Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

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Mystic Books : This sort of system start with safety but end up being used for all the wrong reasons against their own people. Credit system is never going to work as desired. Some can act as a cog but not all.

Jerame Nicholson : Those who sacrifice liberty for safety will end up with neither.

TheEightyFith : Gotta love the braindead chinese people in the comments defending a real life version of 1984


Voice of Dissent : *Black Mirror*

TalesOfGod : Wait a second, didn't the Nazis and the Soviets try to do this in the past? Seems like a horrible idea but the people supporting it are worse.

J M : I'm so glad I wasn't born in China. I feel for these people, this system is disturbing

AirSandFire : Her score dropped by 200 for appearing in this video.

Super Slav : You live under constant surveillance, false security and lack of freedom for deposit coupons?!?!

Papo Nuny : I love how everyone is brainwashed, believing more power to the government will actually "protect" them. History has shown that the more power a government has, the more corrupt. "If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~Goerge Washington~

kathleen smith : Listening to that young Chinese Woman, she should read Benjamin Franklin quote --- "Those that give up their freedom for safety, will soon find that they have neither" --- she is a very naive woman if she thinks it is appropriate for a country to do this.

Bill Pii : You'll feel safer until the day the government decides it doesn't like you anymore and then with a push of a button you are discredited and arrested and they won't have any trouble finding you.

Robert Stopa : A psychological prison.

Nixatra : George Orwell was right all along...

Hera Hagstoz : Reminds me of that Black Mirror episode where people are ranked by social likes and credits; lose the credits and you lose your life basically. This is yet another horrible social experiment controlling people to behave. This is going to cause so much pain and suffering and brutality will follow. Micromanaging people has never turned out well in the end.

daz nez : Coming to every single 'developed' country on earth, soon. 5G, IoT, Smart everything, cctv, etc.

TheMrgoodmanners : this is why the US and other western govts are against huawei and other chinese owned corporations

Skylar Kadambi : That Dan Dan woman only likes this system because it’ll benefit her and her family and give them privileges other people can’t have access to and therefore put them on top of the pyramid! And of course she ‘married for love’... except also for social status and security because her husband is a communist party cardre! 🙄 When you ‘rate’ people on what they choose to do in their private lives you’re taking away an integral freedom they were born with! This is just a dictatorship state, where people are just utilities to the government 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

velli deer : "The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not dream of escape. A system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, slaves would love their servitude." Aldous Leonard Huxley

Jonah Cutler : 1984 was right.

Anton Petrov : this needs more views! such a brilliant way of summarizing the hell that's forming in China and is affecting some of my close friends

The offend-able Cuck : I can’t believe people are defending this. Saying things like “no more crime“. The criminals are going to be the ones behind the cameras, controlling everything about your life. We will give up our freedom to thunderous applause in the name of security. The Global Technocracy is rising. Consume, reproduce, *OBEY*

Stone Trench : This reminds me of North Korea

Razor Blade : yall thought black mirror was joking huh

Acid smokemachine : Whats new, the chinese are masters of oppression , shame people don't have the balls to make change.

Son of Jacob : Anybody who is ok with the government monitoring their shopping basket is truly fkd in the head

Mokusam : Black Mirror anyone? It's wrong, it just is, creeping on peoples everyday habits and routines and scoring their social compliance imposed by the government. I don't understand that culture but I am amazed they are so... soft and agreeable. There is no justice in a system where people can't voice their concerns and opinions, without them being flagged and punished for it, and where there is only one truth and only government holds that truth as a norm that must be followed.

Sleepy Cat : Chinese are more stupid than i thought, they genuinely believe that they will all be rich just because their president said so.

American Vineyard : Obviously the chinese people saying its good will get bad social credit if they dont lol.

CCP : What is the point of living if you spend every waking second trying to be a "model citizen" through someone else's lens?

MK8 Master! : This is not a good idea. At all!

Kata Fekszi : Just like in Orwells 1984..in a democratic humanist society this should be illegal..they look so happy to give away their personal information to the government.. btw who decides what is good and what is not? Do you need to be shopaholic to get a good score? Why does buying nappies make you a good person and buying alcohol a bad person?Eating and torturing sentient animals alive does not make you a bad person but buying alcohol does? BUY, DO NOT THINK, OBEY? Sounds like a crap future for me.. but of course it's great for the govt. so that spying is made easy and legal.. I wonder if eating bears alive, dogs, cats and each other counts as a bad score...I rather live out my life in the forest than living in a society like this.. it is an episode from black mirror...

jimnastyx2 : Which season of black mirror is this?

bangmeister2012 : China has implemented it but you know the West isnt too far behind. The US gov would salivate at the chance to have that in place

man work : China absolutely in《1984》by George Orwell

moonlim33 : China is doing it too openly; other countries are doing too secrectly.


James Mandal : How is this different from NSA, CIA and MI6 surveillance programs that tracks all data? I'm not rooting for China but singling out China is just biased and racist.

ExtravagantFragrance : They are complete fools for excepting this. It's prison without physical chains and bars.

Cameron Osborne : No Chinese person will criticize this because criticizing the government will cost you points.

Cloud : I stripped my freedom away and look I don't have to pay a deposit for renting a car!!! I don't drive but look at my artificial score!!! Oh boy am I sure glad I joined the mindless horde! I heard of a new program where the government manages all of your money for you and I will be signing up soon! God forbid I have the right to think for myself.

Mish : The girl with the fantastic social score is a sociopath. Completely oblivious to what she is doing.

KanedaSyndrome : We can't let china gain more influence in the world.

Crystal Corpse : This black mirror episode is insane !

Panda FPV : I don’t know what I hate more, the spying or the people who agree with it.

Bamboozled : All these cameras make me feel safer....Yet... "I don't like what the person eats" - Docking 15 pts..."This person doesn't shop enough to contribute to the economic growth..." - Docking 5pts "This person doesn't work out enough" - Docking 40pts "I don't like what this person said on social media" - Docking 80pts.... So your "safety" has become a reality that is dictated who you should be as a person by someone else, having nothing to do with safety.....I don't see a problem with this at all... great idea!....smh. Pretty sure that Suicide Forest in China will be at max capacity caused by sever depression and anxiety in no time or a civil war with the millions on the blacklist....lifeless dictated human robots in the making.

Zitronen Sorbet : "They took our voice samples. Then our fingerprints were taken. After that they began the facial analysis" JUST LIKE APPLE.

Ech04Freedom : Those who SACRIFICE essential LIBERTY for limited security, deserve neither.

Robert Stopa : The Chinese always seem to be looking for a positive in this,... there's no way to sell this.! This tells me that your government sees you as a threat and liability rather than a asset... and what a horrible thing that says about the people governing you.

ConcealCarryProtect : Alex Jones doesn't seem so crazy now.