1 Adult Swim Intro Old People
adult swim officially launched 18 years ago this month September 2nd 2001 The original intro brings back a lot of nostalgia

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sodakproud : I was at my Apartment in college when this started to air. Loved every minute of it.

herecomesthescience : Jamie pull up that Adult Swim Intro

Simon Verzak : I remember back when I was only 7-8 years old I'd stay up watching Cartoon Network until it eventually switched over to Adult Swim- I grew up watching Inuyasha and Family Guy because of that. I think I loved the Adult Swim content more than I did the daytime cartoons, despite not being even half-way to being a legal adult

M&C Gaming : Things I didn't know I needed to know.

Nichole Clemente : I love whoever saved and posted this. So awesome and nostalgic.

Carlos Trevizo : I was only 7 but it btings back so many memories

Ellie Adkinson : I was in a hotel room with my family the night that Adult Swim premiered. I got to see its very first program, an episode of HOME MOVIES. The very first time. Ever. Still an iconic moment for me.

James Bobo : "all kids out of the pool" i remember this like it was yesterday

CyberRonin : I remember seeing this when it aired back in the day.. Man I'm old..

Jay Hedley : Whose here from reddit?

Marah Maram : I remember being a bit too young and having no idea what these intros were about

yummyjackalmeat : ah yes, home movies and ATHF were some great early shows.

Dustballguy : That theme!

captinkrunk101 : All I know is back then when adult swim came on I knew another episode of swat cats wasn't coming on for the rest of the night so I just went

Rekutsko : Holy crap, I was young but my brother let me watch it with him. We used to watch Home Movies, until anime like Case Closed and Inuyasha came on, I remember getting hooked on those so quick. Sealab 2021 was a jam.

Jasmine Magee : Lol I dont remember the video but I remember the music

Reynaldo Justo II : It was TODAY, when I found out why its called "Adult Swim"!!!!

Captain Self-Destruct : Holy shit I actually remember this

Hashbrowniepie : Even the little text segments between shows were good.

Lutzum Zazzarax : So much 90's vibes.

Scott Hutchison : I miss this

MagicianMovies1992 : This is the network I want my animated series of my future horror movie Dr Killer to be on titled Dr Killer The Series.

MrPerezOP : This beat gang.

Quaima Boylan : This sign doesnt say adult swim! No kids allowed! It says Adult Swim? No, kids allowed!😂. Big time rush was a great show


Sikisan : Adult swim will always be the best

orc001 : I feel like I remember this

al spears : Man I missed that music!

Sikisan : All my lifee

MrYouarethecancer : These were the classic bumpers and the good lineup. Before the shit shows they got now.

F : Spaceghost Coast to Coast was where its at

psycold : I remember how long it took me to realize the robot avatar guy who introduced Toonami after Adult Swim was Steve Blum (Spike from Cowboy Bebop and A LOT more).

burnzy3210 : 9/2 > 9/11

ZenMasterKai : Came from reddit

Torquosis LivingManPerson : DangerDoom

Lisa Lisa : Classic

BCloWns3 : It all started when I first saw The Bark Show. Zorak was singing "I'm gonna kick your ass"....at my late grandmother house.....right in front of all my cousins, aunts, uncle, and parents in shock......I was 7....it was hysterically odd

Javier Alejandro Maldonado Sarti : Buena rola.

Indiana bones 117 : I miss childhood

Battlemage0 : Nice

Estela Popoca : Is in toon Disney

Internet Police : I'm glad we're all here together.

wonderwaffle407 : Idk maybe it's the coloring but this video always grossed me out as a kid. It worked as intended because I always switched the channel lol.

Taylor Tait : I remember seeing this and changing the channel. It wasnt that it was going to offend me, but that opening felt so long, I was like tf is this, boring

ScienceIsTruth : Who the * watches adult swim anyways. That's such a waste of time. Looks so boring.