The $90,000 Pizza Car Counter Offer

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Sudz : I called them out on twitter and they instantly blocked me. Still never going to buy Dominoes again.

pixel girl : Cold, _greasy_ dead hands.

Pct1theory : Keep that car for spite at this point

Banton Radio d[-_-]b : Hi. I am not a lawyer BUT, as you well know, you are not and never were trying to fool anyone into thinking you are any form of representative of the company. No one can claim you have because there is zero evidence to support such an accusation and no one can be punished for a crime they may commit in the future. You can be punished for let's say, carrying a dangerous weapon but you cannot be punished for possibly maybe who knows tomorrow next year stabbing someone which would mean locking everyone away regardless of carrying. That is the legal side. The moral side is pretty much the same except they have disrespected you. I see from the comments they have embarrassed themselves on social media it seems too. (Shout out to Sudz who has now been disrespected by the company too). Furthermore.... I would think they recorded the telephone call for legal reasons and have documented everything possible in an effort to catch you out with some legal loophole or flop. I'm sure you are ready for that though. All that has happened and is going to happen is they shot themselves in the foot by doing this and until they grow up, literally, will continue to do so. You legally own those cars. You morally own those cars. Fret not, my friend.

703 CRUIZ'N : Are you interested in a Domino's Pizza bag and Domino's hat to go with your car let me know and I'll send it to you.

Jeremy Fowler : Wow that was awesome of tavarish .

colonel bacon : Sell the car to Pizza hut

deepsquat600 : 550000 views of bad press for Dominos /// way to go Dominos

dalesworld : There's a special place in hell for corporate lawyers.

Nickolas Montgomery : If @Domino's has a problem with you owning the car, WHY are they letting the cars be auctioned in the first place? If they don't like their cars being own by people, why not just have them fixed and put back in service? Or just crushed in the beggining?

Krazy Kids : I thought I tasted a hint of evil in their sauce last year...... No more domino's for my family after watching this. They're called Domino but it feels more like Dammit No after you eat it, Crapping grease for the rest of your life after one slice!

Marko Polo : I'm not being funny but if Dominos didn't want their smashed cars not to be used by none Dominos drivers or owners then they should have removed the signs and decals before selling at the auction! I am never buying from Dominos again the bunch of bullies!

010101 : I think you should buy a RedBull Mini Cooper 🤣👍

YerBrwnDogAteMyRabit : "I'm never buying dominoes again.. " WHY?! Because it's shitty pizza and it sucks. Period. This car nonsense doesn't help, but people with Walmart taste and "sensibilities" ain't gonna sway from Wonder Bread with ketchup and Velveeta on it, masquerading as "pizza", whether they want their gay little car back or not. #fact

Ridip Das : Lol dominos you are losing so many customers, it's time that you mend your ways.

Carl Bright : Never buying Dominos again.

DDS029 : Domino's screwed up. When they started this program they should have seen something like this coming. Before making these cars available to their franchisees, and stores, they should have something in a contract that made sure that these things were to never get turned loose, into the wild.

Corey Ruth : I don't buy Domino's Pizza because it's not very good. But if I did buy their pizza, I sure wouldn't anymore.

Keith Lane : Stick to your right to use the vehicle as it was sold to you. If they felt this strongly about the wrap and warming oven, that should have all been removed before it was sold to you. Keep up the great content.

OmniBass : #boycottdominos spread that hashtag please

ASMRHype : I hope you finesse dominos for 90k lol F them

Rinzler : I can understand Domino's wanting to protect their proprietary stuff. They have an investment to protect there. However, they should have done that before they let the car be sold at auction. They had opportunity to remove their logo and proprietary stuff and they chose not to. Legally speaking, this is called implied consent. So, unless you are deliberately using their logo to compete, subvert or profit then you are in the clear. I do not see how Domino's lawyers could possibly make any claim against you. If they have any claim at all it's with the franchisee or whoever sold the vehicle. It's kind of like buying a Samsung TV off Ebay and doing an unboxing on YouTube. The fact that Samsung's logo is on the box and their proprietary technology is in the TV is neither a copyright nor a trademark infringement.

REDNECK RHYMES : This is ridiculous when that car was wrecked just like any other car and insurance claim was filed and they were paid because it was totaled therefore legally they now have no ties to that vehicle at all. And can not do anything about it. This kinda crap is just the beginning

Jon Steel : Lol! They used a quote from the Godfather... I guess Dominoes is the Pizza Mafia?

Sour Man : if they cares so much about thier "logo" then they should have taken it off the care before it went to auction in the first place

Raymond Urias : I'm sorry to hear how bad this has gotten out of hand! Stay strong #boycottDominos !! *Edit damn auto correct!

