Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading "Felina" script + Series Finale

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Mouthy Buddha : Dude. No joke. This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen.

Fast_Boiii 69 : 56 los pollos hermanos employees disliked this video

Ryan692 : Really incredible actors. Vince Gilligan is a genius.

immorta1 : Cranston, experienced, masks the sadness with comedy, trying to help his co star get through it, he grabs his arm, asking what he thinks, Aaron replies honestly with what we all feel. Sadness.

LaurenAlexandra711 : It's kind of amazing how Jesse was supposed to be one of the first main characters killed off, then he ends up being virtually the only one who lived in the end.

Jack McLoone : He wrote the scene descriptions like a novel, and I love it.

Maniac : When it said Jesse and Walt have one last long look at each other it looked like Aron was about to cry

tss3393 : Bryan: "" (slaps Aaron's arm) "How you feeling?" Aaron: Uh... (hesitant) ...I'm sad. Me: (proceeds to hug computer monitor)

AnIdiotsLantern : In saving Jesse, Walt saves the best parts of himself. All of the redeeming qualities he once had: loyalty, love, courage, a determination to fight on in the face of incredible odds, even the scientific knowledge that made him so exceptional, all of it lives on in his last, and greatest, student. That's why Walt was smiling at the end. That's as close to redemption as he's going to get.

Elias6233 : Gilligan managed to write "machine guns pops up and kills everyone" in such a poetic and beautiful way. Genius.

ZetsubouZolo : this show is a prime example of a perfect series. it was written and built up perfectly, it didn't drag on longer than it should have to milk it, it ended where it had to and how it had to. Vince Gillighan did exactly what he wanted to do with the show and boom perfection. he casted perfectly and delivered a masterpiece of pop culture for years to come. As much as I love Game of Thrones right now, nothing will ever come close to the itensity and realism that this show portrayed. every episode had you glued to the screen and shocked and excited in a dark kinda way.

Haran Nallasivan : Satan's windshield wiper. Vince Gilligan man...

Cassie Paulson : "I like to call it 'something better' and leave it at that." Me too, Vince Gilligan, Me too.

ekathe85 : Wow, Aaron is really sad.

Subhan's Vault : *Breaking Bad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Game of Thrones* Hit like if you agree

Tony, The Stark : That was almost my final thought when the show ended. "It's sad, but it's perfect". Vince Gilligan to President of the World!

Wutwut1n1 : I didn't like the ending very much, but not because it was bad, but because.. it was ending :(

Steve Kimble S. : I remember the feeling of emptiness I felt for several days after the last episode. I just couldn't believe it was all over. Trip man, trip looking back. Great times!

Liliya Leto : I would like to read a book by Vince Gilligan.

DisguiseDK : Are there more clips like this? It's really interesting to have the script and the scene going simultanously.

Sligo12191 : wait a second so the entire script was written like an epic novel? how do I get my hands on that script?

Corrie O'Connell : Im crying my eyes out! Aaron still pulls on my heart Strings, Bryan Knows him so well he new he was finding it hard and gave him that fatherly reassuring hold on the arm like he always does.  God I miss these guys! Best show ever, Great editing.. It was.. Just...Perfect.....

TopDog69 : I love that these two became genuinely good friends, really made for great chemistry between them on the show, and they both just seem like such good, likeable guys. Also I'd like Bryan Cranston to just narrate everything.

BloggerMusicMan : Aaron didn't really show the "grimly determined" part of breaking through the chain link fence in his expression. It was more like the euphoria of a slave escaping to freedom. That being said, it was better that way. :)

Mr. Lotato : "slowly fading to black" *cuts to black*

CADE : So sad when "they shared one last look at eachother". Best serie in the history.

Robert Machulla : So awesome and perfectly edited!

Subhan's Vault : breaking bad >>>>> game of thrones

Eric Ellerbrock : Satan's windshield wiper...hahahaha this is pure gold

Yellow4494 : I seriously thought Aaron was yawning for a long time at the beginning but his mouth was just open in shock.

Charlie Simon : I absolutely love that last shot of Jesse

Chronocat : That's about as sentimental as i could have imagined the two people playing those characters would act towards each other.

Luke Hughes : OMG I just rewatched Breaking Bad it is so satisfying and enjoyable to binge watch those last 8 episodes in a row. Last time i saw it was one a week when it was first released. You should try it.

Young Meat : I dont really watch TV i just stick to youtube, but over the last 2 weeks i went on Netflix to see what was new or interesting and see breaking bad, ive heard amazing things about it so i decided to give it a watch even if i am years late... I can honestly say its one of the best things ive ever watched and dont know what to do now that i have seen all episodes, not one season was better than the other and was all great, worth a watch if haven't already, wont be disappointing.

Samuel Irvin : Wow, even the damn blocking is written beautifully! Damn, Vince Gilligan is a genius!

ehend661 : How has this not been taken down by FineBros yet?

J. Music : Infamous Albuquerque drug kingpin Heisenberg wakes up on his 60th birthday, behind bars. Whilst walking toward his cell, a guard knocks him unconscious and drags him into the laundry room. Heisenberg wakes up to a familiar voice: SAUL "Keep quiet.. I'm getting you out". Breaking Free - Netflix 2020

hannes2910 : "it's sad.. it's great.. it's perfect" .. Aaron pretty much sums it up here perfectly.

Sourabh 96 : Sometimes I wish I could erase all breaking bad memories so that I could relive all of it once again!!! Its the most awesome stuff one can experience...........

Evil Jamie : I am so glad the ending turned out good, so many great shows blow it.

Naissus Digital : i agree with jessie, this is the best possible ending, very emotional

Skeeter Sorenson : "I guess there won't be a sequel." Better Call Saul

GuyBox : They seriously need to publish this as a book, I'd 100% read it

D u a l i t y : Shakespeare who that's what I say, my man Gilligan can write. Look it ain't got no plot holes or nothin. - Skinny P.

EdEmKay : shit whats that music playing during their reading of it? sounds so intense

Mike : Great job, awesome video, thanks!

Shishi077111 _ : Vince Gilligan should make books man

Beatrice Arellano : Um ok I literally started crying at the end when they finished reading it

Joseph Bastidas : Man even the show's script descriptions were great. "Satan's windshield wiper" was the single most badass description I've ever heard

Reck Ssel : Best ending to any show ever. Maybe even movies