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Exposing Chinas Digital Dystopian Dictatorship

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China is marrying Big Brother to Big Data. Every citizen will be watched and their behaviour scored in the most ambitious and sophisticated system of social control in history. Matthew Carney reports. Read more here: https://ab.co/2pdGFyp Watch Foreign Correspondent on iview: http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/foreign-correspondent SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/ABCNEWSAUS About Foreign Correspondent: Foreign Correspondent is the prime-time international public affairs program on Australia's national broadcaster, ABC-TV. We produce half-hour duration in-depth reports for broadcast across the ABC's television channels and digital platforms. Since 1992, our teams have journeyed to more than 170 countries to report on war, natural calamity and social and political upheaval – through the eyes of the people at the heart of it all. Connect with Foreign Correspondent: Like Foreign on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABCForeignCorrespondent Follow Foreign on Twitter: https://twitter.com/foreignofficial Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Terms of Use http://www.abc.net.au/conditions.htm (Section 3). This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel


Bob Duff : China is the testing ground. The surveillance state is rolling out worldwide. This is what the 5g is for.

Elle Kharitou : this is literally a black mirror episode. this world is just getting worse and worse.


Luís Direito : I'm honestly sick of this modern, hyper technological, digital, and connected society. This is no living. I don't care about being safer if that means I'm not free. Animals in zoos are also safe. They don't face the horrors of the wilderness. But they're not free. They live unnaturally, they are not allowed to follow or even develop their natural instincts. This modern world is just pathetically sad.

Georgia Dixon : 1984... It’s happening!

Podge McLeod : Hong Kong isn't happy and this is a good reason.

Jaime Bejune : Creepy technology to keep the communist minded Borg elite and their system of corporate parasitism in power, No one asked for any of this.

Brendan : These people need to read 1984. I doubt they'd ever get the chance to read an uncensored version of it.

loooodoooog : I bet those in the top can buy as much booze drugs or sex workers as they please. Without it affecting their score

Nick : You trade all your privacy away to save on a hotel deposit. Only those who have never experienced freedom could ever do that. Very Sad...


Daniel : "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever" George Orwell

Mibu : How many thousands tens of thousands students and their parents were killed by the communist chinese gov in 1989 June the 3rd on the Tianmen square in Beijing to STOP this kind of idiotic hysterical and paranoid behavior by the high and mighty so they can do whatever they want and treat the people like robots, servants and slaves!!! THE BEAST FROM THE EAST!!!!

Michael Vivian : Wasn't this the plot to a Black Mirror episode?

Jim Coulter : Don't Laugh America, the Democrats are going to do it to you as they are Globalists and hate people that disapprove of their actions!

Newman Newmanz : Silicon Valley in US is moving step by step towards totalitarianism, it starts with PC and censorship.

Joey Battlefieldv2 : This is the greatest threat to freedom I have ever seen and btw if the people interviewed said anything bad about the system they would obviously have terrible credit. So who knows what the people actually think.

JiMemes : Those who value security over freedom deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin

Tobi Oyewumi : BLACK MIRROR!!!!

William Johnwon : Smile, look happy and don't complain. Definitely Orwellian.

Brdaley E : The scary thing, although data has changed man has not, Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Think what Hitler would have done with this availability.


Razor Blade : yall thought black mirror was joking huh

Honey Badger : Lets face it, China is an experiment the rest of the global 'leadership' is salivating over..