Allen Bao : Boycott dominos?

shelbyclay : Sell the car to Jay Leno, then let him tell Domino's to stuff it.

rorybz : Congratulations, (certain/specific organization), you have managed to turn this from simple, two-bit hijinks by a random, niche YouTube channel, into a massive PR debacle involving multiple well-known names and media outlets, dramatically increasing the stakes and involving the question of legal ownership of a vehicle, as-purchased, in its entirety. Your (certain organization's) insurance should have arranged to purchase this car outright in its wrecked form from the franchisee immediately upon being wrecked, and by not doing so, you (certain organization) let the car "out there" where it could be purchased by another individual, and at that point as I see it, legal control over the car itself was lost, and now the tactic being used is the threat of exorbitant legal fees, which is a tactic indistinguishable from extortion in its intent and its effect, over a question of ownership. Way to go.

Mitchell Horton : If you "just wanted to make good content" though why not take the 10k and just make vids about another car?

Ilikeboost : Here before Domino's buys the pizza cars.

mrwinner ftw : Hows the dominoes dxp car #2 coming for you samcrac

The Elemental Studios : You made the news on the radio today. The station was 97x and theyre in support of the fact that dominos is in the wrong

Joshua Lillie : Dominos has no right of recovery of any of the proprietary equipment on the vehicle, as they have been fully compensated by their insurance company for all optional equipment. If they wanted to strip the vehicle down to stock they would have received a much smaller compensation from adjuster. You own it outright the way you bought it, just as if you bought a Police vehicle and it did not have all the equipment and logos removed, it was their responsibility to do such removal prior to adjusting the damaged vehicle and auction. You win all day every day. Best of luck, keep up the great content.

jarednclark : Domino's new business plan must be to lose money and piss on customer base

Ricardo Paulino : Sam don’t hesitate on changing your mind stick to your believes , if dominos knew they had this issue won trust me will be having not 1 but a few lawyers on your door by morning . They just wan play with your mind trying to push you too see if you get scare and dive into there trap . You are doing the right thing and you haven’t broken any law or disagreements 👍 . We all your follower have your back and support you 💯 be strong and stay strong 💪.

jeffscomp : they should get over it. I can understand them wanting their logos off since you don't work for them but to want to dismantle a car you own and that includes the oven is wrong. it's their loss.

theendofit : What happens if your involved in a hit and run and everyone is saying dominos car runs over person. Dont you think that hurts thier image. Why does no one get this. If he restored a police car or a ambulances and kept the orginal paint job everyone would understand why he was breaking the law.

Kevin Velazquez : What people do for attention (views) lol

rushbuzzy : Obviously, this would be a non-story if not for the Dominoes identification. So, strip the wrap and logos! IMO, you are not a Dominoes employee or franchise owner and stripping the Dominoes logos would not negatively impact the driveability of the vehicle. Instead, this looks only like a greedy money grab.

Tavarish : Thanks for making good content, keep it up, dude!

Satan King Of Hell : as long as you don't deliver pizza's in the car you are for the most part fine. i would advise you to look up a youtube channel called youtuber law he did a video about your situation and a very in-depth one at that. samcrac you should look into watching his video.

sensualeye : "It's just business", well #boycottdominos then.

Jessa Phillips : its pretty clear to me that dominos should have never built these cars in the first place if they didn't know that wrecked ones would be totalled and potentially sold at auction to private buyers.

monkayjim999 : Might be a good time to short dominos pizza shares as I think they will take a hit lol ;)

SilverArmyGuy : I haven't had Domino's in 5 years because of the taste but let someone ask me why I don't NOW and it is because of this. 😤

Saturday Projects : Trademarks & Trade dress ... I'm siding with Dominoes. As evidenced in the comments, your videos are damaging their brand.

Travis Staker : I just found this channel and subscribed. Dominoes execs..., let's do some math... 157,000+ subscribers across the globe. I'm a typical dominoes customer...or at least I was before today. I spent probably close to $500 this last year alone buying their pizza. After seeing this I will now shift my business to one of their competitors. Let's say that I'm on the high side at $500 that most consumers are more like $100 in a year, also that math is easier...That's 15.7 million lost in Revenue. I don't their margins but for argument sake it's 4% (Very low number) that's $628,000 of profit per year that you've now lost. On the other hand, if they do something together with him it becomes a win-win situation and they get the publicity, additional revenue, etc. You could make Samcrac like Jared from Subway...hopefully Samcrac has better character.

Al Coholic : You're awesome man! We've got your 6

Jesse Griss : Domino's will not be hurt by any of these " boycott" comments. They're handling 5his terribly unprofessional. The vehicle was sold legally, the property is now owned by another person. To buy your property back you just agree to that person's conditions. Whether they be fair or greedy. But to think you can just bully someone into doing what you want is childishly lame. Whoever is selling the vehicles are to blame. Something is only worth what someone will pay for it. I think it's cool that you own the car.