The $90,000 Pizza Car Counter Offer

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Tavarish : Thanks for making good content, keep it up, dude!

703 CRUIZ'N : Are you interested in a Domino's Pizza bag and Domino's hat to go with your car let me know and I'll send it to you.

shelbyclay : Sell the car to Jay Leno, then let him tell Domino's to stuff it.

Banton Radio d[-_-]b : Hi. I am not a lawyer BUT, as you well know, you are not and never were trying to fool anyone into thinking you are any form of representative of the company. No one can claim you have because there is zero evidence to support such an accusation and no one can be punished for a crime they may commit in the future. You can be punished for let's say, carrying a dangerous weapon but you cannot be punished for possibly maybe who knows tomorrow next year stabbing someone which would mean locking everyone away regardless of carrying. That is the legal side. The moral side is pretty much the same except they have disrespected you. I see from the comments they have embarrassed themselves on social media it seems too. (Shout out to Sudz who has now been disrespected by the company too). Furthermore.... I would think they recorded the telephone call for legal reasons and have documented everything possible in an effort to catch you out with some legal loophole or flop. I'm sure you are ready for that though. All that has happened and is going to happen is they shot themselves in the foot by doing this and until they grow up, literally, will continue to do so. You legally own those cars. You morally own those cars. Fret not, my friend.

Rinzler : I can understand Domino's wanting to protect their proprietary stuff. They have an investment to protect there. However, they should have done that before they let the car be sold at auction. They had opportunity to remove their logo and proprietary stuff and they chose not to. Legally speaking, this is called implied consent. So, unless you are deliberately using their logo to compete, subvert or profit then you are in the clear. I do not see how Domino's lawyers could possibly make any claim against you. If they have any claim at all it's with the franchisee or whoever sold the vehicle. It's kind of like buying a Samsung TV off Ebay and doing an unboxing on YouTube. The fact that Samsung's logo is on the box and their proprietary technology is in the TV is neither a copyright nor a trademark infringement.

Sudz : I called them out on twitter and they instantly blocked me. Still never going to buy Dominoes again.

sgomez8194 : why do they want to take it away so badly? I would go to Papa Johns with this whole fiasco and have them make a commercial where they convert it from a dominos car to a Papa Johns car lol

Corey Ruth : I don't buy Domino's Pizza because it's not very good. But if I did buy their pizza, I sure wouldn't anymore.

Joshua Lillie : Dominos has no right of recovery of any of the proprietary equipment on the vehicle, as they have been fully compensated by their insurance company for all optional equipment. If they wanted to strip the vehicle down to stock they would have received a much smaller compensation from adjuster. You own it outright the way you bought it, just as if you bought a Police vehicle and it did not have all the equipment and logos removed, it was their responsibility to do such removal prior to adjusting the damaged vehicle and auction. You win all day every day. Best of luck, keep up the great content.

Randy Miller : Honestly, please read this. If you purchased parts for it. They will have to reimburse you for it. If you know how many hours you put into it. They will have to reimburse you for it. Time, work, parts, services, etc. Then counter sue them for mental anquish, threats against you and your property. Failure to work on other vehicles and to provide income to you and your family, harassment for yourself and your YouTube channel, embarrassing situation. To name a few.

Rusty Zipper : Makes me want to buy one and use it to Deliver For Pizza Hut!

OmniBass : #boycottdominos spread that hashtag please

Bobby Biship : Sounds like somebody hid their cocaine in your car.. or winning lotto ticket

Inferno : domino will lose so much money,, just pay this man 100k

ASMRHype : I hope you finesse dominos for 90k lol F them

ElQueTeVaMatar777 : Little ceasara 9$ hot and ready stuffed crust pizza sounds good right about now

Allen Bao : Boycott dominos?

Syphious : Lol and my friends wonder why I wont eat at Dominoes, Their Pizza is just as bad as how they are treating him. Nasty sogged up grease with cheese, No thanks, Dominoes sucks

kalel33 : I'm confused, you stated you never talked numbers but you did admit that you turned down their offer to buy the car. Obviously, they must have thrown out a number for you to turn it down.

Krazy Kids : I thought I tasted a hint of evil in their sauce last year...... No more domino's for my family after watching this. They're called Domino but it feels more like Dammit No after you eat it, Crapping grease for the rest of your life after one slice!

William E : This is insane why are the Dominos pizza people wanting the car so bad is it filled with all Dominos secret pizza formulas, I think Dominos just lost my business, I am with you brother your in my thoughts.

Joe Bon : Your end game is to stir up some hype to build up your YouTube channel and fanbase, because as they said you can make good content without using their logo. Derp

Baboons : We will not take this sitting down

Awesomeguy Plays : lets all protest this BS

wcemichael : Here's the law. You bought the car legally. You own it, period. If they didn't want someone owning the car they should not have sold it. If they had legal claim to the car then they just would have shown up with a wrecker all towed it away it by now. Tell them that and tell them you're saving all their notices and counter sew for harassment if they don't stop. You're not doing something crazy like making meth or selling crack with the car. Police sell their old cars all the time. A youtuber restored his to look as "cop car" as possible without putting flashing lights on it. The Domino's legal team is just trying to wear you down to give in.

