : This was filmed with the new ipotato x

Nobody : *B E G O N E T H O T*

卩卂尺丨卄卂尺丂ㄩ尺卂フ : That's the reason I want to be SINGLE FOREVER ****


The Trill : Why did this video blow up today when it is 2 years old ? lol

Nathaniel Mata : I would have smash. Then let my homie smashed. Then would have showed her the messages.

6Kine6tic6 ; : I would've smashed one last time.

Janiel Eldredge : Is this really the way you young people speak to each other? No wonder you all cheat on each other.

Unusual Suspects : It seems cheating has just become a normal part of relationships *sighs*

Aoi Kawasaji : She tries too hard to retain her smile at the end but you can clearly spot she was mentally paralyzed from being catch. She did not get away. She is losing her smile at 3:45

EightBitDeluxe : I know you don’t care cause you’re a _w h o r e_

Amine WOOF : *Man this dude is a LEGEND. Respect.*

5,000 subs with no videos : These hoes ain't loyal

Cuphead Wheeler : XD that's u cheating on me so get out of my house XD

Soda Ramen : It’s so sad. They look like a happy couple, but she can still be so damn cold... 😔😔😔

GamerGuy 36 : Just like to say i love these guys voice and his roomate

Wadrel : Cheating is bad. If you dont like your current bae, then just break up with him.. instead of cheating.😠

Sw499erB0iZ : dont blame her for cheating on you tho, you have a crappy personality.

sharon beckett : Hey all you testosterone filled "men" out there, I didn't say what she did was right, I only said he sounds vile and obviously spoke to her and probably other women the same way as if it is ok to sound like a child who always got his own way in life. Sad man

Famousdork : Begonus thotocus

I’m just me : That wingman deserves a trophy

TopNotch Idiots : Omgggggg you are the man!!!!!! I freaking love you bro!

Pagan Pilgrim : That felt like it backfired somehow. She looked defiant while he came across like a petty teenage boy

LittleArmyNut : She cried after you can tell lol

Badeswe : **inhale** _B E G O N E T H O T_

Маджик ман : “I don’t care” “Of course you don’t,because you’re a whooooooree” This comeback is quite clever

The Greek Pianist : What an immature, irresponsible SLUT!!!

Soul GoodMan : I would lead her with the eye covering outside the door an shut it....

Tyler Mcay : Best way to get revenge on a cheating girlfriend is to make her look stupid... I think he did it right

Javier Valdepérez : Big time loser, been cheated and recording it on YouTube as some kind of revenge (?)

Ryan Maddugal : She just peeked and she said she didn’t 😤 ...SHE CHEATED!! Oh,wait..🤭🤣

Krust : why did we all get recommended this within an hour of each other? whats going on down there youtube?