Dude Gives His Girlfriend Screenshots Of Her Cheating As A Valentines Day Gift!

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Jungkook Hajima : She deserves it..

Legendary King : Viral video after 2 years yaya

Rob S : Hey, at least she left. I did something similar to an ex-girlfriend several years ago - I printed out her entire transcript to another man and handed them to her and all she did was blame me, asking why I was trying to ruin the relationship, and asked me for an apology. So at least she got up and left with no fussing or fighting.

Drew : she cheated because he still has the iPhone 4

Hiram Abiff From Sirius : Should of hulk smashed her one last time.

Frank Castle : *B E G O N E T H O T*

Steve Davis : 2 years late Jesus christ 😂

Dammitimmad : Bruh did he record this using a microwave

Merc Twmski : As the southern French like to say, Le 'BegoneThotte'

Raymond Jameson : Any *Man* that defends this woman is a *Simp*

rwplm : You can tell what our society has turned into when almost half of the comments is trying to defend her cheating on him.

Monkey D. Curtis : *B E G O N E T H O T!!!*

Denise T : Good riddance, she's not wife/mother material.

Jay busa : Should have busted a nut on her face and let her drive home naked....

Raymond Jameson : She looks like one of those college *Thots* that be having glitter all on her body while getting double penetrated on a daily basis.

Ryan Maddugal : She just peeked and she said she didn’t 😤 ...SHE CHEATED!! Oh,wait..🤭🤣

Nig Nog : Holy shit that was cringey

Oppressed Media : Video starts at 3:40

The Only Alpha Wolf : 2.1 million view famous And counting lol Legend says, She's still smiling to hide her shame

Dr_Vancouver : I dont like how he talks to his doggie :(

TopNotch Idiots : Omgggggg you are the man!!!!!! I freaking love you bro!

Kearis Agee : Why all of us 2 years late🤔😂

sharon beckett : Hey all you testosterone filled "men" out there, I didn't say what she did was right, I only said he sounds vile and obviously spoke to her and probably other women the same way as if it is ok to sound like a child who always got his own way in life. Sad man

jason bell : Fake


tom M : 4:21 Your friend is amazing.

g herbo : would have gave her one last facial !

Raccy : LoL she got salty... *B E G O N E T H O T*

I'm a Cat? Stop Lying : I'll smash

ilovetosinga : If I had a dollar for every pixel this video has I would have $.25

disko timo : well she is famous now

Panderz Ba Nanderz : For ppl who do not understand why the video did not work the way he wanted, here’s why: The problem with this video is that it is marketed incorrectly for what he is trying to do. In this video, we have too much time to get to know the “villain” and she comes across as sweet, bubbly, cute, and accommodating. The boyfriend tells her that he is “trying” to be sweet, he is mean to his dog, is impatient, and then WE SEE HIM do something mean to this girl that we have already come to know and like. We have HEARD she did something wrong but we SAW him do it.

Arthur Lewis : All that extravagance just because you caught her cheating. Shouldn't have went down to her level. Should have washed your hands of her and moved on. She feels justified now. Sad.

Rolando Velasquez : when a guy cheats its incorrect but when a girl is its ok?this world is messed up?shout out to this guy for exposing the truth

Matthew Norris : She smiles the whole time. What a sociopath.

Rakshith Prakash : Single 2018 squad

Bust Nutyear : Thot exterminated, thanks for your service brother.

Jamie Oliver : I can see why she cheated on you....

Rider's OBSESSion : This man sounds strong but deep inside hez broken into pieces...

muscles : Why can't people just be honest this was priceless


Ayaan Khan : There was no need for that!

Shalo Morgan : That heart transition tho.

Graff52 : That was hard to watch. But im very happy he did that, there are pkenty of good woman out there and now he can find a mature woman/

n136h : Guy sounds like an utter cunt

Kzee Auckland : bye bitch hahahaha

Kayla K : 3:33

Sherry Duggar : His nasty language would have made me leave. Long time before this!

ekahnoman : I like how she had no shame. She can't leave defeated, so she smiles and acts like "yeah so what".

Elizabeth Walker : I love the friend in the back <3