tuktu tuktu : oh my how shocking - AUSTRAILIA have been doing this for years

KOKKO MERI : As a Chinese I actually agree that these cameras are starting to get more and more involved with tracking individuals down, rather than providing security. In China most people live in residences, the residence which I live installed cameras at the entrance and exit gates and each time a car or a pedestrian passes, the camera flashes. By this simple flash the government can know what car you’re driving, who you are with on the car, the clothes you were wearing, when you came in and when you left. There are not only cameras everywhere, but the police is also tracking your internet history. My mom bought some fertilizer from the Alibaba website (taobao), few days later a cop showed up at our house asking why we needed fertilizer for and suspected that we were making bombs or explosive stuff. They sure over imagine things, but it’s also scary to know that they know every single detail of what you’ve done online. There was a while I think a year ago, where there was a big international conference called the G20 I think, that took place in Beijing. Around that time the government shut the whole express delivery down, and many people selling things online or who bought stuffs online and who were living in Beijing had a pretty hard time. They couldn’t neither mail nor receive a package, which to me shows how the government didn’t take in consideration the needs of the people and valued their own needs above everyone elses. It’s the same for these cameras, who knows whether it’s used to protect you or to track you down.

Marcos Diógenes : There's nothing democratic about spying on and discriminating people like that. As a computer science student fascinated and passionate about the concepts of smart cities and the internet of things, I find this system to be repulsive and tyrannical. This does not represent the benefits those concepts can bring to our society and only serves to make people afraid of advancements in this area. Shame on the people behind this dictatorship.

edwin storz : Hello America, it's already here and has been for years!

DiscoSamuraiGuy : You are telling me if I have a party at home and ordered 25 cases of beer for my guests, I will be classified as 'dependant' because of a purchase? This is a terrible idea. I like my tasty dependant beer.

PhantomPain74 MZR : Every breath you take, every move you make, every bound you break, every step you make, i will watching you ....

Blossom Bouquet : The mark of the beast is here. No one will be able to buy nor sell without the mark. It is litetally--literally the end of the world.

Alain Koch : this system is far to dangerous to be used. not only does it get impossible for the lower class to work themselves up, while the rich get additional benefits, but the biggest problem is that not even the government today can know who will be in power in the future. maybe xi’s goals are really what he claims, to i prove chinas economy and wealth, but he wont live forever. its impossible to predict what the intentions of his processor will be... the only thing that is predictable is that he will have unlimited power over the people. if he’s interest will be only to benefit himself, and not the country, nobody could stop him.

MrOvertoad : Think of the positive side, when a Chinese citizen visits your country as a tourist and behaves badly, you can report them to their social credit system...

wot mate : This is just like an episode of black mirror but becoming reality scary..

Afi Sawlem : This is simply modern day slavery.

Noel Williams : this feels like watchdogs in real life.

Jeffrey Richardson : Truth is stranger than fiction it seems in this video. George Orwell wrote 1984.

joe John : This is hell on earth

John P Aguirre : Disgusting.

Thepriest39 : We thought the KGB of old Russia was bad.

Al Brathwaite : Do these people enjoy being robots or what?

Byron Brimstone : Westerner: "Oh, but that thing with the journalist, that would NEVER happen here!" Two words: Julian Assange.

MONSOON RISING : So the rich got new toys to control the population, what devilish plan to overwhelm the whole society with fear.

Jason Swartzbaugh : You are not a number, period! Even our credit system is nothing more than control. Being prosperous has nothing to do with a number.

moonlim33 : China is doing it too openly; other countries are doing too secrectly.

Eddie Dagher : This episode of Black Mirror looks great...

blu arty : AI: You've bought too much alcohol, -10 points You: It's for a party, why did I get -10? AI: Questioning authority, -10 points You: I wasn't questioning authority, I'm sorry, can you please give me my points back. AI: Still talking?, -10 points. You: FUCK YOU, WTF?! I didn't do anything! AI: Civil disobedience, -10 points, Disorderly conduct, -10 points, Profanity x2, -20 points. Please kneel and apologize for credit. You: *kneel*, I'm sorry.... AI: Facial recognition shows you're apology is not sincere, -10 points.

Bang Pow Boom : its just an wink for our future even in the western society if wen dont learn self-reliance and understand that Governments are not working for us people! wake up! xD

Indika Gunaratne : Not sure if the comments are filled with Chinese people who are stupid/brainwashed enough to try defending social credit scores and concentration camps or if they are just fake accounts paid for by the Chinese government, either way, reading the comments makes this even scarier