Redneck Nation : A certain organization = Dominos👹

Michael Gifford : Everyone go to Twitter write domino's a post and use #freethecars

alZiiHardstylez : I try and be as critical as I can be with everything and open myself up to both sides. I'm not going to try and protect Dominos here, the way they handled this situation lacked nuance and made no sense at all but before any attempt at litigation was made, Sam created a GoFundMe. It didn't sit too well with me. Sounds to me like a franchisee had sold this vehicle and head office caught wind. Before it was reconciled, it had been sold. The reason Dominos offered a price or a new Spark is because they're losing control of their trademark. If this had happened to be a 'regular' person rather than someone that has the ability to reach 100s of thousands of people it may be different, it's all about perception, image and control. If someone that has no affiliation with the company that is seen to be representing their trademark, it could perhaps affect how they're perceived. If someone was run over in their vehicle that represents the company driven by someone with no affiliation to Dominos, Dominos will obviously be assumed as responsible. When it comes down to it, it's about control and if this happened to go legal. Sam would not win. He's not as innocent as he's letting on. But yeah, gg Dominos. They fucked up harrrrrrd at how they handled this.

OverRotated Owl : Dominos blows anyways...

Carl Bright : Never buying Dominos again.


XBOXRULES : Domino's here is a large 4 topping pizza for $11.29 CDN. Good deal.

cdpgbc 1966 : Canadian male viewer here...what a colossal waste of time on behalf of Domino's, etc. The amount of man hours, read $$$ , they, and others have spent trying to get a custom Chevy Spark back, is really ludicrous. If they were so concerned about fair use, etc, then the franchisee, or head office should have bid for the car, and had it crushed. As it stands I can only imagine what this has cost in legal fees for them to try and wrestle the car away with some trumped up legal technicality. It has also taken up considerable time for Sam which in essence has impacted his ability to buy, repair and sell cars, as well as shoot and post videos.

Huh What : I heard PizzaHut has new menus.

Ilikeboost : Here before Domino's buys the pizza cars.

P Schmied : Your use of the car on Youtube has had a negative impact on Domino's but not because of what you did.. Because their corporate organization didn't quash the franchisee and drop the matter, I will never buy a Domino's product again. There are too many competitors in that product category for me to support one that is a badly run business.

The Ranter : Dominoes really screwed the pooch on this one... They could have embraced what you were doing and turned it into an advertising opportunity with little cost to themselves or you, but instead, they took this mafioso approach and decided to try to strong-arm you into giving them your property... I hope you come out on top in this, because what Dominoes is doing is dick. People put the Martini racing livery on their Porsches, etc... and Martini never sues any of the people that do. Same goes for the Gulf racing livery. This car having the Dominoes livery on it is the same thing in my book.

sirkriskringle : Dominoes Pizza is Gross , tried it once and almost barft . SKK .

jeffscomp : they should get over it. I can understand them wanting their logos off since you don't work for them but to want to dismantle a car you own and that includes the oven is wrong. it's their loss.

Raymond Urias : I'm sorry to hear how bad this has gotten out of hand! Stay strong #boycottDominos !! *Edit damn auto correct!

William David : I like the dominos pizza ad on this video

Ronald Bradford : I would say you should make yourself an unauthorized Noid cosplay to go w/ your unauthorized DXP, but it seems like Dominos is being their own Noid against themselves, by this point.

ChrisHasVideos : So long winded. Get to the point.

I am Jobu is a fag : I know this has been resolved but the Dumbinos did not have and vested intrest in the vehicle once they had been compensated for the loss of the vehicle i.e. , insurance paid out. The vehicle then belonged to the insurance company and could be disposed of however the insurance company saw fit. If Dumbinos didn't want their trademark out there, they should have destroyed the markings BEFORE insurance paid off and took possession.

Ricardo Paulino : Sam don’t hesitate on changing your mind stick to your believes , if dominos knew they had this issue won trust me will be having not 1 but a few lawyers on your door by morning . They just wan play with your mind trying to push you too see if you get scare and dive into there trap . You are doing the right thing and you haven’t broken any law or disagreements 👍 . We all your follower have your back and support you 💯 be strong and stay strong 💪.

Jodi Howell : I guess I will go to Pizza Hut from now on, every time I eat domino's anyways, my stomach hurts after.

Kay325 : Completely unrelated here, but: I went to a *certain organization* the other week and tried to order a pizza. I ran my card through their card reader 6 times because it would not work. I got a letter from my bank stating that the transactions at that organization were deemed as fraudulent and was issued a new debit card a week later.

Matty McGoo : damn it I need to know what happened in the end, have they given up or what?

rushbuzzy : Obviously, this would be a non-story if not for the Dominoes identification. So, strip the wrap and logos! IMO, you are not a Dominoes employee or franchise owner and stripping the Dominoes logos would not negatively impact the driveability of the vehicle. Instead, this looks only like a greedy money grab.