Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

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Mystic Books : This sort of system start with safety but end up being used for all the wrong reasons against their own people. Credit system is never going to work as desired. Some can act as a cog but not all.

Anton Petrov : this needs more views! such a brilliant way of summarizing the hell that's forming in China and is affecting some of my close friends

African Rule : This is some scary shit!

TalesOfGod : Wait a second, didn't the Nazis and the Soviets try to do this in the past? Seems like a horrible idea but the people supporting it are worse.

ConcealCarryProtect : Alex Jones doesn't seem so crazy now.

Cameron Osborne : No Chinese person will criticize this because criticizing the government will cost you points.

Son of Jacob : Anybody who is ok with the government monitoring their shopping basket is truly fkd in the head

jab16399 : How can China's social credit score not be a crime against humanity?

CNN SUCKS : Everyone watching this video got docked 10 points and labeled un-trustable.

kathleen smith : Listening to that young Chinese Woman, she should read Benjamin Franklin quote --- "Those that give up their freedom for safety, will soon find that they have neither" --- she is a very naive woman if she thinks it is appropriate for a country to do this.

Honey Badger : Lets face it, China is an experiment the rest of the global 'leadership' is salivating over..

MK8 Master! : This is not a good idea. At all!

Ziheng Lin : 别觉得这只是中国 英国在采购中国的监控设备 欧盟也在配合建立全球信用机制 人类被全面奴役的时代也许开始 Don't regard it as only happening in China. GB is also purchasing monitoring system from China when the EU is enhancing credit system all over the world. The time when the human comprehensively becomes slave might have already initiated.

Georgia Dixon : 1984... It’s happening!

Walid : Facebook and Google are jealous now

J M : Everyone who champions social media for banning controversial topics are ok'ing this type of system in the usa. These are merely the first steps into a full blown chinese style censorship.

J C : This is the slave mentality in China, everyone is treated as slaves they must unquestionably obey their masters the communist party. China hasn’t evolved from the ancient feudal past where citizens are considered slaves and sacrificial subjects to their rulers, emperors and warlords. It’s true Chinese people are happy slaves they never value freedom

Anatolia : you literally can't be against this and for completely silencing people like Alex Jones.

daz nez : Coming to every single 'developed' country on earth, soon. 5G, IoT, Smart everything, cctv, etc.

John Ta : This is a worst nightmare than any episode of black mirror

DiscoSamuraiGuy : You are telling me if I have a party at home and ordered 25 cases of beer for my guests, I will be classified as 'dependant' because of a purchase? This is a terrible idea. I like my tasty dependant beer.

belthazormn1 : The world is turning into an Orson Wells novel

Mi6Bagpuss : Wait till they start using the blacklisted people as true slaves or scientific testing samples or killing them or using them as organ donors. That's what's coming next...

NowM : Screw that, imagine about having to worry 24/7 about the most trivial things like what you buy every single day. Anyone with half a brain can tell that isn't a good idea for anyone. Its like people addicted to social media likes and stuff, just with way higher stakes that have real repercussions.

Kien Nguyen : "we will be rich, DEMOCRATIC, cultural, harmonious and beautiful". What an oxymoron to call a system like this democratic. It's a dictatorship if anything.

K V : They have all those cameras but still cant find morality.

Ryan James : If only Orwell and Huxley could see the world today.

Kata Fekszi : Just like in Orwells 1984..in a democratic humanist society this should be illegal..they look so happy to give away their personal information to the government.. btw who decides what is good and what is not? Do you need to be shopaholic to get a good score? Why does buying nappies make you a good person and buying alcohol a bad person?Eating and torturing sentient animals alive does not make you a bad person but buying alcohol does? BUY, DO NOT THINK, OBEY? Sounds like a crap future for me.. but of course it's great for the govt. so that spying is made easy and legal.. I wonder if eating bears alive, dogs, cats and each other counts as a bad score...I rather live out my life in the forest than living in a society like this.. it is an episode from black mirror...

tonebenderx : Uses terms like "democratic" and "free" without any understanding what they actually mean. It's scary to see people willfully enter the cages that are being built to keep them under control.

Hello Corp : Black Mirror

Panda FPV : I don’t know what I hate more, the spying or the people who agree with it.

Kevin Cservid : This made me physically ill. If this were ever implemented in Canada, I'd actually just kill myself. People have no idea how hard democracies fought for freedoms in the past, and this system showcases a form of social engineering of someone's entire life.

Tenzin Wangdu : The Communist China is very brutal and evil. I can say that it’s feudalism in nature in the modern world. The surveillance system in Tibet and Uyghur is much worse than that in China. Just for small example, in fact the Chinese are allowed for their movement but it’s very much restricted for non- Chinese with the objective to destroy their cultures and brutalize their lives as in hell. The Communist Chinese government is very much barbaric, uncivilized and every evil in nature which there isn’t any other much worse country which’s much more worse than CCP. I wish and hope for the imminent collapse of CCP some day but that must happen eventually from Chinese after losing their trust and faith with their most corrupt and dictatorial regime!

Keltie Reiner : Is anyone at this point just scrolling down to read all the garbage comical chinese commenters saying "silly western people are just not greatful for government" NPCs are everywhere yo! The flouride has fried their brains

Kung Fu Dan : How many negative points for Philosophy or Bible reading?

Atopico8 : Watch Dogs 3 is looking amazing.

Grand Theft Avocado : 5:32, this chick drives a BMW which ISN'T Chinese made. Negative points for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Razak : Predicting anxiety and suicide rates will rise... this will not end well

Max D : _In the long run, never trade your freedom for security_

Michael Vivian : Wasn't this the plot to a Black Mirror episode?

alvinpetrovitch13 : These people are sick. If this doesn't severely disturb you, that's a pretty strong indicator you're a died in the wool communist. This is the fastest and surest way to deny every person in china their individualism, privacy, culture. It's the prison state, and it's coming to the west as well. Read 1984 and tell me this doesn't sound familiar.

Love Unlimited : This is not the way to a good future of freedom, liberty and justice. Thank you for sharing this with me, in my ignorance I had no idea that this was actually transpiring already. I refuse to live in a world dictated by this type of lunacy and will defend Australia in any way that is required of me. I love my country, family and the beautiful life that Australia is for this to ever be allowed to threaten that beautiful life.

Mish : The girl with the fantastic social score is a sociopath. Completely oblivious to what she is doing.

Ionor Rea's Tech Evolution Archive : China is opening new nationwide attraction, 1984 theme park... Come visit to see what may future bring also to your country...

Mashoto Shaku : Those who sacrifice freedoms for security deserve neither.

Polar Pi : What they are proposing is an open air prison. Literally making all Chinese prisoners. The number one key to happiness I think is freedom, I would rather die than live in a world like that. Already, the US feels like prison and this is just a freaking nightmare.

iiiDartsiii : The chinese people will just let their country turn into north korea.

AirSandFire : Her score dropped by 200 for appearing in this video.

lenny004975 : this is basically Black Mirror

NPC007 : To me this looks like the modern day solution to religion. Before technology they had to teach us there’s a god in the sky watching our every move so we had to act “good” to get to heaven. Now no one believes that, so they made an actual thing that’s always watching you and judging every action you make.