Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

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Mystic Books : This sort of system start with safety but end up being used for all the wrong reasons against their own people. Credit system is never going to work as desired. Some can act as a cog but not all.

jayinmonochrome : America would do this, except they wouldn’t tell us until they got caught

Michael Vivian : Wasn't this the plot to a Black Mirror episode?

Killing Moon : This is literally what happened in an episode of Black Mirror

Panda FPV : I don’t know what I hate more, the spying or the people who agree with it.

Marcus W : “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin

Tobi Oyewumi : BLACK MIRROR!!!!

BYC616 : While you're watching this, Peter Dutton is introducing a law that give government access to all your online information, so how about focusing on Australia instead of China ABC?

Amit Kumar : Completely scary.. It looks more like a handful of rulers are going to enslave the whole population. I abhor strong states.

LensterL : What most people are ignorant about is that all these are already happening in US for a long time. The US gov and the top 1%'s methods are just not as blatantly open and not as technologically advanced. The rich leveraging on credit and the poor depending on debt, credit score system, 2 party political system, surveillance, social media dependency, state-influenced media company, are all real and have strong influence on the society's growth direction. If you want to call out China, first think about what's happening around you.

Saint Olga : It's crazy that some are defending this in the comments. I suppose as an American I could never even grasp such government overreach

Saint Olga : Chinese social credit score / surveillance AI used to oppress entire ethnicity in country > but lady thinks it's cool because she gets a discount on car payment. #China

nukem270 : This is some of the scariest shit I've ever seen.


kathleen smith : Listening to that young Chinese Woman, she should read Benjamin Franklin quote --- "Those that give up their freedom for safety, will soon find that they have neither" --- she is a very naive woman if she thinks it is appropriate for a country to do this.

Afiq Hamid : Black Mirror

A D : everyone who's saying this is good - have you ever made financial or social mistakes at 18? 21? 26? this system would ensure that such mistakes would follow you for the rest of your life and make it much, much harder to get a job or find a place to live. in no way is that good

Josh Lovegood : If you haven't already, read Orwell's 1984. We shouldn't be arguing about whether this report was bias to Western culture or not, we should be talking about how frighteningly close we are to living in an Orwellian Nightmare. "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide, is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." Edward Snowden

Rob Robinson737 : This is just terrible, never trust a government that has an obsession with mass surveillance, how can the Chinese go along with this?

MrSinn : Prime example of hypocrisy from ABC news Australia. The Australian government is making encryption illegal so as to spy on its own citizens. Deal with your own survalance state ABC news before you come knocking on China's door. This propaganda exercise is a 'look over there' stunt.

Official RedVenom : As if I needed another reason to not move to China.

djordjem : This is what happens when you have huge technological advancement without embracing liberal values of personal freedom.

MikeUChannel : Everyone in China should try to get blacklisted. This is the way to make sure this system never lasts.

Mashoto Shaku : Those who sacrifice freedoms for security deserve neither.

Elmer J Fapp : well i know where im not gonna go for a vacation

bechir high : I love this new Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

Lupusk9 Entertainment : wow black mirror is real

M3TA : Perfect system for corruption to grow. How? Because you might be a goody goody two shoes most of your life...but then one day you are asked to do something that you don't want to do (maybe your employer), and then they threaten to lower your score through blackmail (because you are NOT PERFECT and if EVERYTHING you do is recorded then it's easy to find some dirt on you). It's all good and fun until you faced with a decision that goes against what your controllers want you to do. Plus, digital media and data can be fabricated...even video of you will be easy to fake in the very near future — if not already. Think about that. They can just make shit up if they need it. ;)

Tigerex966 : Everyone there is scared to speak against their country, because of what can happen to them and their love ones.

TheColdWarVeteran : My question is: Who is watching the watchers? With this Big Brother type system, the potential for government corruption will be magnified to astronomical proportions. Any attempt at social change or even freedom of personal behavior, outside of party lines, can be punished without explanation, thereby effectively freezing social change or even natural behavior. Anyone who stands behind this type of digital-severance-society has already been brainwashed as to have complete and utter faith in the infallibility of the state. We can only ask ourselves, "Who's next?"

wot mate : This is just like an episode of black mirror but becoming reality scary..

Maritsa Hussain : This system expects people to act like robots. It deprives people of emotions. We can all have a bad day or a meltdown. Does that mean we should be punished for been human?

Pine Needles : It’s just like Black Mirror omg

Domenico Delli-Carri : Just follow the rules, never question and smile. Eat, go to work, spend money, go to slip. Repeat.

Andy Wolf : chinese people are basically cannon fodder for the chinese government to use them as they like .

Eagle Eye : This is scary

Mandana Shoemaker : They do that in US as well.

PWiz30 : Black Mirror. Now in non-fiction.

1 Swagger : The Chinese people might be getting richer but they're definitely becoming less free.

zombiekush760 : Look at all these chinese bots on here.

Formitius : This isn't Western propaganda this is facts this is really happening in China who's denying that this is happening no one This very system is the same system that you see in George Orwell's 1984 and 1984 is eventually what this system becomes the constraints and bindings on the rules of society become Tighter and Tighter until everyone is beating down to a dimmer and Dumber state with no true freedom

The Laughing Rabbit : Of course the privileged people would want it, they gain benefits that those they think beneath them won't get.

rosefrog S : Ultimate dictatorship

MByzance : A side from the fact that a system like this can be easily manipulated by anyone with the power to do so it seems. (Like in Leo the blacklisted Journalists case) The sort of quasi- religious, state controlled, big brother system that encourages the entire population of a country to judge each other and dictate a persons value purely based on the summation of their mistakes and good behaviour is completely destructive to the social fabric of a society and will only widen the gap in peoples ability to connect and function with each other, forge true/deeper relationships with others and practice true compassion and empathy for their fellow people. when you can rid a society of this kind of fundamental/essential part of its 'humanity'. Then you can easily treat people like they're not people (people just like you, with all the potential for good and sometimes for mistakes) It will only create a moral class system that everyone is forced by the state to take part in. Its like mixing all the worst parts of socialism, communism, capitalism and poorly practiced religious belief (with strong proclivities towards self righteousness and moralism) into one big mess. Show less

chokinonashes61 : The interviewer says in a lot of countries the guy who solves crimes and exposes corruption would be celebrated. Look how the hero Edward Snowden was treated. The illusion of freedom is preferable to our governments.

Jacob Schweiger : China is a hudge threat to freedom I seea very dark future ahead of us.

Fisher Peace : Ever heard of Snowden?

Horens Millers : Black Mirror , it has begun.

Olivia Mantrano : No wonder China has a president for life. Dictatorship at its peak!

Shane Walker : Those willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither.